Is Stella Pregnant on Chicago Fire With Severide’s Baby? Why Fans Are Convinced Stellaride Is Expecting

Fans definitely believe so. However, is it possible that Stella Kidd is expecting a child with Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire? They developed deep affection for each other, tied the knot, and managed to overcome numerous life-threatening situations. Stellaride has undeniably been a prominent love story on Chicago Fire for quite some time.

Fire Chicago is an NBC drama series that follows the personal and professional lives of paramedics, rescue personnel, and firefighters at Firehouse 51, where Lieutenant Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, has been a part of since the first season in 2012. Lieutenant Stella Kidd, portrayed by Miranda Rae Mayo, joined Firehouse 51 in season 4.

It has been a long time coming, but the 80 episodes that will close out the series are going to bring some changes. The characters have been together for maybe four years now,” he continued. “Seeing the beautiful dress, seeing the bride for the first time, hearing the stories about the people in the wedding scene, it was all so neat. I didn’t get to see Mayo in her wedding dress, but I also know that it was pretty special and magical. The shooting of the Stellaride wedding was a lot of fun,” Kinney told NBC in 2022. “It felt like a real wedding episode for Severide and Kidd.”

Is it possible that Severide and Kidd are expecting their first child? Fans of Fire Chicago are speculating and searching for clues about Stella Kidd’s pregnancy. But now that Stella is pregnant, will this bring Stellaride (Severide and Stella) back together on Fire Chicago?

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Stella Kidd, Chicago Fire

Stella Kidd, a firefighter on Chicago Fire, discovers that she is pregnant with Kelly Severide’s baby. However, it is unclear at this point whether this theory is true or not.

“That’s everything. There’s something more serious going on. I’m just hoping that Kidd reveals what it is. Throwing yourself into the project can be great while getting a little distance and perspective. I wrapped up and got away in Girls on Fire. I did it last year. Kidd responds and agrees with what Cruz says. It’s still a great experience, no matter.”

It is possible that Severide could be out for the rest of the 11th season, given that most of the finales of Chicago Fire air between late-May to mid-April. The crew and cast of Chicago Fire were informed of his leave in January 2023, as reported by Deadline. It has been confirmed that Kinney’s leave is temporary and he is expected to be back on Chicago Fire. Taylor Kinney, who has played Severide on the show for 1 season, is taking a leave of absence in January 2023, as reported by Deadline. The answer is no, Severide Kelly is not leaving Chicago Fire.

“What are you going to do? Wow,” she asks him, looking surprised. Kidd reads Severide’s phone when he asks her about Van Meter. When Severide asks Kidd about Van Meter, she asks him about Captain Tom Van Meter, the arson investigator and commander for the Chicago Fire Department’s Office of Fire Investigation. In the most recent episode of Chicago Fire, season 11, episode 14, titled “Hell Like Run,” Severide’s wife Stella joined him.

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Severide will be disappointed when he returns to 51 Firehouse, as Meter Van tells Boden that the training program for arson investigation, which Severide explains is the best in the world, has left Chicago. Deputy Chief Wallace tells Meter Van to inform Severide why there wasn’t a last-minute opportunity for him to pass, which was a big opportunity for Severide. This happens in Season 11, Episode 15 of “Chicago Fire,” titled “Damage.”

Chicago Fire is broadcasted on NBC on Wednesdays at 9 p.M.

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