Is Rick Owens Gay? On His Sexuality And Being A Fashion Icon

Rick Owens, the Paris-born American fashion designer, has been influential in the fashion industry with his countless designs in the hottest color of the season, black. Known by his real name, Saturnino Richard Owens, he is often referred to as the “Darkness” Lord due to his groundbreaking and gender-neutral aesthetic, which has had a significant impact on numerous designers.

The fashion visionary has gained increased popularity in recent years, as the most popular figures in the hip-hop industry can be spotted donning his creations everywhere — from the shelves of obscure fashion stores to numerous renowned celebrities he has collaborated with, as well as some joint ventures, who support him due to his sudden impact on diverse social networking sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The public has always been curious about Owens’ intriguing personality and captivating appearance. People have always been fascinated by a lot of things about his fashion icon status, particularly his sexuality. So if you’re also curious to hear the answer to the question “Is Rick Owens gay?”, We will explore it in detail.

On Rick Owens’ Real Sexuality

Rick Owens, a renowned photographer in the S&M community, introduced Castro to Lamy as his pattern maker about a year ago. Castro, who is now famous, was reported to have dated Michèle, Lamy’s best friend. He is openly bisexual and has been married to a woman for 16 years, despite being Owens’ friend.

Newton Richard, the husband of then-Lamy, said he would leave the company because of a dispute over pay. They went their separate ways, so things didn’t work out for the pair. They rekindled their romance for a brief time, but when he brought an item, Owens and Castro were no longer together. Castro was known for her menswear collection, which she had been designing since 1978.

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Owens began a romantic relationship with Lamy shortly after, while her former spouse, Newton, also initiated a romantic involvement with Lydia Schifferal, whom he is currently married to.

Owens’ connection with Lamy helped him recognize that he was, indeed, attracted to both men and women.

So it is true that I am bisexual. That is not supposed to be right?”Owens said in a previous interview

People don’t like that. It would also be great if everything is black or white, but everything in life revolves around ambiguity and sometimes you have to adjust the rules along the way. It would have been much easier for me and in fact I always assumed that I would go through life as 100% gay, without a steady relationship, but with a lot of sex.”the fashion icon added

The style icon was also rumored to be presently in a relationship with Australian model Tyrone Dylan Susman, his current inspiration.

Rick Owens’ Relationship Status

Owens Rick, at the age of 18, is a legendary figure in French fashion and culture. In the 90s, she was an icon with gold-plated teeth and well-known tattoos on her fingers. Not only is she married to French fashion designer Michele Lamy, but she is also a performer, film producer, and restaurateur.

Owens married Lamy, an experimental filmmaker, in 1990 before they got divorced in 2003. Later, she married Richard Newton, and they spent three years together.

In 1990, Michèle Lamy established her personal apparel brand, Lamy. Her business associate, Rick Owens, was employed by her. In 2003, the pair relocated from Los Angeles to establish roots in Paris. Ultimately, they tied the knot in 2006.

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Owenscorp, their very own fashion enterprise, was founded by the duo in 2004. Additionally, she served as Owens’ inspiration and was not solely regarded as his spouse. Their business collaboration is described as akin to assigning a gypsy to orchestrate a conflict with a fascist.

The fashion industry, although odd, was viewed as successful. This couple has been married for 16 years, but they have gold-plated teeth and tattoos on their fingers. They may appear strange at first sight, but they have a gay and unique look.

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