Is a Dog’s Mouth Cleaner Than a Human’s Mouth?

You be yourself! It is obvious that there are key differences between a dog and a person, but there are also similarities that bond them together. Comparing a human mouth to a dog’s mouth is like comparing oranges to apples. Perhaps not the best analogy. “Don’t worry, my dog’s mouth is cleaner than mine!” Exclaim some people, as they watch someone or a friend sharing their drink or food with their dog, using the same glass or bowl. We have all probably cringed as we witnessed this.

The simple answer is no, a dog’s mouth is not cleaner than a human’s mouth.

Bacteria in Dog and Human Mouths

Dogs, around 600 as mouths our in bacteria different of number same the about have actually we that shows research. P. Gulae is dogs in and gingivitis P. Is bacteria actual the humans, in that difference The. Humans in disease periodontal causes that family bacterial the actually is Porphyromonas mouths species’ each in bacteria of kinds different also are there bacteria, same the of some are there while. And bacteria and microbes of full are mouths dog’s and human’s Both.Output: Research demonstrates that dogs, like humans, have approximately the same number of different bacteria in their mouths, around 600. The actual bacteria in dogs that cause gingivitis is P. Gulae, while in humans, the bacteria responsible for this disease is different. Additionally, each species’ mouth contains different kinds of bacteria, although there are some similarities in the bacteria present. Both dogs and humans have mouths that are full of bacteria and microbes.

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Yes, your dog’s mouth is full of bacteria, depending on their habits and what they share to keep themselves safe. So, if you know that he regularly indulges in eating less appetizing items or even fecal matter, you might want to avoid his kisses. Since most of the bacteria carried in a dog’s mouth are not zoonotic, you are unlikely to catch any diseases from your little pup.

Dogs Clean Mouth

Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Keeping your dog’s oral microbiome healthy is simply a matter of taking care of their oral health. Make sure to regularly brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste specifically made for dogs, as human toothpaste contains xylitol, a toxic substance for pups. They have tasty flavors like chicken and peanut butter, so your dog may be more willing to sit still for brushing. You can use a little glove that slips over your finger or a soft baby toothbrush. However, there may be a few times in the beginning when your dog might fight you.

Dental Toys and Treats

They will need to brush their dog’s teeth with a combination of toys, as simply brushing alone will not keep their dog’s teeth clean. However, they should be cautious with certain toys, as they can cause harm to their dog’s teeth. There are other toys with bristles or ridges that can help remove tartar and plaque from their dog’s teeth. It is important to take these toys away from their dog as soon as they become soft. Additionally, they could provide their dog with a rawhide bone, but they should be very cautious as rawhide can harm their dog. Treats like Greenies dental chews are great for maintaining their dog’s oral health. Toys like Kong, which hide treats or toothpaste, are also good for cleaning teeth. Along with regular brushing, there are a few treats or toys that can help prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

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Water Additives

These water additives are becoming popular because they make it easier to fight bad breath. They are named as water additives because they suggest adding them to water. Some dogs are more prone to tooth decay, so if this is the case for your dog, you may want to talk to your vet about dental sealants. Just like in people, these can help protect your dog’s teeth and overall oral hygiene.

A Dog’s Mouth is not Cleaner Than a Human’s Mouth

While your dog’s mouth isn’t necessarily cleaner than yours or the cleanest thing on the planet, it is relatively clean and you can’t catch diseases from them. It’s totally a personal preference on what you share with your dog, but that statement probably needs to stop being said.

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