I bought boots from PrettyLittleThing… when I put them on, I was horrified – I looked like Patrick Star from SpongeBob

A fashion enthusiast was embarrassed after her new seductive boots made her resemble Patrick Star from SpongeBob.

After a long day at work, Sarah decided to treat herself to a relaxing bubble bath. Output: Following a tiring day at the office, Sarah made the choice to pamper herself with a soothing bubble bath.

Cher was excited for these trendy boots to arriveCredit: tiktok/@chereka.l
But little did she know what a fail the purchase would beCredit: Nickelodeon
The young shopper was mortified when she realised she looked like Patrick StarCredit: tiktok/@chereka.l

A pair of alluring black boots, discovered by the young fashion enthusiast known as @chereka.L on TikTok, were available for purchase.

Cher, who doesn’t overlook a good deal, promptly purchased the thigh-high shoes that were priced at £13.

In her perspective, she was going to amaze them with a short gown and appear all “fire”.

However, unfortunately, the truth was a bit different, and Cher turned to social media to reveal the fashion failure.

The PrettyLittleThing enthusiast was horrified – they were so elevated, there was no gap between her buttocks and the shoes after wearing the boots.

“I resemble Patrick Star,” the horrified 20-year-old exclaimed, before striking his iconic stance.

The clip has been liked by over 5k social media users, and people who have seen it say that it’s a fail that left them in stitches.

One fashionista came up with a solution: “Keep it every year for Halloween go as Patrick. Get your money’s worth by force.”.

Another person suggested: “Perhaps if you lie on the floor, it will appear pleasant, right?”.

There were also many individuals who believed that she had received precisely what she had paid for, although Cher strongly maintained that she was “in distress”.

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“To be honest, that’s what the image displays,” a keen observer pointed out.

“Girl lmaooo but you could rock these!!!” Another was persuaded.

Nobody knows better than Hannah Foley that Shein’s products, including their boots, are known to lose their color and shape. ThingPrettyLittle is not just a fast fashion retailer, it also gives its customers a headache.

Both of them broke off when out of the blue, the nightclub hostess, who also has a job at Ryanair, was enjoying a night out in a tight-fitting minidress and a set of pink Shein high-heeled boots.

Laughing uncontrollably, Hannah posted the funny occurrence on TikTok, where it has become extremely popular.

Prior to the unfortunate turn of events, the young woman, who is 23 years old, can be observed striking a pose in her attire for the evening at the beginning of the video.

After both heels had broken off her knee-high boots, Hannah hurried to the restroom, revealing the sorrowful aftermath.

With the sharp tips now in an upward angle, the stunning person said she was left resembling an elf.

The video has caused a frenzy among TikTok users, garnering over 910k views on the popular social media platform within a single day.

One individual laughed: “Am I the Rumplestilskin?”

Another person quipped: “it’s providing Barbie Elf.”

“Dye them green and you have some Christmas elf footwear,” a person recommended.

Those who have a passion for fashion often suggest, “Make sure to always have a pair of collapsible ballet flats with you. They can easily fit into even the tiniest purses!” This advice is often given by individuals who consider this to be their “greatest dread”.

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