How Much Is A Galaxy Worth On TikTok?

When we talk about gifts, we can’t leave out the galaxy gift that has charmed over viewers with its stunning visual splendor!

The gift card for Galaxy A on TikTok is worth a staggering 1,000 coins, which is equivalent to an amount of $13.50 in some neighborhood on the app.

Apart from likes and comments, users/fans on the platform can express their appreciation and show support to their favorite content creators during their live videos or live streams by sending them virtual presents.

The Galaxy gift, which is highly popular on the platform, is displayed on the screen as a beautiful view of the galaxy when sent to a TikTok creator.

These presents present a remarkable chance for social media influencers on the platform to earn real money through their efforts. Following that, the influencer can exchange the received gifts for diamonds on this social media site, which can later be converted into cash.

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How Much Are Gifts Worth On TikTok?

The value of TikTok gifts on the platform ranges from as low as $0.0012 (equivalent to 5 virtual TikTok coins) to as high as $500 (equivalent to 35,000 TikTok coins).

TikTok offers a wide range of gift options, with over 100 items to pick from, catering to every fan’s budget and suiting their preferences in terms of pricing.

Here are some of the top TikTok presents that are priced at less than 5000 TikTok coins.

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  • Panda: 5 money.
  • Love Bang: 25 tokens.
  • Sunscreen: 50 coins.
  • Rainbow Vomit: 100 coins.
  • Concert: 500 tokens.
  • I’m Extremely Wealthy: 1,000 coins.
  • Drama Queen: 5,000 tokens.
  • Source: Advertisemint.

    Now, let’s take a glimpse at the top 5 costliest TikTok presents ever created!

  • TikTok Cosmos: 34999 coins.
  • Lion: 29999 gold pieces.
  • Rocket: 20000 currency units.
  • **Planet:**15000 coins.
  • Interstellar: 10,000 coins.
  • TikTok gifts have gained immense popularity as the preferred choice for every TikTok user to express their admiration towards their beloved TikTok influencers/content creators, owing to the wide array of possibilities they offer.

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    How To Encash TikTok Gifts?

    It’s time to talk about the actual money that TikTok gifts them behind the scenes and how the mechanism they work in and the ins and outs of it.

    So, how can these presents be converted into real cash?

    Before you can exchange a TikTok gift for real money by using another gift TikTok, the converted diamonds are added to balance and points.

    The following rational inquiry is, “What is the value of TikTok diamonds?”.

    Each virtual diamond costs 5 cents or $0.05 which means, your collection will be worth $50 if you have 1000 of them.

    Your TikTok earnings will be subject to a 50% commission deduction; however, there is a caveat.

    Therefore, by subtracting the $25 fee from TikTok, you have the potential to earn $25 for every thousand diamonds!

    Okay, let’s stop thinking and start taking action steps to turn presents into real income!

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