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As well as various sets for film and television shows.

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Australia, the UK, California, New York, and eventually Toronto have properties and redesigned Farr. Chicago includes Jennifer Hudson’s loft and Jenna Elfman’s home, both of whom are notable celebrities with renovated homes.

The show was broadcast in Spain with a dual soundtrack. The show was broadcast on W Network and HGTV. She signed on as a co-host of the show Love It or List It, along with David Visentin, produced by Entertainment Corus and Big Coat Productions, and broadcast on W Network. After a divorce in 2008, she returned to Toronto.

Marilyn Denis has made regular contributions to The Huffington Post and has also appeared as a guest on The Marilyn Denis Show. She has made guest appearances at the Canadian Interior Design Show in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. Additionally, she served as a judge on W Network’s Search Network’s W Expert Next in 2010.

In June 2014, Tara Amy, a journalist and commentator from Today USA and CNN, served as a knowledgeable design specialist and invited guest at the Furniture Van Art convention in Park Orland, Illinois, alongside Farr Koch, an expert in the field.

In 2016, the character commonly known as Maleficent was renamed “Malignicent” for the production. Although she appeared as Ross Petty’s version of Sleeping Beauty on stage at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto.

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In 2017, Farr co-founded Renovation of Rules and held a series of real estate investment seminars across North America. She stands out with an appealing height and a body weight that suits her personality well.

Hilary Farr currently resides in the beautiful city of Toronto. The announcement of their split came as a shocking revelation, as they never displayed any signs of misunderstandings or tensions. The couple had one son, Josh Farr, before Hilary divorced her husband, Gordon Farr. She is a Canadian TV producer and her partner is not married, currently single. They had a private wedding ceremony in Toronto, Canada, in 1982, but Hilary is now divorced and living the single life.

Early life

Hilary Farr net worth 2023

By assisting her mother in adorning her childhood residence, she developed a passion for interior design through her involvement in theater. Hilary Farr Labow, who was born on August 31, 1952 (at the age of 70), grew up in London, UK and later relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her parents.


Hilary Farr is a professional designer from Great Britain and Canada. She is a businesswoman, a television host, and a former actress. She is known as the co-host of the television series Love It or List It with David Visentin on the W Network and HGTV. She is the president of Hilary Farr Designs, which is established in both New York City and Toronto.

Hilary Farr net worth

She is one of the most influential and wealthiest people in Canada. Farr has earned some fancy cars and luxurious lifestyles through her successful career. Hilary Farr’s career earnings are around $2 million annually and her monthly salary is around $10 million. Farr’s main source of income comes from her former career as an actress, television host, businesswoman, and designer. Hilary Farr’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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