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Despite its controversial nature, the utilization of botanicals in the treatment of illnesses has persisted for numerous centuries. Aid him in comprehending the reasons behind the longstanding endurance of using botanicals for healing. The reader will assist in appreciating the magnificent legacy of the herbal practitioner and aiding in comprehension. When assembling any literature on a subject as ancient and esteemed as the exploration and application of botanicals, it is essential to incorporate a sufficient quantity of the allure and historical data that envelops our topic.

Any human or animal cell, organ, or body cannot be seen as being constructed from earthy or inorganic mineral matter only. The reason for this simple fact is that matter such as inorganic or earthy minerals only accretes. It does not develop or live.

Let’s now try to get a clearer and more logical understanding of the crucial distinction between inorganic and organic matter before we start reviewing the remarkable history and remarkable herbs of histology.

Oxygen, which is abundantly released into the atmosphere by plants’ lungs or leaves, is nature’s way of producing breathable oxygen. The word “oxygen” originated from the Greek word meaning “to bring forth.” Oxygen is always present in the human body, unlike any other element. In modern human thought, oxygen is primarily associated with the slow process of metabolism and is mostly produced as a byproduct of the combustion of organic matter. It is necessary to take a further step in order to fully understand the real difference, but this difference will be clearly visible where the visible difference is.

The process of alchemy is mysterious and unidentified, as it has the ability to transform organic living material into inorganic matter, renewing and sustaining life in human or animal cells. This phenomenon, where herbs are able to assimilate and transform mineral matter, is acknowledged by modern science. The scriptures of various nations also confirm the healing properties of leaves and fruits. Therefore, the kingdom of herbs and vegetables is essential for maintaining human life. Carbon is used for structural purposes and oxygen is released when exhaling. On the other hand, animal or human cells cannot support their own life, but plants are able to absorb carbon dioxide.

Oxygen, derived from plants that use medicine and food, is not destructive. However, if a large jar of oxygen is placed inside before passing out, after about 30 to 20 minutes, a mouse will be very active and about a very short period of time. If pure oxygen is inhaled, the tissues will burn at a faster pace than if a very short period of time is inhaled. Nitrogen makes up 77 percent of the weight or 79.07 percent of the volume. Even the oxygen in the air we breathe has been diluted. We also know that the human cell cannot directly obtain the inorganic compound or element necessary to support the life process from the kingdom.

In order to unequivocally demonstrate the beneficial effect and the destructive effect of the human organism on inorganic and organic elements or compounds, we will provide two or one examples.

First Example: Oxalic Acid (C2H2O4).

Manganese and iron, along with calcium, potassium, and sodium, are found in various plants such as cinchona, oak, sorrel, and rhubarb. However, the combination of these elements in the juices of these plants does not occur naturally in nature. Additionally, 2H2O is not present freely.

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The result of death will cause great suffering after approximately 30 minutes, and after approximately 30 minutes of swallowing. Finally, the peritoneum, duodenum, stomach, esophagus, and mouth tissues are perforated and eaten away by the fatal dram of nitric acid (HNO3) mixed with starch and sugar, which is artificially produced to be an oxidizing agent known as oxalic acid. This potent escarotic poison is considered one of the most dangerous.

They will fully address studying this. They contain oxidates in varying amounts, ranging from 40% to 2%, and all of them are iron-containing. They belong to the family Polygonaceae, also known as the Yellow Dock family (Orispus Rumex). The Sheep Sorrel herb, also known as Sorrel Herb, has also been used to reduce adipose tissue, treat ulcers, sloughing, and foul cancer. They are distributed freely throughout the civilized world and are grown. Both ancient and modern herbalists highly recommend them for scrofula or scurvy, and they are widely used in salads. Fresh leaves of Sorrel and Rhubarb are considered our best blood-purifying and laxative herbs. In fact, Rhubarb is one of our best herbs. These herbs are completely harmless to consume in large amounts by both humans and animals, and they contain the same acid, Oxalates Calcium or Sodium, Potassium, Oxalate, Iron, in the leaves of Sorrel and Rhubarb.

Sulfur demonstrates another striking example of the opposite effect caused by the use of inorganic as opposed to biological matter. The harmful effects of mineral sulfur, including the production of sulfuric and sulphurous acids and the destruction of enzymes and organisms, are brought about by its affinity for them. Instead of being assimilated by cells, it indicates that it will be expelled through the skin’s pores, with the majority of it circulating around the body. In this state, it is often administered as a known powder called sulfur to flowers.

The unpleasant odor of decaying flesh, feces, putrid sores, and rotten eggs is emitted by it. This foul-smelling gas is known to be constantly emitted by decaying organic matter, including both vegetable and animal matter. In this process, it robs the body of hydrogen sulfide or sulfuranhydride created from bodily fluids and tissues. It also dries up various digestive tract secretions and causes constipation, while forming iron sulfide from blood and stealing iron from food.

Organic sulphur, which can restore decaying tissues, organs, and cells affected by disease, is present in various non-toxic forms. Although some individuals may have specific allergies, all of these forms of organic sulphur, such as asafetida, garlic, marigold flowers, watercress, and onions, are commonly used as healthy condiments and flavoring agents in food.

-Those Topics Will Be Fully Covered During These Lessons.

We will briefly examine one more significant piece of evidence that demonstrates the irreparable harm that can be caused to the human body by the administration of inorganic substances that have been separated from organic matter through burning or artificially synthesized and are aggressive in action towards alkalis and acids.

There are just 37 parts of iodine in every 100,000 parts of cod liver oil. This element is naturally present in very small amounts in animals, marine plants, mineral springs, and sea water. It is universally used and commonly known as “iodine”, which is an insidious poison.

Chlorine and heat are used together to release iodine, which is commonly extracted from burned kelp ashes and dissolved in evaporated water.

Again, once hydrogen iodide is created and sulfur is released, the sulfur anhydride mentioned previously is broken down under the element iodine. This process continues to have devastating effects on gastric organs and fluids, as iodine is released and forms dark water when combined with oxygen. When they come into contact with air, these fumes produce a very acidic white substance. Gradually, as water is stolen by hydrogen iodide, it breaks down into iodine, which functions as a true local irritant and poison when consumed internally.

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If I urinate into a container containing starch and iodine, the color will turn violet after 40 minutes. The test is very simple and serves as proof. It can be found in urine between 30 minutes after ingestion or applied to the throat. It may affect the body externally as well as internally, but it only affects the digestive system. This harmful and elusive substance, inorganic iodine, causes a variety of dyspepsia symptoms and disrupts all digestive fluids. It is known as iodism, a particular disease.

Now, Let’s Discuss The Extensive Contrasts In The Behaviors Of Synthetic And Organic Iodine.

In every saline aquatic plant, iodine is present along with manganese, calcium, potassium, and sodium. Vulnerable plants vary in their potency and anti-scorbutic properties, while all of them are non-poisonous and nutritionally rich foods. Additionally, bromides, chlorides, sulphates, and phosphates are also present.

Fucus Vesiculosus, commonly known as Wrack Kidney, is a particularly beneficial alternative that tends to reduce fatty acids and help get rid of useless waste material, especially in the body. It has successfully been used for thousands of years as a cure and treatment for chronic kidney disease.

The use of therapeutic herbs along with detailed information is beneficial for the entire family. Organic salts, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, sulphates, phosphates, bromides, iodides, and chlorides, are essential for a healthy metabolism in the body. The Irish moss (Chondrus crispus), which is commonly referred to as a dietary and nutritive supplement, provides the body with remarkable demulcent properties.

I really hope that I was able to convey it without trying your patience. However, there could be numerous examples given to demonstrate the harmful effects of using inorganic materials in the treatment of pathological conditions affecting the human organism, while the beneficial curative effects of using herbs from nature’s great store of organic remedies should be even more persuasive to the most sceptical person.

Let’s take a peek at the fascinating and romantic history of herbs, considering their contraindications, affinities, and peculiarities. Before diving into a detailed analysis of their truly wonderful and great healing and restorative properties, let’s also consider their appropriate use and classification.

He must have learned a lot about the healing properties of herbs because animals have always known about the curative virtues of herbs. It is only logical to assume that primitive man, given their observations of animal instincts and habits, must have always had such amazing instincts ingrained in their ancestors. Although there is currently no way to verify the history of botanical remedies dating back to the beginning of human existence on Earth, it is only conjecture for practical purposes.

All creatures, from the highest to the lowest, seem to be aware of their remedies, even the least intelligent snake.

Once the snake bites the mongoose, it returns to kill the snake, according to the testimony of thousands of witnesses. Then, it rubs the juice from Herb’s herb on the area that was stung and consumes it. The mongoose dashes into the jungle, finding Herb’s scene, while battling venomous snakes. When the little mongoose gets stung again, it nests its young birds’ eyes at the peck of carrion birds and hawks. Once the bird’s eyes have been completely restored and the opacities and films have been removed, the bird’s mother has been anointed with the rich juice of the Chelidonium majus herb. By consuming the juice and moss, the bird restores both its sight and skin. In order to restore his sight and skin, the blind mongoose uses a mossy bank or an old fallen tree that he has often seen in a helpless state. When he casts his skin, he becomes blind.

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Do we know how knowledgeable Aboriginal tribes and Indians are in herbal lore? Is it illogical to assume that Man could hardly fail to learn from them and pass down animal instincts from generation to generation for thousands of years? These are only a few examples of the hundreds of instances that demonstrate how animals have amazing instinctual knowledge when choosing their remedies. I will describe those three herbs and how they might be therapeutically beneficial later.

She was the light of wisdom, the wife of God Horus, and the mother of Osiris, the goddess of light. The ancestors taught the people of Egypt many medicinal and food plants, particularly barley and wheat, to cultivate virtue and rare creations. Queen Isis, also known as the “Health Goddess,” was revered as the greatest teacher of the laws of health and life. Through history, it is clear that Egypt dates back at least ten thousand years, and their knowledge of plant remedies goes back to them. The Chinese assert that their knowledge of plant remedies also dates back to ancient times. Throughout this course, we will provide several fascinating examples of both animal and human sagacity in choosing herbs or remedies that helped them.

Many herbs, which have been recently discovered through long-lost documents, are now considered to be the most valuable and effective remedies. These herbs were used by the ancient Egyptians, as demonstrated by several historical documents that have recently been found. Although the existence of Queen Isis in prehistoric times cannot be supported by concrete evidence, it is still reasonable to consider it a fact based on the historical tradition. It is common for supposed “myths” to later be proven as true.

The main component of olive oil, which is dissolved in gallstones, is the chyle (formerly known as chylegenesic bile). Olive oil, belonging to the Oleaceae family, is not only a laxative, demulcent, emollient, and nutritive substance but also a potent peristaltic agent. This oil, which was once considered a valuable therapeutic tool for us humans, continues to be regarded as one of the greatest gifts from God. Wise men gave this herb, known as Jesus Child, to the baby Jesus. It possesses various valuable properties such as being carminative, astringent, emmenagogue, expectorant, tonic, and stimulant. Myrrh (Commiphera) oil, an anaesthetic and local and stomachic substance, also has diuretic properties. Caraway seeds (Umbelliferae) are known for their carminative and stimulant properties, while cumin seeds (Umbelliferae) possess valuable carminative properties as well.

There are many different species of Cassia, including Cassia obovata, Cassia angustifolia, Cassia acutifolia, and Cassia Fistula. These Cassias are also commonly known as Senna and belong to the Caesalphinaceae family.

He has said that many of the most brilliant minds in the field of health and life gather around him every day, and they teach many branches of natural science. This great philosopher’s wisdom has rarely been equaled. If we quickly look at the illustrious school of philosophy established by Pythagoras, one of history’s wisest men (600 to 500 B.C.), And enter ancient Greece after leaving Egypt, we will see that all of these exceptional age-old herbs will be detailed along with their most powerful therapeutic uses. Juniper has qualities that are stomachic, carminative, emmenagogue, anodyne, diuretic, and stimulant. Peppermint (Mentha piperita) has properties that are antiseptic, diaphoretic, tonic, nerve, stimulant, and carminative.

Given the arrival of the remarkable genius Hippocrates in B.C. 365, who is rightfully referred to as the “Father of Medicine,” there is little doubt that the writings and teachings of these great men laid the groundwork for medicine. It is only through the intelligent application of nature’s true medicinal herbs that the true science of medicine is achieved.

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