‘Heartland’ Season 16 Won’t Be on Netflix US Until 2024

Heartland, a fan-favorite series, remains a big hit on Netflix around the globe, with only 15 seasons available for streaming on US Netflix. Unfortunately, other regions receive new seasons a little slower. Here’s the upcoming release schedule for season 16 on Netflix in the US.

If you’re looking for a show that will keep you busy for hours on end, depending on where you live, you may not be able to start watching Heartland until 250 episodes in. Although, it’s a great family drama that starts from the beginning on Netflix, there’s perhaps no better place to start for entertainment.

Announced in June 2022, season 16 of the show was revealed with an increased 15-episode tally (previously 10 episodes in recent seasons).

It premiered in Canada on CBC and CBC Gem starting on October 2nd, 2022 ultimately concluding its run on February 5th, 2023.

Before we dive into Season 16, here’s a quick recap of the availability of the show in the US and abroad. Before we dive into Season 16, here’s a quick recap of when it will be available on Netflix in the US and abroad.

  • Netflix USA offers all 15 seasons of Heartland.
  • In international regions, Netflix offers seasons 7 to 16 of Heartland (the earlier seasons were taken off in January 2022).
  • Netflix Canada no longer has the ability to stream the series as all CBC shows were removed from Netflix in early 2023.
  • Season 16 was added to Netflix in international regions throughout early-to-mid 2023 with Netflix UK, for example, receiving the show in May.
  • Season 16 of Heartland will be exclusive to UPtv for a fixed period of time.

    Per has been working with UPtv in the United States as a partner broadcaster for 16 seasons, exclusively showcasing the period of time.

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    The streaming service operated by the network began streaming from June 2023 and has now set the broadcast debut of the show.

    The wait is finally over! Episode 1 of #Heartland Season 16 is now available in the U.S. exclusively on UP Faith & Family! 🎉 New episodes are available every Thursday. Start your 14-Day Free Trial today! ✨ https://t.co/bXeoe1Zbpw pic.twitter.com/caxJ0rhcjb

    — UP Faith & Family (@UPFaithFamily) June 1, 2023

    UPtv, the network known for its heartwarming content, is set to premiere the latest season of the beloved family drama series Heartland on Sunday, August 6th. According to a press release, the new season will kick off with back-to-back episodes on its premiere night. Fans can also catch up on all the previous seasons, including Season 16, which are currently available for streaming on UP Faith & Family.

    When will Heartland Season 16 be on Netflix in the US?

    The most recent season will not be accessible on Netflix US for some time, as UPtv and its streaming platform possess the initial US distribution rights for Heartland.

    According to the press release, UPtv and UP Faith & Family are the sole destinations where fans can view the latest season until 2024.

    It is highly probable that it will not happen before June 2024. In contrast, season 16 will be available on Netflix US in 2024, and it will not be on Netflix in the US in 2023 under any circumstances.

    When will season 17 of Heartland be on Netflix?

    Heartland’s 17th season has been officially confirmed, and production for the upcoming season will commence in June 2023.

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    The show is expected to begin airing in late 2023, and it won’t be available on Netflix in the US until 2025. Additionally, it will start arriving in international territories in 2024.

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