Fear & Hunger

Huh, it appears that navigating through a multitude of imitators and unmotivated creators CAN result in something intriguing…

I decided to take a peek at the first part of that game and play it myself, as I was unusually enthralled by this wonderful game. I was looking for a game to bash on in the comments section of Neco’s channel, as I was sitting off my day there.

The overall structure of the gameworld is chaotic, with constant reliance on luck when it comes to obtaining restorative items. There are trap-rooms with no escape and enemy attacks that can potentially decimate the player, depending on the flip of a coin. This is the reason why it is really hard for normal gamers to handle the savage nature of the beast. And indeed, they will be right! Trying to play THAT gameplay for more than a couple of hours is like being on a carcass of trial and error. But yeah, it looks pretty preety on the small, buggy RPG horror demo maker! Many might say that this is where a large part of it comes from.

I am grateful for all the aspects mentioned here in the narrative, as they truly serve as great additions to the main source of fun in this game. However, it is often pointed out that these decisions in game design have flaws. But yeah, it all works out in the end for me… The thing is, it is a good thing.

The Mercenary, the hero of the game, is in a fragile shell but nothing is manipulated by the unknown entity. The narrator, who is trying to convince you without any way to confirm the information, is actually trying to convince you that YOU are the one reading the book dictated by some sort of bo. Also, in the full dungeon, if you fail, you can end up completely decimated, noticing how every enemy ghoul pleads for your death while wearing a distorted face, noticing how almost every corpse you find has a strong resemblance to your own sprite, noticing how every death-screen reflects onto the game world – the amount of death-screens in this one is strong. Subtlety 1.

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You become the mocking game – the game throws bullshit at you and is able to counter every move you make, switching sides. It is actually satisfying and very possible to extend the demo without losing major. This game tries to pull the rug out from under you, yeah. What a pity, now you’re dead and oh, once you’ve missed it? My, my, you grew confident enough to engage every enemy on the level. Have you already taken this book? Oh, you’ve won the coin flip. Oops, now you can’t get out. Sure, go ahead, if you want to jump into the fecal pit hole. So, the game’s overall attitude towards the player.

Haw, haw! At the end of the demo, you will realize that your standard sword is as efficient as a weapon of overkill. You will soon find out that your standard sword is just as efficient at dismemberment as it is at getting the job done. Despite its much bigger damage, relying on dismemberment to not die in one hit will still be necessary. You are left without a reliable way to dispose of enemies by trading an additional life-saving attack. In theory, it is really powerful and there is a probable benefit for you to trade some member of your party at some point – this is the most notable example. There were some moments that really satisfied me, although there were few due to the shortness of the game. The game offers interesting approaches to decision-making, with 3 options.

I really wish for this game to become more of a demo, and so far my hopes for it are that it will be the first one to become as complex as the gameplay in Ib or Middens, Castle, Mogeko house, or Witch’s new. This may turn out to be very well-received. I am hopeful that enough points alone are enough to hook me on this game and stay for the eventual full release.

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