Ex-Fox host Dan Bongino claims his wife was ‘dragged out’ of Palm Beach restaurant ‘UFC-style’

Former Fox host Dan Bongino has alleged that his wife was forcefully removed from a glamorous Italian restaurant in Palm Beach on Friday night due to mistakenly queuing in the incorrect line for the restroom.

Paula, the 48-year-old wife of Employee from Beach Palm Cucina, mentioned that he was removed from his job for hosting a podcast that was pro-Trump, after enjoying a night out with friends to celebrate his birthday.

Paula, his wife, defended the fact that he said and narrated on “The Dan Bongino Show” podcast, but Bongino Dan was forcibly removed, as reported by Politico.

The man said that he saw a ruckus erupt out of the corner of his eye when he suddenly saw a woman hugging a bear. Bongino said that he left a cash tip for the server and picked up his group’s tab.

He eventually recognized that it was his very own spouse, upon noticing her wristband.

‘Please remove your hands from my wife,’ he yelled, expressing his concern as Bongino indicated that he believed they were about to forcefully bring Paula down to the ground outside.

The political analyst stated on his program: ‘I was not expelled from any location. I want to be unequivocal about that.’

Bongino, while inside the restaurant, shared that he and his wife were happily grinning and bobbing their heads to the energetic music. He mentioned that the gathering of couples had been thoroughly enjoying their night, and he even shared a video he captured moments before the disturbance occurred.

While the cause for Paula’s dismissal remains uncertain, Bongino claimed that his partner was queuing in the wrong line for the restroom.

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Bongino, who was thrown out of the establishment, said that it is absolutely fascinating what happened on Politico’s physical support for women against violence. That’s what Politico said after breaking the story.

Bongino, who made unsuccessful bids for Congress three times, said that he had ordered a bottle of service at Cucina before he was removed by staff.

In March 2021, Fox News disclosed that Bongino had been enlisted to anchor a weekend show, titled Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.

However, he declared that he separated paths with the company in April 2023, attributing it to ‘unsuccessful contract negotiations.’

Announcing his departure earlier this year, he stated: ‘Unfortunately, last week marked the end of my tenure on Fox News Channel.

He stated, ‘That is truly the conclusion. We simply couldn’t reach an agreement on prolonging the contract. There is no hostility… It is not some elaborate plot, I assure you. The conclusion of the show last week was challenging.’

Currently, at this moment, proceed in the manner it was perceived, however not in that way, me considering it. They exhibited the door to me, thinking you don’t want me to show it, they provided the opportunity for me to do it last. It is a melancholic day. They were beneficial for me for a decade. I genuinely relished it for myself.

Bongino’s show, which aired on Saturdays at 9pm eastern, was a resounding success for the network, with the day of the show being the most-watched primetime program and attracting an impressive 1.18 million viewers for its final episode.

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Unedited was the top-rated show during the nighttime hours on Saturday, drawing in 1.3 million viewers overall and 134,000 viewers within the most crucial age demographic.

He interviewed people in the USA who had their beliefs canceled. He also hosted with his stint on Fox Nation.

Fox News expressed their gratitude to their former host, Dan, for his contributions and extended their well wishes for his success in his future endeavors.

Before becoming a political commentator, Bongino worked as a special agent in the NYPD and subsequently in the US Secret Service.

He resides in Palm City, Florida, alongside his spouse Paula and their two daughters.

Following the fallout between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems, the network agreed to a substantial $787 million settlement in a defamation lawsuit.

Regarding the timing of the split’s optics, Bongino expressed, ‘the timing isn’t ideal.’

In order to avoid a defamation trial related to the network’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election, Fox News has agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million in a settlement reached in the eleventh hour.

Fox News has been accused of repeating conspiracy theories regarding Donald Trump’s defeat to Joe Biden in a lawsuit filed against Dominion, seeking 1.6 billion dollars in damages.

Nelson Justin, the lawyer for Dominion, stated in a news conference that Fox is settling the defamation case by paying a settlement amount of $500,787, which he believes demonstrates accountability and vindication.

‘Falsehoods carry repercussions,’ he stated.

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