Evie and Tiahnee OnlyFans: Australian mum and daughter duo earning $30,000 a month through racy site

One month ago, she began her journey less than a year back, currently earning $30,000. This disclosure comes from a stylish mother who was motivated by her daughter to commence creating explicit content on OnlyFans. She firmly believes that it is now imperative to put an end to the act of passing judgment.

Adelaide, 20, and Tiahnee, 37, together with their mother-daughter duo, Leana and Evie, have been making headlines around the world for their fortune on OnlyFans.

She has successfully transitioned from her profitable on-camera profession to her side business as a beautician and has established her own clinic. As a result, she was able to leave her job and now earns a substantial income, supporting herself and her four children.

Following a romantic separation, Tianhee encouraged her mother to join the platform and generated a staggering $100,000 within a mere year of commencing her OnlyFans journey at the age of 18.

‘It didn’t take much convincing,’ Evie told FEMAIL, who took to it quickly, gaining a following and raking in $10,000 a month.

While Tianhee was the reason Evie took up OnlyFans, they keep their business separate and don’t spend much time helping each other.

‘We have our own activities happening and our content is very distinct,’ Evie mentioned.

‘She certainly has stricter limits than I do. I also have limits, but my content is certainly more explicit than hers.’

However, their distinctive circumstance attracted global recognition.

‘We became extremely popular in the UK, America, Spain and Germany, among other countries,’ Evie mentioned.

They were also approached to be the main characters of a new reality television show but declined the offer.

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‘We didn’t do this for fame. We wanted an easier lifestyle where we can live life on our own terms,’ Evie said.

The popularity surge resulted in a larger audience for both Evie and Tiahnee, causing them to individually start making at least $30,000 per month.

Since the age of 14, Tiahnee has been in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, whom she relied on to assist her and recently left her job with.

Evie has consistently expressed her intention to stay single for an extended period. This decision has never caused any problems, and he assists her by capturing photographs. He has consistently shown complete support for her choice to pursue OnlyFans, and they have been in a loving relationship since high school.

Evie gave up her own business in June because she does not have enough money, but she has the support of her family.

Three times a week, she dedicates her time to working as a beauty therapist with expertise in body contouring. However, her primary emphasis lies on her involvement with OnlyFans.

Evie expressed, ‘It gives me a sense of vitality. It makes me feel appreciative that there is a platform to not just make money on but to embrace my sensual, feminine aspect. I truly relish it.’

Otherwise, we can’t accomplish something towards building our own futures and living life on our own terms. We are able to work on things we are passionate about and enjoy in our spare time, and achieve financial freedom.

As far downsides of the job goes, Evie said she ‘cant think of anything’ but admits she’s copped judgement from people online.

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She expressed, ‘I believe that society is not only thinking of sexuality as something shameful in general, but also that there is a significant amount of negative stereotypes surrounding sex.’

It is perfectly acceptable for individuals to engage in consensual sexual activities, as long as nobody is being harmed. We should educate people about their rights to express and enjoy their sexuality, without shaming them. However, it is understandable that most people would prefer to keep their private lives to themselves.

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