Everything You Need to Know about Plus Size Nipple Piercings

Have you ever thought about nipple piercings? I was a bit worried about having them done because of the size of my chest, but I decided to go for it one day on a whim. Before that, I had never looked back and had a great experience with the healing process and positive effects. There were absolutely no resources available on nipple piercings back then, but now, I know everything you need to know about the pain, healing, and pleasure associated with getting them.

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Quick Tips

During the period of warmth and humidity, late summer presents an ideal opportunity to undergo nipple piercing, allowing ample time for the healing process. It is advisable to avoid subjecting your nipples to the harsh and arid conditions of the cold winter months, as this may result in dryness and discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for piercing during the spring or summer seasons.

The placement of your piercing depends on the orientation of your nipple and the dimensions/contour of your chest. It is crucial to find a piercer who comprehends your body! It is advisable to seek out a piercer who is knowledgeable about working with individuals who are fat or have a larger body size.

While going through the healing process, it is advisable to avoid wearing overly restrictive bras. This advice stems from personal experience. When I was healing, I made the mistake of wearing a sports bra, which caused my already snug piercings to become embedded. Instead, opt for a supportive bra that provides proper support without excessive compression.

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Ensure that you visit your piercer for any necessary subsequent appointments. It’s crucial not to take any risks with this matter! In case of an infection or any other issues, it’s impossible to predict when your barbell might become too tight. It is advisable to have regular communication with your piercer throughout the healing process.

Listen to these instructions for healing! This is a difficult task. If you desire someone to enjoy and appreciate your sexy and arousing sensations while gently pinching your nipples, then stop right there. It is crucial that you refrain from any form of physical contact during the healing process, especially between the sixth and ninth months. Additionally, it is important to avoid introducing any germs into your piercings.

I prefer the NeilMed Wound Wash or the CVS Wound Wash. This solution is significantly stronger, about 1000% more potent, than the regular saline solution. It effectively soothes and heals cracked nipples, which I vividly recall experiencing. I have learned the hard way that it is best to use a gentle saline solution.

After fully healing, I visited a piercing studio and asked the piercer to change my very long barbells. I learned that people often find barbells with sticks uncomfortable and they end up moving around too much. In the end, they looked smaller and didn’t accommodate my flat nipples well. So, I ended up going back to buy myself some beautiful caps. The piercer offered an alternative: a horseshoe ring. When I saw how big the ring was, it reminded me of an animal farm. I mean, it was really big. But I requested the piercer to put a ring in.

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Do your nipples require a specific form? No, any nipple can undergo piercing! Even if they are flat.

The arid chilly winter and the salty solution caused some discomfort due to lack of moisture. The immediate pain lasted for a few days. How long did the pain persist?

Does sleeping on your stomach cause any discomfort? Yes, it does, especially for an extended period of time. It mainly affects my back, and occasionally my side, which is my preferred sleeping position. However, I had to wait for some time before being able to comfortably sleep on my side.

How often it happened that my nipples, facing south, would accidentally graze against something and it would be very painful. I became aware of them, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable. However, I wonder how uncomfortable the piercings were.

Are you able to wear bralettes after piercing, which I found to be the most comfortable during the healing process? Here, we have 6 brands to shop for plus-size bralettes, and you should!

The recovery period typically lasts between 6 and 12 months. It tends to be longer for individuals with larger chests. What is the duration of the healing process?

However, it doesn’t always happen because of the gravitational force. My piercer informed me that larger chests with downward-facing nipples can cause the piercing to migrate out of the nipple.

How does the change affect sensitivity? It’s not guaranteed, but it can. I did it because it was great for me, that’s why I did it!

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Pain intensity? Absolutely an 8. Most excruciating piercing I had without a doubt.

Are your nipples consistently firm? They are not consistently firm, but they become firmer more readily.

Are they challenging to clean? No! Just spray them with saline solution, let them sit, and use a cotton swab to eliminate any crust.

Does the thickness of your bra and clothing depend on it? Usually, I hide mine because my nipples are usually visible due to their low prominence. Do they conceal them when you wear tight or loose-fitting clothing?

When we cuddle without clothes, I often find myself getting attached to my significant other. Personally, going without a bra does not result in my piercings sticking to my stomach.

Are nipple piercings cute on sagging breasts? YES YES YES. Very adorable and very attractive. I felt an immediate boost in confidence. Output: Are nipple piercings attractive on drooping breasts? YES YES YES. Very charming and very appealing. I felt an immediate boost in self-assurance.

Your areola, rather than your nipple, will still be pierced solely by your piercer. Just like individuals with petite areolas, piercings are suitable for individuals with sizable areolas as well.

If you are interested, I can always recommend you to @maggiemcgill on Instagram for any questions about nipple piercings and boosting your self-confidence. Getting nipple piercings of a larger size was one of the best things I did to boost my confidence, and I hope this can help you if you decide that nipple piercings are right for you.

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