El rey del cash o el derecho a no autoincriminarse

The cash king’s book, titled “The King’s Cash,” written by Elena Chávez, will probably expose many stories of men and women in its 290 pages. From now on, I can assert with indisputable truth that the minimum expression to carry for the authorities is the desire to not care about the dark desire.

The drug smugglers, the individuals involved in money laundering (who certainly did not vanish during this term), and naturally, the politicians can verify the aforementioned.

We supposedly have all the control measures in place to monitor their behavior within the economic and financial systems, however, there is no doubt that the cash is found at the top of the food chain in an undisturbed manner.

The evidence of this is demonstrated by the fact that cartels still possess their funds. According to the Global Financial Integrity in 2021, an organization dedicated to examining financial crimes, corruption, and money laundering, the estimated amount of money laundered in Mexico annually ranged from $18,000 to $44,000 billion.

How much money is being laundered and used by all the political parties and sizes in Mexico, coming from crimes?

Manuel Andrés López Obrador, el actual presidente, se enfrentará a sí mismo pero no responderá. Tal vez se vea obligado a enfrentar algunas preguntas aquí planteadas por periodistas como Salvador Soto García, Raymundo Palacio Riva y Denise Dresser. Sabemos que esto es lo único que entendemos en relación a los avances de su libro, según lo mencionado por Elena Chávez en su regreso.

  • In the country’s corner, all politicians and officials were visited by the candidate, considering the federal penal code, mentioning crimes contemplated in the code, such as the illicit origin of resources with operations and embezzlement, would imply a series of probable crimes committed by organized crime. Would this imply the eternal campaign of our current president, delivering suitcases with cash rigorously to the house of many others, including Mario Delgado and Marcelo Ebrard, as officials?
  • Could we be facing a mega-process led by the General Prosecutor’s Office (FGR) that involves a large number of officials that is worth considering?
  • How has he done it with numerous adversaries, would he block their bank accounts? Will the UIF request information from the financial system regarding all the people involved? During the administrations of Fox, Calderón, and Peña, investigations initiated must exist in the archives of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF).
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    I have not seen a formal investigation object that is not a book but rather a collection of newspaper clippings that the UIF has defended against.

  • Is there a relationship between moving these resources to network invoices and their relatives? A politician told me several years ago that the best tool for moving money without having to steal money to avoid the hassle of moving money was ghost companies.
  • Shouldn’t the UIF and the FGR be involved since there are strong rumors that they were used for the purchase of Bitcoins and resources are being sent to the government of El Salvador under the protection of our social programs?
  • With the acknowledgment of receipt, Senator Xóchitl Gálvez took a photo outside of the FGR. What would happen if there are anonymous or named complaints against the individuals mentioned in the book?
  • ¿Se organizaría una Comisión de la Honestidad para intentar saber cuánto dinero se movió por tantos años y cuáles fueron sus destinos?
  • Would there be a risk of the truth being revealed in cases like the “Por los demás” trust, through which 78 million 818 thousand 566 pesos were laundered? What would you think if any of the accused accepts to be a protected witness?
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    All those involved can relax and focus on managing another reputational crisis, as they will be able to invoke the principle of non-self-incrimination, Andrés Manuel, Marcelo, Mario, César.

    That brave honesty is truly profitable.

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