Does Tanjiro Marry in Demon Slayer? (Who and When?)

In the Demon Slayer series, Kamado Tanjiro eventually marries Kanao, and they have two great-great-grandchildren. After defeating Muzan, Kamado Tanjiro and Kanao start a family, and they adopt Kocho Kanae and Shinobu, who are sisters and fellow Demon Slayers.

The rest of this article is about digging further into the relationship between Kanao and Tanjiro, as you’re going to find out more details about the nature of their relationship, as well as some details about how their marriage had evolved before.

When we first see Tanjiro, he is just a 15-year-old boy. As the plot progresses, he grows older and becomes a healthy adult with a lovely family. Although we don’t see the time skip that leads to this point in his life, we can assume that at some significant time, he ends up marrying Tsuyuri Kanao, and both of them become Demon Slayers, founding a family together.

When Do Tanjiro and Kanao Kiss for the First Time?

While Kanao and Tanjiro have certainly kissed, the exact moment of their first kiss was never shown. In this series, it is quite usual for shonen anime to rarely show emotions, especially between protagonists, but you can still see their obvious emotions, as they rarely show affection towards each other, like kissing.

Does Tanjiro Love Kanao?

In order to provide a comprehensive response and clarify this inquiry, it is advisable for us to elaborate on the development of their relationship over the course of the series.

Tanjiro enters into a physical altercation with Kanao as he tries to protect his sister from death and result is knocked out by her. They meet again on Mt. Natagumo in the later part of the series. During the final selection, Tanjiro saw Kanao for the first time and she remained silent and distant, with no sort of interaction.

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Tanjiro finds it difficult to beat Kanao in all tasks due to her advanced abilities, but he does not recognize her as his attacker. However, he does not recognize her as one of the final survivors of the selection. He sees her in the garden and is brought to the Butterfly Estate to retrieve her.

Tanjiro bids him farewell with a smile and encourages him to be open-hearted and optimistic as he recovers. When he bids him farewell, he thinks that it would be cruel to splash him with something foul-smelling, so instead of throwing tea on his head, Tanjiro places a cup of strong-smelling tea on Kanao, the opponent, during one of the games.

Following the conflicts in the Entertainment District, Tanjiro is taken back to the Butterfly Mansion for his recuperation, and Kanao starts exhibiting increased emotions and resolve. It is hinted in a supplementary chapter that takes place after the completion of the Functional Recovery Training Arc that she might have developed feelings for Tanjiro. Kanao can be observed clasping his hands near his heart and blushing faintly, and he stumbles when Kiyo unexpectedly addresses him from the rear.

Once he dozes off once more, she finds herself shouting at everyone except attempts to soothe them all when the other residents of the estate begin arguing while she is visiting Tanjiro. She expresses her happiness that he has awakened, accidentally dropping the bouquet of flowers onto the ground, and tears well up in her eyes upon learning that he is awake.

During the battle against Kanao, the demon slayer tries to keep fighting to bring safety to Kanao and momentarily immobilizes Muzan in order to deliver the final blow.

When Tanjiro sees his brother calm down, he apologizes to Nezuko for being late and responds to her by repeatedly calling out her name. Kanao, who has woken up, sheds tears as she realizes that Tanjiro has turned into a demon.

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She shows great concern for them and puts her own safety at risk by opening herself up to inject Tanjiro with the demon-to-human cure, creating an opportunity for the final form of Lycoris the Eyes: Movement Final Flower to be used once again, which leads to sympathy from him for his siblings.

Sumihiko Kamado and Kanata Kamado, the two great-great-grandchildren, would have Kanao and Tanjiro between them, who eventually wed and begin a family. They face each other, sharing tearful smiles as they witness his safe return in human form, visibly relieved and filled with joy, leading to tears of happiness, after Tanjiro successfully transforms back into a human.

In the anime series, as their family grew and developed, Tanjiro undeniably cherished Kanao, there is no doubt about that, and he has demonstrated that. Their bond began gradually, but quickly grew stronger and the two became a genuine couple with genuine feelings for one another. Based on the information we have, Tanjiro unquestionably adores Kanao.

It is important for us to fully understand Kanao’s personality, as it won’t be repeating so we need to say something about it, but we also need to understand what aspect of Tanjiro’s personality won’t be repeating here.

When Kanae was given a coin by her in order to rectify and help with the mechanism defense, she became unsure of what path to take and was unable to make decisions on her own, as she suppressed her emotions. Before meeting the Kocho sisters, she suffered abuse which made her a calm and indecisive girl.

Without pausing for thought, since Kanao lacked autonomy, Shinobu initially requested Kanao to merely sever the heads of demons. Kanao, driven by his own determination, eventually cultivated a profound animosity towards demons after witnessing the harm they inflicted upon Aoi, Kiyo, and Shinobu’s cherished individuals. Nevertheless, despite this, for numerous years, Kanao persisted in displaying minimal emotional expression or aspirations.

However, Kanao eventually developed his own desire to fight, despite his perceived lack of emotion or desire. Throughout Arc Training Recovery, Shinobu and Kanae’s final selection implied that his willpower grew stronger between Kanae’s death and the room she still relies on, but Kanao defied their wishes.

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She starts to unambiguously communicate her acquired abilities and eventually manages to squeeze herself out of her own decisions, making more of her own. When he tries to continue the conversation, she repeats “goodbye” to him, displaying somewhat mechanical responses in conversations.

Kanao gradually becomes able to express her desires and emotions more openly when she sees Tanjiro recover from his injuries and displays relief, and when she tells him that she wishes to train alongside him, she expresses her distress and shock at Doma’s defeat to Shinobu’s plan.

Kanao was able to show his ability to make his own choices and express his emotions properly in the final battle against Kibutsuji Muzan.

During the battle, Kanao displays visible feelings of dread and anger towards the Ancestor Demon, taking Slayers Demon fellow from him and her.

After watching Nezuko and Tanjiro’s desperate attempts to save him, even sacrificing his own remaining eye to inject drugs and humanize Tamayo’s demon brother, she continues to show genuine care and love for them, proving her emotions even after the battle.

Who Will Tanjiro Marry?

As we have previously stated, Kamado Tanjiro ends up marrying Kanao Tyusuri, who is the adopted sister of Kocho Kanae and Shinobu, and she is also a fellow Demon Slayer. The two of them have been in love for a long time and marriage is the culmination of their relationship.

When Do Tanjiro and Kanao Marry?

Following Muzan’s downfall and Tanjiro’s restoration to his ordinary, mortal state, it is understood that the pair eventually wed. However, the precise timing of their union remains undisclosed.

The author did not disclose the growth of their family and the birth of their children until the time skip, neither did they provide the specific moment for Tanjiro and Kanao’s marriage. However, given the extensive time period involved, there were numerous potential scenarios.

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