Dixie Belle Color Chart

You are currently looking at the most recent color chart from the Paint Company, called Dixie Belle Color Chart.

68 colors to choose from!dixie belle color chart

Short description of each color on the Dixie Belle Color Chart . Click on any color for more information and price:

Cotton is the purest white color on the Belle Dixie Color Chart, making it perfect for anyone who wants to decorate their home with a classic and clean look. Whether one wants to style it down for a minimalist design or create a farmhouse distressed and chippy look, Cotton’s simplicity and starkness will truly bring out the desired effect.

Blush Champagne is a light, gentle pink. This soft shade is ideal for a space that requires a soothing ambiance.

The furniture style in this coastal décor is warm and antique, with a color scheme that works well with the cloudy tones of the wood. The Mist Savannah has a light blue undertone with hints of gray.

Blue Haint can be an intriguing addition to your baby’s nursery, with its enigmatic and ethereal qualities. Your baby’s mother might find this shade of blue captivating.

Farmhouse Green Stunning Celery Green.

Limeade represents the essence of Spring!! A bright and breezy green that will bring a burst of color to any space!!

Sand Bar is a pale beige shade. This versatile color can complement any style and any room!

Driftwood is a light gray. Whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom or home office, use this soft color to create a soothing space.

Fluff is a peaceful, gentle white with a subtle gray undertone. Utilize Fluff for projects with either a classic or contemporary style.

Soft Pink is a gentle, tranquil shade of pink. This delicate color evokes images of silky ballet slippers.

When you enter a room with this neutral tone, you’ll instantly feel the ease of Sage Dried, which has soft gray undertones with a touch of green.

Lucky Lavender is a soft purple. This pastel color is just as sweet as the flower and easily creates a serene space.

The Mint Julep is a beautiful, refreshing, and lightly green-colored beverage.

Kudzu exhibits a beautiful natural foliage in shades of green.

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A burlap sack of stunning color and popularity! It goes well with anything and has a neutral, earthy light creamy taupe color.

Gray Manatee is a gentle creature of the sea, just like sweet sea creatures. This cool color will add a soft blue undertone to your home.

This stunning color palette is the most popular choice for our perfect Cloth Drop because it combines warmth and elegance with a stylish white linen touch.

Rose Tea is a perfect vintage hue with a gentle hint of rosy pink, reminiscent of traditional Victorian-style homes.

Sea Glass is light green with a hint of blue. This pastel color looks just like polished beach glass in the sand.

BlueBerry When you look at blueberry Dixie Belle Color Chart, you will see a beautiful periwinkle blue gray……Soft periwinkle, a calming color.

Dixie Belle Blue is a stunning, vibrant, and enjoyable shade of tiffany blue. It resembles the color of a bluebird’s egg.

Evergreen is the perfect balance between not being too bright or too dark.

Taupe putty, a brown hue that falls between the darkness and lightness spectrum, is a fail-safe option. You can’t go wrong with having putty in your possession!

Mason Dixon Gray is a charcoal shade with undertones of lavender. This delicate hue looks enchanting with vintage-style furniture and home decorations.

Buttercream is a white with a slight yellow undertone. This creamy color will add a buttery and warm touch to your home.

The shade apricot is a light orange with touches of pink. This pleasant tint is significantly brighter than the real apricot fruit.

Egg Duck Vintage is a light blue color with a gentle hint of gray and green, creating a sense of clarity in your space.

Yankee Blue Our deep azure chalk mineral paint is a stunning navy hue. Excellent shade to ignite your patriotic spirit!!

Pure Ocean is a vivid and lively shade of teal.

The Green Tree Frog is vivid, vibrant, and jumping with color.

A Mud Puddle!! . . . Appears to be a very rich and creamy taupe chalk mineral paint, with a hint of gray in its color.

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Hurricane Gray is a shade of medium gray. This stormy hue doesn’t have to feel dull, enhance it with a dark wax!

Lemonade is a bright and breezy yellow. This subtle shade evokes memories of traditional, fluffy meringue pie!

The Flamingo is a vibrant creature with a bright coral hue, adding an effortless burst of energy to your living area.

The Gulf has a gentle shade of turquoise. Relax under a beach umbrella and admire this beautiful coastal hue.

Amethyst is a vibrant, dark purple. This vibrant hue possesses a calming power similar to that of its semi-precious gemstone.

Peacock is a rich blue color with a hint of green, which makes it a fun and vibrant shade. If you’re looking for the perfect teal color, you should mix it with Palmetto!

Mermaid Tail A stunning turquoise aqua blue!

Fluttering in the wind, Spanish moss resembles a blend of various shades of green and gray. It possesses a significantly deeper hue than dried sage, exuding a luscious and grandiose vibe. Our Spanish Moss shade is bound to evoke contemplation.

The rich color of Stormy Seas reminds us of the calming qualities of choppy ocean waves, rainy clouds, and stormy seas. Stormy Seas has undertones of blue and green with hints of gray.

Rebel Yellow is a classic shade of yellow. This cool-toned hue evokes the image of a gradually dimming sky during sunset.

Terracotta is a cozy and natural orange, just like the timeless container for your patio flora.

Peony is a vibrant, hot pink color that is perfect for a variety of preppy styles, with a hint of metallic and a touch of glam or bohemian.

Aubergine is a dark eggplant purple. This rich color makes a statement in any space, especially when paired with blues and greens.

Cobalt is a lively and bright tone of blue that is extremely pleasurable! It can be used on diverse surfaces like furnishings, glass, textiles, and numerous other substances.

Palmetto shade is one of our deeper, more vibrant greens on the Dixie Belle Color Chart.

Whether you want today’s Holy Guacamole to be colored in vibrant green or the retro 70’s avocado green, it is entirely up to you.

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Use this charming color on a tallboy dresser to create a classic aesthetic in your space. Road Gravel is a dark and warm gray.

Daisy is a vivid and vibrant shade of yellow. Wake up and embrace this cheerful color!

Florida Orange is a visually striking, vibrant orange. This citrus hue will inject vitality into any space.

The unique orchid blooms bring to mind this opulent and majestic hue, Plum Crazy, which is a dark tone of pink with a touch of lavender.

Muscadine Wine is a deep red with deep purple undertones. This luxurious shade is just as sugary as the wine!

Bunker Hill Blue is a deep indigo shade. Utilize this vibrant color to create a bold statement in your surroundings.

Our collard greens are the perfect fit to decorate your rustic and earthy decor. They have a smooth and pleasing tone that is sure to catch the eye. The darkest green undertones with hints of black make them a winner!

Pine Cone Imagine milk chocolate, Yum (but no consuming!).

Midnight Sky is a deep navy shade. You’ll witness this soothing hue when you gaze through a telescope during the nighttime.

Colonel Mustard is a vintage, goldenrod yellow. This burst of color will bring a vibrant energy to any room!

Honky Tonk Red is the genuine crimson shade.

The cheerful color of Red Barn will remind you of a rustic barn on the side shining in the warm, deep red sun.

Rustic Red is a deep red with black and deep brown undertones.

The color Navy in the sea has a deep and mysterious depth, resembling an old-world elegance. It is a dark navy blue.

Chocolate will bring to mind rich, creamy dark chocolate.

Coffee Bean is a rich dark brown with black. This espresso color can anchor any space and add a warm, inviting feel!

Caviar is a genuine, matte black. This luxurious shade radiates sophistication and can be combined with any paint hue or design.

French Linen is a light taupe. With a warm and weathered mix of brown and gray, this gentle color naturally reflects light.

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