Dave Sparks Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what is the net worth of Dave Sparks, a successful model, custom vehicle manufacturer, celebrity entrepreneur, and star of a popular reality TV show?

With his own company and being a well-known TV figure, the CEO, known as Heavy D, has become a charismatic personality and a successful businessman with a passion for eye-catching vehicles.

In today’s article, we will guide you through the process of how he amassed his wealth, his path to achieving success, and the life of Dave Spark. As of May 2023, the net value of Dave Sparks amounts to $8 million.

Early Life

Dave Sparks was born on June 18th.

Presently in his mid-40s, Dave Sparks is believed to have been born in either 1977 or 1978, based on our research findings, as he has never disclosed his exact birth year.

Salt Lake City in Utah is known as his birthplace. His full name is David Sparks, but he goes by the shortened name Dave.

Since he was a young boy, everyone called him ‘Heavy D’ for a reason – vehicles fascinated him, especially those that were wheeled and powered.

Afterwards, we’ll address that. He transformed into an adult and ventured into the business world, and his passion for this continued to burn throughout the years.


Along the street, Dave Sparks constructed personalized automobiles, all thanks to his courses in construction and soldering, which he pursued during his education in automotive engineering at a high school in Utah.

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Dave went to study at Webster State University after high school because he wanted to take business classes, as he thought they would be beneficial for his dreams.

He soon realized that college was not the best option for him because he wanted to have more hands-on experience rather than focusing solely on academic studies.

Therefore, after finishing a single semester, he decided to withdraw from college at the age of 21.


Dave Sparks’ parents are great sources of inspiration for him, as he observed them persisting through challenging situations in life.

At the age of 21, Dave encountered the demise of his father. Nevertheless, his mother, Lisa Tanner Sparks, persistently offers assistance and nurturance to him.

In 2008, Dave Sparks met his dream girl at church. They got married in 2009 and now have three children: Mack, the youngest, and Beau and Charley.

Heavy D is completely devoted to his family. They reside happily in their permanent residence in Arizona, Utah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Diesel Brothers

On the Discovery channel, Dave Sparks and Dave Kiley hosted their own show in 2016, which became a thing called “Diesel Brothers.”

The show was called Diesel Brothers. It revolved around their business and how they went about designing, building, and modifying diesel trucks.

It goes without saying that the show was a tremendous triumph, and it gained them countless fans worldwide.

“The Diesel Brothers” book, written by the Diesel Brothers together, offers insight into their lives and is a comprehensive guide to trucks.

The Diesel Brothers have also made substantial investments in preserving the environment, as evidenced by their adoption of the Clean Air Act and their significant efforts to prevent environmental harm through supporting clean-running trucks.

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As of May 2023, Dave Sparks possesses a total wealth of $8 million.

The main sources of Heavy D’s net worth are his company DieselSellerz where he’s the chief executive officer and other automobile businesses.

Dave Sparks also receives a significant portion of his earnings from his investment consortium, reality television programs, YouTube, and social networking platforms.

Career Take-off

After completing his high school education, Dave Sparks immediately entered the workforce.

Luckily, he was able to land a job as a rental ATV and motorcycle manager through the help of his close friend and mentor, Eggett Rich.

As part of his employment with his uncle’s construction business after college, he was responsible for operating large equipment, which allowed him to gain valuable hands-on experience in the automotive industry.

Diesel Dave, alternatively recognized as his companion Dave Kiley, was the initial individual he recruited for this corporation. Constructing waterfalls, stone scenery, barriers, and additional structures, the excavation enterprise that he initiated enabled him to acquire expertise regarding construction and equipment supervision.

After some time, Dave Diesel and D Heavy decided to follow their passion for outrageous diesel-powered vehicles and founded the DieselSellerz company.

DieselSellerz is a place where trucks powered by diesel are bought and sold to individuals. Additionally, this company conducts fantastic giveaways every year and is involved in the restoration and fabrication of vehicles.

Additionally, D Heavy is the business that sells parts and equipment for trucks, specifically those that are called 4X4 diesel. This business is owned by another group of investors.

He has more than 2.6 million subscribers. His first video was uploaded back on the 2nd of May, 2015. Dave Sparks also has a YouTube channel called HeavyDSparks.

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On Instagram, Heavy D is a popular social media figure, with over 3.3 million followers.

Key Takeaways

Always Follow Your Passion

If there is a single lesson to glean from Dave Sparks’ journey towards achievement, it would be to follow your passion irrespective of any challenges.

Even in his high school years, his interests revolved around fabrication and auto mechanics. He continued to nurture this passion all the way until he became an adult. When he was a little kid, he started developing a fascination with diesel-powered automobiles, particularly heavy-duty vehicles.

In the end, he successfully transformed his passion into a lucrative enterprise.

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