Columbus Food Truck Festival back at county fairgrounds this weekend: What to know to go

Just twelve years ago, Chas Kaplan and Mike Gallicchio saw the rising popularity of food trucks and knew a lot of people who owned them.

“Gallicchio recalled that Columbus Commons was packed with 10,000-15,000 individuals as we organized a party. The gathering gained momentum and exceeded our expectations, becoming more successful than we had anticipated.”

Over the weekend, the portable feast will make a comeback at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, where the “celebration,” named the Columbus Food Truck Festival, moved from the Commons to the Scioto Mile, and eventually to Gallicchio and Kaplan’s creation quickly gained momentum without going through a slow start.

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Kaplan and Gallicchio are giving back to the community by also putting their money where their mouths are. It’s not just about putting tasty food in their mouths at the Columbus Food Truck Festival, but it was also named the Best Food Truck Festival in Ohio in January 2018 according to a poll published in “Ohio’s Best” magazine.

Music Adores Ohio, which offers chances for underprivileged central Ohio youth to pursue their love for music, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio are the recipients for this year. Over $80,000 from the profits of these events have been contributed to local charities by the planners since 2011.

This year at the Columbus Food Festival, Texas-based Longbranch Bourbon will offer its mobile Longbranch Ranch, where festivalgoers can sit and savor signature cocktails. The festival will be held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Gallicchio expressed, “We feel extremely privileged that they selected us. Philanthropy has always been a core part of our values. This cause holds great significance,” “and we have collaborated with the Ronald McDonald House for a considerable period. Our association with Music Loves Ohio has always been strong.”

If you intend to attend, here are some particulars you should be aware of before you don your elasticated trousers and fasten the food pouch, but the event will commence on Saturday morning.

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Situated at 4951 Northwest Parkway in Hilliard, you can find the Franklin County Fairgrounds. The gathering of delectable delicacies will take place on Sunday, starting from 11 a.M. Until 7 p.M., And on Saturday, from 11 a.M. Until 11 p.M.

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How much is admission?

Tickets for individuals aged 13 and above can be obtained beforehand on columbusfoodtruckfest.Com for a cost of $5. The price escalates to $7 when purchasing at the entrance. Children aged 12 and below will be allowed entry without charge, but they must be accompanied by someone who is 18 years or above.

Fifty-two vendors from around state and country will offer a broad assortment of fare to sip, nibble and nosh at the Columbus Food Truck Festival at the Franklin County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.

What’s on the menu?

Gallicchio expressed, “We will have every imaginable kind of cuisine — ice cream, pizza, hamburgers, gyros, sushi, African, Jamaican. It would be easier to list what types of cuisine aren’t on the festival’s bill of fare.”

“There will also be taco trucks, the best oxtail stew in the country, and great Mediterranean food. There’s something for all palates.”.

Providing gluten-free choices is available in over two-thirds of the 52 food trucks, catering to individuals with dietary restrictions. Prior to placing an order and consuming, individuals with food sensitivities should inquire with each vendor regarding the ingredients and potential risk of cross-contamination.

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Excellent reviews: Six restaurants in the Columbus area are included in Yelp’s ranking of the best restaurants in the Midwest.

Will there be live music?

Over the weekend, Homegrown! Festival will feature artists from various music genres including country, soul, bluegrass, Americana, jazz, rock, R&B, hip-hop, funk, blues, pop, and indie. The fairgrounds in Columbus will be filled with musicians performing on two stages, offering a diverse range of sounds. Plus, you can enjoy an ice-cold pop while enjoying the festival!

In addition to that, they have performed songs by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Shins, Radiohead, Thin Lizzy, Jeff Buckley, and David Bowie in previous performances. Furthermore, apart from a band that studies and plays a different artist’s album every month, there is also a tribute band dedicated to Grateful Dead.

Music is also on the menu at the Columbus Food Truck Festival, where artists of diverse styles will play on two stages at the Franklin County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Is there anything new this year?

Anticipating a favorable reception for the upcoming vintage flea market, Gallicchio, who emphasized the enduring popularity of shopping experiences at the festival, stated that The Columbus Vintage Exchange will showcase “retro, cool and distinctive” merchandise, as mentioned on its Instagram page.

Similar to the picturesque hills of Texas, guests at the “ranch” have the opportunity to unwind and savor a traditional clean serving or one of the brand’s distinctive beverages in a themed atmosphere. Furthermore, Longbranch Bourbon will make a comeback with a fresh offering, its portable Longbranch Ranch.

The actor, Matthew McConaughey, who served as the creative director and spokesman for Turkey Wild, has moved on from his partnership with Longbranch, the parent company.

Late-night snacks: Where can I find a midnight bite in Columbus?

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What’s the parking situation at such a big event?

Attendees who have pre-purchased online tickets will have first priority for onsite parking. Vehicles must display a legally valid handicap plate or placard, and parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited accessible parking will also be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, please be aware that some streets in Downtown Hilliard may not allow residents to enter as a courtesy. If you are unable to park on the street, parking is not permitted at the fairgrounds or on the nearby street. However, parking across the street from the fairgrounds or purchasing tickets at the parking gate will be available.

Should I expect traffic delays?

Gallicchio stated that there has not been any previous occurrence of traffic congestion near the fairgrounds during the Columbus Food Truck Festival, and he anticipates no complications this weekend. “Hilliard effectively manages traffic. We have never encountered any difficulties in that regard,” he remarked.

What happens if the weather is bad?

In the event of an unforeseen monsoon, the Columbus Food Truck Festival will proceed regardless of the weather!

Festivalgoers of all ages will enjoy the eats and treats at the Columbus Food Truck Festival, which will take over the Franklin County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.

What are some of the festival’s rules?

Camel packs or backpacks will not be allowed. They may be subject to search when speaking of bags. And they are not allowed as bags, but you can bring collapsible camping chairs and blankets. There is plenty of seating at the festival.

Only animals with proper licensing and appropriate paperwork will be allowed as service animals. Other things to leave at home include pets of any kind, weapons, beverages, and coolers.

Moreover, smoking is prohibited indoors in any enclosed space with a roof or canopy.

Where can I get schedules, maps and other info?

For live music schedules and maps including a layout of the festival grounds, plus other details, visit the event website at columbusfoodtruckfest.Com.

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