Who Is Charles D. Barnet Jr? Father Of Darren Barnet

Darren Barnet, son of celebrity Charles D. Barnet Jr., Is known for his original role in the Netflix series Ever I Have Never.

He was wedded to Deborah Barnet. He used to operate a petite enterprise.

However, he is no longer with us, yet he was an excellent father who backed his son’s ambition.

Charles D. Barnet Jr with his wife, Deborah Barnet.
Charles D. Barnet Jr with his wife, Deborah Barnet. Source: Instagram

Currently, Darren is not in a romantic relationship. He is unattached.

After his participation in Never Have I Ever, he has managed to capture the affections of numerous individuals, particularly females.

He has a huge fan base among girls. He is a heartthrob because he is extremely attractive.

The fortunate girl who will have the opportunity to date his attractive and charming personality is the subject of curiosity among his fans. He has successfully maintained his heart’s security, as no one has been able to steal it from him.

Darren had a brief relationship with his co-star Mikaela Hoover from the movie Love Hard.

Darren appears to be busy with work and is currently focused on his job. Although he recently started dating after going through a separation.

In the future, the female fans are all excited about who will be his love interest. He doesn’t have time for romance.

Charles D. Barnet's wife, Deborah Barnet, and son, Darren Barnet.
Charles D. Barnet’s wife, Deborah Barnet, and son, Darren Barnet. Source: Instagram

What Does Darren eat In A Day?

Darren revealed in an interview that he usually eats what he breaks down in his normal diet and stays fit by shaping in.

He stated that he does not adhere to any specific regimen or dietary routine.

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During the afternoon, he enjoys his toast alongside either a cup of coffee or orange juice. On occasions, he mentions that he refrains from consuming anything in the morning and instead opts for a slice of multigrain toast topped with avocado, a poached egg, spinach, onion, and pepper.

He said for lunch, and he loves to eat out in Mexican and Japanese restaurants as he loves Mexican and Japanese food.

He loves eating a lot of sushi. He also loves sardines. He enjoys sprinkling pepper flakes and adding basil and oregano to a pan, then drenching it with lemon.

He said that he loves to eat kimchi and white rice together. He also mentioned that sardines have a lot of health benefits as they are rich in protein.

He never overeats, he gets hungry right away. He is not a fan of sweets.

For supper, he enjoys preparing pasta with a few beans and chicken. His indulgent meal is pizza and hamburger.

Additionally, he discusses dietary supplements to boost his metabolism.

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Net Worth

His son’s total assets are estimated to be $1 million. He has successfully accumulated his wealth through his career in acting.

Charles D. Barnet's son, Darren Barnet.
Charles D. Barnet’s son, Darren Barnet. Source: Instagram


His son Darren is 31 years of age. He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Darren Revealed His Favorites Things

Darren’s preferred category of films is suspense and thriller. His all-time favorite film is Fight Club.

He aspires to create such movies one day and is a passionate admirer of them. He has a great affection for those films that contain unexpected plot twists and turns, making them unpredictable, he expressed.

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He would love to go to Rydal High School, which was based in the 1950s. It was a really fun show, with lots of dancing, singing, and drama.

Charles D. Barnet, Jr with his children.
Charles D. Barnet, Jr with his children. Source: Instagram

His preferred screen idol is Chris Evans from Not Another Teen Movie. He mentioned that he absolutely adored his role.

He mentioned that in the morning, his residence is equipped with automated machines that prepare his breakfast. His preferred domicile is Tony Stark’s residence from the movie Iron Man.

The aspect that he found pleasurable about Never Have I Ever is the eagerness of Mindy Kaling, the co-originator of the series, to participate in partnerships.

She allows them to feel at ease around her. He said that she is very open, as she never forces them to do anything they don’t want to do.

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