Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Review

Benjamin Moore describes black as a beloved shade, reminiscent of a clean school chalkboard, with a color similar to dark graphite. It doesn’t have a cold or imposing feel, and it has depth and character, just like malleable and relatively soft iron wrought.

What goes with BM Wrought Iron?

Due to its neutral undertones, Wrought Iron can be easily combined with a wide range of colors.

Benjamin Moore recommends complementary shades such as White Ice, White Cloud, and Wedgewood Gray. I adore the idea of using White Ice as the color for the walls and Wrought Iron for the interior door, or having Wrought Iron as the exterior color and a Wedgewood Gray door.

Swiss Coffee, China White, White Dove, and Simply White, along with Wrought Iron, can effortlessly complement numerous popular shades of white from Benjamin Moore.

Personally, I adore Wrought Iron as a component of a neutral color scheme, combined with white and wooden hues.

Here’s a better way to get an idea of the subtleties of the color: comparing how it looks with other popular soft black paints.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Vs. Iron Mountain

If you’re looking for a color that reads more like gray charcoal, which makes it a good choice, Iron Wrought has an LRV of 8.17 compared to 10.96. It’s slightly lighter than Iron Wrought. Another popular option is Benjamin Moore’s Mountain Iron, which is a softer black. Mountain Iron also has a more pronounced yellow undertone, while Iron Wrought can be read as more blue.

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Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Vs. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Ore Iron is one of the most popular shades of black offered by Sherwin Williams. It is slightly darker than wrought iron but still has a soft and black appearance. You can see it above.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Vs. Soot

If you’re looking for something darker, Benjamin Moore’s “Soot” is a good choice. It is a gray charcoal shade that won’t be mistaken for anything else.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron: LRV and Undertones

It’s a pretty dark color, but not pitch black, with an LRV, or light reflective value, of 8.17, Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron.

If you are not familiar with it, the Value Reflective Light or LRV is a measurement of how bright or dark a color paint is on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white. It reflects more light and appears lighter in color.

The LRV of 89 exhibits a gentle and comforting feel, similar to the brilliant white shades reminiscent of Benjamin Moore. The majority of colors tend to fall on a scale of 96 to 3, with 100 and 0 being the extreme ends.

Approximately 6-7 rounds of LRVs, such as Tar Black, Jack Black, Panther Black, and Graphite, are similar in color to Benjamin Moore’s shades. In terms of LRV, Navy Hale by Benjamin Moore has a similar value of 8.36, comparable to Iron Wrought for comparative purposes.

The navy-toned appearance of certain lighting can give a slight undertone of blue. This means that Iron Wrought has RGB values of 76, 75, 74, which makes it a pretty neutral paint color.

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Is Wrought Iron Black or Gray?

Benjamin Moore calls it “Iron Wrought,” although I’d prefer to call it a soft black. I’m inclined to agree, as it can look like a dark charcoal gray depending on the light. It’s definitely not a true pitch black.

It is probable that Iron Wrought will have a darker appearance, resembling black, in a north-facing room that receives minimal natural light. In a bright room flooded with natural light, Iron Wrought is likely to have a lighter, more natural look similar to a charcoal gray shade.

If you’re worried about your space looking too gray or black, I always recommend getting a sample paint. It’s a super easy and inexpensive way to ensure that you’re happy with the outcome of your paint selection.

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