At the incident scene, who handles media inquires?

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At the incident scene, the Public Information Officer (PIO) handles media inquiries. The PIO is a member of the Incident Command System (ICS) and is responsible for providing accurate and timely information to the media about the incident. The PIO will work with the Incident Commander (IC) to gather information about the incident and to develop a media plan. The PIO will also be responsible for responding to media inquiries and for providing updates to the media about the incident.The PIO is an important member of the ICS team and plays a vital role in communicating with the public about an incident. The PIO can help to ensure that the public is kept informed about the incident and that any rumors or misinformation are dispelled. The PIO can also help to build trust between the public and the emergency responders.Here are some of the responsibilities of a PIO:* Provide accurate and timely information to the media about the incident.* Work with the IC to develop a media plan.* Respond to media inquiries.* Provide updates to the media about the incident.* Build trust between the public and the emergency responders.

1. At the incident scene, who handles media inquiries?

Public affairs officer.

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2. Who has overall responsibility for managing the on-scene incident?

Incident commander.

3. The Liaison Officer:

Serves as the contact point for other organizations involved in responding.

4. You are working in a complex incident. There are multiple incident commanders representing multiple jurisdictions working together to establish incident objectives. What type of ICS structure is being used?

Unified Command.

5. After being deployed and arriving on scene at an incident, the first task for response personnel is to

Register and collect a task.

6. You are implementing tactical activities to achieve the incident objectives. What is the correct title of the ICS organizational element to which you are assigned?

Planning section.

7. You are a group supervisor working in a branch within the operations section, who is your immediate supervisor?

Branch Director.

8. The difference between a strike team and a task force is:

Strike units have comparable assets while task forces are made up of diverse resources.

9. The major activities of the planning section include:

Creating and recording incident action plans.

10. Command is:

Directing, ordering, or controlling by virtue of explicit statutory regulatory, or delegated authority.Output: Managing, commanding, or governing through explicit legal regulatory, or authorized authority.

11.Which of the following organizational entities within the operations section may be used to divide an incident geographically?


12. A deputy is the support position for all positions, EXCEPT:

Public Information Officer.

13. If the incident commander designates personnel to provide public information, safety and liaison services, the personnel are collectively referred to as the:

Command Staff.

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14. Which section chief is responsible for ensuring that assigned incident personnel are fed and have communications, medical support and transportation as needed to meet the operational objectives?

Chief of the Logistics Department.

15. Interoperability means:

Communication devices, protocols, and networks can work in unison during a reaction.

16. Someone who serves as a director every day might not hold that title when deployed under an ICS structure:


17. Before leaving an incident assignment, you should complete all tasks, forms and reports. Brief replacements, subordinates and supervisors. Return all equipment and non-expendable supplies, but NOT:

Self-assign to another occurrence.

18. In ICS, the members of the command staff assume the title of:


19. Span of control refers to:

The quantity of individuals or resources that a supervisor can effectively manage during an incident.

20. Which ICS function records time accounting and procures needed items?

Financial and Administrative tasks.

21. Check-in, initial briefing, record keeping and demobilization procedures are all necessary to ensure:


22. The ICS is:

The Incident Command system, a standardized method for managing incidents, is applicable for use in all types of emergencies.

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