Air Conditioning Appreciation Days July 3 – August 15

Enjoy your air conditioner! The main purpose of air conditioning appreciation days is to, well, show appreciation. What does it mean to appreciate something? It means to give it a good rub, like a nice foot massage, and to not feel like you need to take out your AC for a nice meal. The point of this AC holiday is to express gratitude for a technological device that we rely on so much.

What are the ways in which air conditioners assist us? Here are a few things that air conditioners have aided in achieving:

  • Before medical advancements, hospitals simply cooled off via fans or other less effective devices. The elderly and children, who are particularly vulnerable to hot and overly air-conditioned environments, were more able to combat diseases effectively with the inclusion of nurses and doctors. Would there have been thousands of preventable deaths each year otherwise? That is the result.
  • Did you know that the phenomenon of summer blockbuster movies first started because people needed a cool place to go during the summer, so they flocked to the theater to enjoy the latest and greatest movies from Hollywood?
  • It all began with a basic air conditioner, and it’s incredible to consider that progress in fields such as medical research, brain science, space physics, and more is facilitated by air conditioners. Thanks to these cooling units, we are able to remain energetic and efficient throughout the day, as they establish pleasant work settings. Can you envision attempting to work in a space that was 90 degrees Fahrenheit and moist?
  • Before air conditioning became commonplace, staying at home on a scorching summer day was not preferable. Rather, people would escape to the lake, find solace in a nearby theater, or retreat to a basement if fortunate enough to have one. Air conditioners now enable us to remain in the cozy confines of our own houses even on sweltering days.
  • If you know someone with severe allergies, you should be aware that coughing and sneezing attacks can be triggered by a few minutes spent outside, especially if you’re less fortunate and have bad allergies. In addition to filtering out dust and pollen, your air conditioner also has the ability to provide a little relief by not circulating cold air, which is known to worsen allergies. It’s a fortunate situation for those with extreme allergies to have air conditioning that is treated for allergies.
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    How can we celebrate our air conditioning when it gets too hot out by just turning on your AC? What should we do to celebrate our air conditioning more than just running your conditioner? How can we wisely run your air conditioner when it gets too hot out during festivities, as you are already unknowingly participating in it?

    Changing the filter on an HVAC return
    closed window curtains
    thermostat set to 70 degrees

    Tips for showing air conditioning appreciation:

    Get regular checkups

    If you think there is anything wrong with your air conditioner, even before problems arise, trust us to perform a full system inspection. Investing in regular maintenance and checkups shows that your AC deserves the tender loving care it needs.

    Change your air filters often

    Ensure to replace your air filter regularly, preferably every three months (or more often with a HEPA filter), as a blocked filter will cause your air conditioning system to exert more effort. This can lead to a decrease in the overall lifespan of your AC unit and result in additional expenses.

    Give your AC a break

    Do you have to work overtime, so you try to avoid doing things indoors during the day that require the oven or cooking, as it will make your house uncomfortably hot until the evening. Additionally, you can cut down on your energy consumption each month by opening the windows to enjoy fresh air and considering leaving the AC off if it’s only 75 degrees outside. Why not give it a break today and not run the air conditioner?

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    Keep your curtains and blinds closed

    By opting to not run continuously throughout the day, this will enable your air conditioner to switch off at regular intervals. This, in turn, aids in keeping the hot air outside and preserving the cold air produced by the AC, thus assisting in insulating your home with this slight additional endeavor.

    Shade your home

    Planting shade trees around your home can naturally regulate your home’s temperature and reduce your reliance on heating and cooling. If you want to go the extra mile, give it a try.

    Set the thermostat to a reasonable temperature

    Does your house really need all degrees to be set at 60 for the long summer? Try adjusting from there and setting the temperature to 72 degrees. You’ll notice that keeping your home a little bit warmer will work just fine.

    Know when it’s time to call in a professional

    When it comes to a new system, nobody wants to abruptly spend money and without fully grasping the whole system, you can easily cause more damage than benefit if you attempt to repair your AC. Ensure that you are aware of your boundaries if you are a passionate do-it-yourselfer, particularly when dealing with your air conditioner because it is indeed accurate that you cannot always mend it on your own.

    In brief, if your air conditioner is malfunctioning, contact a professional.

    Thanks to All the Air Conditioning Manufacturers

    Thank you for taking care of us by repairing and installing our air conditioners. We appreciate everything you do for us, even when we are living in Alaska and feeling grumpy and sweaty.

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