A list of Tom Selleck’s Westerns

Below is a run-through of all of Tom Selleck’s Westerns, so if you are not familiar with this little collection of movies right now, it’s your chance to dive in and learn all about them.

The Shadow Riders (1982) film.

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Outlaw Confederates have abducted a few of their family members, only to find out that two siblings come back to their residence from the military. The movie narrates the tale of “The Shadow Riders,” a television film staged shortly following the Civil War in America, helmed by Andrew V. McLaglen.

Tom Selleck portrays the character of Mac Traven, alongside a cast that features Sam Elliott and Dominique Dunne.

Quigley Down Under (1990).

Image: ©MGM

The adventure-drama “Quigley Down Under” is a great film featuring the cast of Ben Mendelsohn and Laura Giacomo, with Alan Rickman also included in the cast. Directed by Simon Wincer, this superb Western hires Tom Selleck to take on the role of Matt Quigley, a sharpshooter from Wyoming.

Ruby Jean and Joe (1996).

Jean Ruby directs Sax Geoffrey in this modern-day Western TV show, where the cast includes Starr Robert and Johnson Ben Williams, JoBeth as well as Rebekah Johnson who plays the part of Wade Joe, a female hitchhiker and a rodeo rider, while Tom Selleck plays the role of Selleck Tom.

Final Stand at the Saber River (1997).

Image: ©Warner Bros.

Carradine David and Carradine Keith, Dukes David, Osment Haley Joel, star alongside Selleck Tom in this movie directed by Lowry Dick. This new film is based on Elmore Leonard’s novel, which tells the story of a veteran Confederate soldier who finds himself undertaking a whole new battle at the Last Stand River Saber.

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Crossfire Trail (2001) is a movie.

Image: ©Warner Bros.

Crossfire Trail, a Western movie created specifically for television, is an adaptation of the book with the identical title written by Louis L’Amour. Tom Selleck reunites with Simon Wincer (the director of Quigley Down Under) for this project. The film depicts the story of a traveler who promises his close friend, who is on his deathbed, to take care of his wife and ranch.

The lineup of Crossfire Trail features Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley, Christian Kane, Mark Harmon, and William Sanderson.

Monte Walsh is a film released in 2003.

Image: ©Warner Bros.

The movie tells the story of two cowboys, Keith Carradine and Isabella Rossellini, who find themselves dealing with the onset of the modern era in a Western TV set in the dying days of the Old West. Tom Selleck finally takes on the role title in this movie as well.

Simon Wincer directed this version of the movie. It was previously adapted into a 1970 movie starring Marvin Lee and is based on the book of the same name by Jack Schaefer. This is the third Western film made by Simon Wincer, featuring Tom Selleck.

Image: ©NBC

And now for an additional piece of trivia for you…

Were you aware of this fact? In the Western TV mini-series called The Sacketts, Tom Selleck portrayed Orrin Sackett in two episodes. Additionally, apart from the aforementioned films.

The series first premiered in 1979.

If you are a fan of Tom Selleck or if you wish to know the number of Westerns series movies he currently has available to buy, then you might just be getting into his DVD Region 1 collection.

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The Tom Selleck Western Collection, which includes three movies, features Crossfire Trail, Last Stand at Saber River, and Monte Walsh.

The collection of Western movies featuring Tom Selleck can be purchased from reputable entertainment retailers, such as Amazon US.

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