All visits should be successful, following the regulations and rules set by the DOC. Dallas SCI is committed to providing individuals with a positive experience while visiting inmates at this prison. We want to hear about your experience, so please send your comments to pa.Gov@visitorfeedback.

Facility Information:.

The Dallas State Correctional Institution, designed by Clarence Littchfield in the 1960s, became a facility for adult felons serving a term of two or more years. This facility, which was opened as a care and housing facility for mentally retarded males defined within the Delinquent Defective Act, was repealed by the Supreme Court in 1968 and challenged in lower courts. The concept of the facility was based on a school/educational model that emphasized aspects of rehabilitation, aid, and encouragement.

Total area within the boundary: 26 acres.

Total Area Beyond the Perimeter: 1,307 acres.

Quantity of Operational Structures (within and outside of boundary): 51.

Quantity of Residential Units: 17.

The housing units comprise of cells as well as a single dormitory-style housing unit.

Notable Characteristics: Therapeutic Communities (2), Additional AOD Programs, Special Requirements Unit, Veterans Affairs Unit, and Correctional Industries.

Inmate Information:.

Prisoner Population: Report on the Current Population.

Average Age of Inmates: 43.39.

Total Number of Employees Working Full-Time: 643.

Academic and Vocational Education:

  • The Department of Education provides Adult Basic Education and GED courses that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.
  • Vocational Education: Construction Trades, Bookkeeping, Barbering, Business Occupation, Welding Program, and Horticulture.
  • Inmate Programs:.

    Family/Relationship Self.

  • Unit for Veterans Affairs.
  • Reading to your kids.
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    Sex Offenders.

  • Sex Offender Moderately-High Intensity.
  • Offender Minor Severity.
  • Special Requirements Sexual Offender Enhancement Program.
  • Re-Entry.

  • Pre-Employment Skills Course.
  • Back on Course Within.
  • MoneySmart Program.
  • Substance Abuse and Other Drug (SAOD).

  • Therapeutic Community.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Team.
  • Dual Diagnosis.
  • AA/NA/SOS Support Group Gatherings.
  • Offense Related.

  • Reflecting for a Transformation.
  • Violence Prevention.
  • Batterer’s Intervention.
  • Programs for Mental Health.

    MH Education MH Management MH Peer Group MH Community Re-Entry.Group Dual Diagnosis.Group MH Support Group for Recent Psychiatric Commitment Returns

    Virtual visitation:.

    Every inmate in the general population regardless of his custody level is eligible. The scheduling of visits at the best times for visitors is permitted, and the frequency of visits for an inmate increases. The inmate is allowed to visit with other individuals on the approved visiting list and with immediate family members and caregivers of the inmate’s children. The program uses video conferencing technology to enhance parenting skills. Inmates housed in administrative and disciplinary custody are not allowed to participate in the Virtual Visitation Program. Virtual visitation is limited to individuals living in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas, and it is available at Dallas SCI.

    Correctional Industries:.

    SCI Dallas has two Correctional Industries:.Mattress Factory and Garment Factory, which employees 82 inmates and 6 staff. We are responsible for the production of mattresses for all of Pennsylvania DOC and state hospitals. Here, CI manufactures T-shirts, pajamas, sweat shirts, polo shirts and robes for the DOC and state hospitals.

    Community Service Program:

    In 2012, the Community Work Program (CWP) completed a combined total of 6,783 hours of community service, which led to an approximate saving of $169,575 for the community. SCI Dallas operates a single CWP team that offers direct assistance to local communities and non-profit organizations. Over the course of the previous year, the CWP team engaged in various tasks such as painting churches and adjacent church halls, upkeeping church premises by utilizing weed whackers and lawnmowers, clearing leaves, and arranging and dismantling equipment for community picnics and litter collection.

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