605 Spotlight // Roots of Brasil

Opening in April of 2022, Roots of Brasil takes visitors from an urban metropolis to a tropical paradise.

Simone and her niece, Melissa (by making desserts), and Kaila, as well as Jamie’s sister, together with the Gillespie and Grogan family, receive assistance from the Brazilian restaurant, which is a familial endeavor.

After Mark and Kaila sold their previously possessed business, Kaladi’s Bistro, they never expected to return to the restaurant industry.

The family was surveying the building shortly after Kaila shared her idea, Mark remembers. Kaila noticed an unoccupied room connected to the event venue, Convolo, while she was working and realized the possibilities the space held. However, that changed.

“We loved the vicinity,” explained Mark. “We knew that it was fashionable, unique, and retains historical importance in the center of downtown.”


Most languages will have their own adaptations to foreign nations’ names.“Brasil” = Portugeuse“Brazil” = English

Mark says that Roots of Brasil presents a relaxed and cool atmosphere while capturing their Brazilian family’s background heritage as cattle ranchers.

Mark explained that they desired to remain authentic and honor that, but they also aimed to incorporate the tropical beach atmosphere.

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Two ears of sweet corn, coriander, cotija cheese, chili, and crema.


Garlic and Portuguese white wine, lime, and fresh herbs complement the shrimp, scallops, and mussels.



Sunnyside egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, corn, peas, homemade pickles, house pink salsa, and batata palha.


Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, ham, cheese, batata palh, and house salsa rosada.



Fresh spices, shallots, coconut cream, leafy greens, fungi, and parmigiano reggiano.


Bacon cheddar cornmeal, coriander, palm hearts, avocado, spinach, sunny-side up egg, and sweet and sour sauce.


Portuguesa (Gene-Baldo).

Tomato sauce, pork, onions, black olives, mozzarella cheese, catupiry cheese, eggs, and fresh oregano.


The ingredients for this dish include white sauce, chicken, ham, hearts of palm, cheese, corn, catupiry, green olives, and mozzarella.



Grilled romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, parmesan shavings, tomato, bacon, topped with blue caesar dressing.


Classic soup with potatoes, sausage, and vegetables.

With lively azure walls, tropical foliage, Brazilian-crafted hammocks, keepsakes, and photographs from Brazil, the eatery provides a memorable encounter.

“We desired to be unique and transport someone elsewhere to create the sensation of being outside of Sioux Falls,” stated Mark.

“If you’ve traveled to Brazil then walk in here, you will find some elements or memories of the Brasilian beaches.” – Jamie Grogan

On the main floor, the tiles imitate the black-and-white wave design found on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

“I believe we can take you to another location,” Jamie stated. “We will definitely introduce you to certain aspects of Brazil.”

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The quirky establishment invites guests to broaden their taste buds and sample a distinctive menu of Jamie’s and Tania’s culinary creations.

The Gaucho Fries is one of the most popular items, made with Brazilian sausage covered in a potato similar to an edible root called Mandicoa, topped with green onions and cheese aioli chipotle-made in-house.

Peas black-eyed and rice are served with fresh herbs and capers, along with a lightly-dusted whole fried Snapper Red Snapper and collard greens, black beans and rice are served with a vinaigrette, and the dish also includes two boneless Chicken Jerk thighs (Caribbean-style chicken), along with other favorite options.

Red snapper


Family photos from the Grogan family’s ranch line the wall of the family room, featuring a large dining table built by Mark Gillespie’s brother.

Mark claims that the Red Snapper has become a trendy essential.

“It’s a showstopper, and everyone who purchases it adores it,” he mentioned.

Every dish is meticulously selected by Jamie and his team to authentically showcase Brazil and its culinary traditions.

Jamie stated, “Brazil is somewhat undervalued in the realm of cuisine.” “On a global scale, they are the largest amalgamation of culinary influences, first and foremost. Additionally, their food exhibits an immense range of diversity.”

Jamie, according to years the over together combined has cuisine cultures’ these to African, Japanese to Italian from ranging dishes culinary with.

According to him, “the variety of the nation, via various types of restaurants, gives us a sense of connection to our Brazilian heritage and the way it is organized.”

“I couldn’t ask for a better culinary team and chef in Jamie than what we have.” – Mark Gillespie

Jamie particularly aims to achieve this connection with his customers, especially those from Brazil, by evoking past memories and firmly believing that food has the power to transport you to different places.

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He expressed, “I desire for them to have a sense of being in their own house.” “I long for the cuisine and the overall encounter to transport them back to Brazil.”

To familiarize foreigners with Brazilian culture, Jamie endeavors to adjust their taste preferences to what he and his community are familiar with.

“I would like to attempt and broaden the variety of cuisine in this town to have a stronger cultural influence,” expressed Jamie.

During the relatively brief duration of the restaurant’s operation, the owners have observed a wide variety of patrons visiting the establishment.

Mark expressed, “We swiftly became a highly desired destination for couples looking for a romantic evening out.” “We have witnessed a diverse range of patrons, including families, individuals, professionals dining during lunch, post-work drinks, and certainly couples seeking a romantic night.”

Mark describes Roots of Brasil as a memorable destination spot where customers can leave saying, “We have to go back there again.”.

Current and new staff members are always eager to learn and are immersed in the culture. It’s not just the customers who experience the Brazilian culture, but also those who are keen to soak it in.

Mark smiled and said, “Now they have a great understanding of Brazil and how astonishing it is. It’s wonderful that others are sharing the Brazilian culture and food. It’s cool to keep spreading the concept of Brazil and continue telling their family and friends about it.”

In the future, Mark expresses his desire to further the development of downtown Sioux Falls.

“I would be thrilled to observe our downtown area become more unique and inspire people to venture outside of their comfort zone,” he explained.

Jamie also mentions that they aspire to take the lead in introducing their culture’s cuisine to the community by opening more restaurants.

Jamie proceeded by expressing the desire to engage in novel experiences and encourage individuals to step outside their familiar surroundings. Furthermore, Jamie emphasized the importance of progressing and evolving alongside such personal development, expressing a sincere interest in actively participating in this process.

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