13 Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

Therefore, this comprehensive compilation of simple additional jobs is centered around methods to earn money that provide weekly payment.

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Survey sites

Completing online surveys is a straightforward method to earn additional income at your convenience.

In order to receive the payment, it is likely that you will have to reach a specific limit (typically measured in points earned for each survey you finish) within a short period of time, such as hours or days. The top survey websites will ensure timely payment.

Others can be reached much faster, although it may take you a few months to reach a very high threshold on sites like YouGov, as well as some survey sites.

Below are a few survey websites that have the potential to provide you with a payout on a weekly basis.

  • The surveys on Prolific are incredibly fascinating, and you have the ability to cash out quickly. Additionally, the quantity of surveys offered is among the highest.
  • There are various ways to earn with Swagbucks, which means it can be quick to get to a stage where you can withdraw your earnings.
  • I have a list of the best survey sites in the UK. Remember that you can sign up for more survey sites to make more money.

    Virtual assistant

    By providing support in administrative and various tasks, it is possible for you to work from the comfort of your own home or a nearby coffee shop. A virtual assistant aids businesses or individuals by completing tasks from a remote location.

    Depending on the type of things you may be asked to do, working as a virtual assistant for your company varies a lot.

    The position may entail responding to and sending emails, uploading material to social networking sites, organizing meetings, and coordinating travel arrangements.

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    There are numerous smaller companies seeking a few hours of assistance per week on a freelance basis, although certain virtual assistant positions are full-time commitments.

    These kinds of tasks can be discovered in Facebook communities, Fiverr, Indeed, and other job platforms.

    Having a specific niche that you concentrate on can be beneficial.

    I connected with them and came across posts where bloggers were seeking assistance with a few tasks per week. In Facebook communities dedicated to bloggers, I have previously discovered opportunities for virtual assistant work, for instance.

    If you want to get into this type of side hustle, it can really help you to find work online for other creatives and bloggers who may need this kind of help. You may want to start mixing in the online social circles of the type of clients you want to find on Facebook groups.

    Buying and selling stuff

    Selling unwanted items belonging to others for financial gain is an excellent method to earn income.

    If you have a keen eye for a good deal, you’ll be able to sell these items for a lot more money than you paid for them, which means you can make a substantial profit.

    Some individuals earn money by purchasing and selling high-quality designer items like apparel, purses, and footwear.

    Others excel at refurbishing furniture, or, on a larger scale, properties!

    There is a selection of items that you can purchase and trade on this platform.

    Online tutoring

    Acting as an online tutor is a fantastic additional source of income for educators, teaching aides, musicians, and college students.

    Some online tutoring positions will require you to be a certified educator, but not every one of them.

    The Cambly website allows you to chat with people who are interested in brushing up on their English skills. You will be able to chat with people from around the world and practice speaking English with them online.

    Delivery driver

    Working as a delivery driver for companies like Eat Just, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Amazon is a great way to earn money on your own time.

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    You can sign up for only the shifts you are able to handle. Amazon Flex compensates its independent drivers every week on a Wednesday.

    Renting out a room

    Making use of the extra space in your home is a great way to make extra money, without worrying about someone else moving into your mind.

    Renting out a room through platforms like Airbnb is a form of passive income that demands minimal effort from you, primarily patience when it comes to sharing your space.

    Freelance writing

    Whether you are a creative or scientific person, freelancing as a writer is a fantastic side hustle to do in your own time.

    In order to get started with freelance writing, you’ll want to begin building up your portfolio by showcasing your potential work to potential clients.

    This may involve writing for free for some publications – there are plenty of online outlets that will accept guest article submissions.

    You can find freelance writing work on Fiverr or by contacting publications and websites that would be a good fit for you.

    Learn more about pursuing a career as a freelance writer at this location.

    Sell your skills online

    A fantastic location to begin when attempting to determine a side gig is with the abilities you currently possess.

    Fiverr platforms like translation, logo creation, artwork, data input tasks, visual design, and voiceover services offer an opportunity to showcase and monetize your talents on a vast online marketplace.


    Being a self-employed transcriptionist entails transforming audio or video material into written material.

    For instance, in the field of medical and scientific transcription, there is a need for both general transcriptionists and experts who can comprehend and utilize specialized language.

    Prior to considering you as a potential candidate, certain organizations may require you to successfully complete a speed typing evaluation. While you are typing, a foot pedal that can be connected to your laptop allows you to pause and resume audio playback, thereby facilitating transcription work from the comfort of your own home.

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    Learn more about internet transcription positions here.

    Test websites

    You can receive compensation for offering your opinions and perspectives on websites or applications through UserTesting.

    They compensate you seven days after you have completed a task. You can register for User Testing at this location.

    Dog walking

    If you have an affinity for animals, then participating in the task of strolling canines or tending to pets can be an extremely satisfying supplementary means of earning money.

    Each and every day, in my small town, I come across four to five distinct vans adorned with logos representing dog walking enterprises. This line of work is in high demand!

    You could start small with just one or two of your own clients, looking for work with an existing local company that needs help.

    Mystery shopping

    If you live close to the town center, this shop is a convenient place to make some extra money and enjoy.

    Secret shoppers are compensated for evaluating customer assistance, retail exhibits and merchandise, and offering their overall perspectives.

    You will need to provide feedback by filling out a report or answering questions, and then make time to go out and carry out the mystery shopping task.

    There are multiple companies that can offer you chances to engage in mystery shopping. These companies include:

  • BeMyEye.
  • MarketForce.
  • Ipsos.
  • Tern.
  • Casual one-off work

    Some additional sources of income may be temporary and independent, but will compensate workers promptly.

    Two excellent instances of this include working as a test proctor or aiding in the tallying of local election results.

    If you are looking to increase your income, casual workers are always sought after. Maybe you could consider living close to a large event site, such as an annual festival, which occurs once a year.

    Final thoughts

    As you can observe, there are numerous diverse choices for side gigs that will compensate you on a weekly basis.

    Seek a permanent position in a field that brings you joy, and perhaps even explore multiple opportunities simultaneously. The advantage you constantly possess is that having a side job is truly beneficial!

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