100+ Gymnastics Gift Ideas

There are a couple of ideas for gifts for your family gymnast. Whether it’s a gymnastics accessory or a leotard, a great motivational book, or a piece of clothing, pick the perfect gift for your favorite gymnast! Here are over 100 ideas for gymnastic gifts.

You can also explore GymnasticsHQ’s 2022 Gift Guide for additional gift suggestions.

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100 best gymnastics gifts

  • This backpack is the perfect gift for your gymnast. It has separate compartments and plenty of storage space for all of her gym gear.
  • These DIY Grip Dye Tie Kits are available in three different color options – red/blue and teal/purple/magenta (pictured), as well as turquoise/pink. They are exclusively offered by GymnasticsHQ.
  • This bag, called Bag Grip Dye Tie Holographic, allows every gymnast to hold her grips, tape, prewrap, and other miscellaneous items while showing off her personality with inspirational words.
  • Your gymnast will adore using this grip bag, adorned with rhinestones placed in perfect positions, a holographic design, and a convenient drawstring closure. Introducing the Rhinestone Leopard Grip Bag!
  • Blue and white design, red dye tie, and USA pattern with rhinestones create a stunning bag grip for our Leotard Rhinestone USA: Perfectly matching our Blue & White Red USA Bag Grip.
  • Create your own unique design for a cute DIY Bag Grip using decals, iron-on, puffy paint, permanent markers, or any other markers that come with it.
  • Gymnastics Sticker Bundle: These soft-colored stickers are adorable and your gymnast will enjoy embellishing…Everything with them!
  • Grab your favorite gear and decorate it with any of these motivational gymnastics stickers. These stickers are a must-have for any gymnast, and they will make your gym buddy jealous.
  • The Hand Care Kit Phase 3 is specifically designed for cross-fitters and gymnasts who work hard and develop calluses. This kit includes a daily hand balm to hydrate calluses and a pumice stone to smooth and shape them. In case of rips or tears, there is also a quick-fix post-rip balm to seal them off. This hand care kit is specially made for those who work hard and develop calluses.
  • This is my Bag Tag Flippin, a stylish bag that showcases her personality. Keep your gym bags noticeable in the sea of gymnasts with this bag.
  • Prewrap is a great stocking stuffer that can be used by gymnasts to tape their hands up before athletic activities. It comes in various neutral colors, and gymnasts can have fun by using colored rainbow prewrap underneath their grips or ripping it off after taping.
  • Nastia Beginner Loop Grips: This is a basic, soft leather grip. The hook & loop is easier for beginners to put the grips on themselves.home gymnastics equipment gifts
  • The Air Floor is a portable tool that can be easily moved around. It is big enough for your gymnast to perform most of her gymnastics skills. The dimensions of this Air Floor are 10’x 3′.
  • This is a great bar for older gymnasts as it allows them to do more advanced skills like casts and kips, and it is much sturdier. However, the mini bars, which are slightly less expensive, are also nice for gymnasts who need to practice back hip circles. This mini bar is a great option for your growing gymnast. The mini bar from Trak Tumbl is a professional junior gymnastics bar. It is a unique and fun home gymnastics equipment gift.
  • This is an ideal bar for you, which enables gymnasts to practice slightly above ground level. It provides the same competitive atmosphere and is elevated slightly from the floor, serving as a durable and low-level beam that you desire. A suede low beam is an excellent tool for learning and practicing beginner balance beam skills at home.
  • As she progresses, she will be able to consistently utilize it and your gymnast practice various kinds of techniques. This uncomplicated, top-notch, adaptable mat will enable her to initiate practicing fundamental gymnastics skills at home; panel mats are an essential addition. Panel Mat.
  • If she fails to land, your gymnast can have some padding but “experience” the beam with this inflatable cushioned mat. It features a 4″ elevated central line, allowing your gymnast to enjoy practicing her beam techniques. Air Beam.
  • These brand new leotards, called the Collection Leotard Striped, offer a selection of three beautiful colors to choose from – plum, ocean, and coral. They are even more stunning on a person and have a perfect and soft buttery feel.
  • This Leotard showcases your love for gymnastics with its stunning rhinestone belt and beautiful ombre purple/white with pink rays design. It is made of soft and buttery beauty, perfect for practicing.
  • GymnasticsHQ Exclusive! Our Spring Tie Dye Leotard Kit is a hit for creating your own unique leotard with your gym besties.
  • You will be able to create your very own design at our exclusive GymnasticsHQ shop. Show it off and practice with it at your next session using our Blue & White Red USA Tie Dye Leotard Kit.
  • GymnasticsHQ offers another DIY project for leotard enthusiasts: Leotards decal DIY! Create a stunning purple and pink ombre leotard, adorned with your preferred glittery silver iron-on decal – choose between the options of “GYMNAST,” butterfly, or flamingo. This leotard is bound to be loved by gymnasts who enjoy making their own designs!
  • Display your pride for America with our exclusive “USA” leotard adorned with rhinestones in blue, white, and red. Shop GymnasticsHQ now!
  • Holographic Burst Leotard: This brand new leotard complements one of our top-selling grip bags!
  • Checkered Dreams Leotard: This leotard is so soft and durable, your gymnast will love it! Another exclusive GymnasticsHQ leotard that is buttery soft, non-see through material and gorgeous!gymnastics gifts books
  • She tells you the story of her beginnings in foster care, all the way to making it to the Olympic team. Soar to Courage: The Story of Simone Biles, the four-time Olympic gold medalist, hard-working, and insanely-talented.
  • GymnasticsHQ’s Skill Progression Checklists offer checklists for various levels, including skill progression checklists, which assist your gymnast in achieving her objectives, enhancing her abilities, and progressing to the subsequent level.
  • The 2nd edition of the Gymnastics & Mindset Journal by HQ Gymnastics has recently added more stickers. It’s a place for teammates to collect autographs, meet to review the season’s logs, and engage in exercises with over 100 long pages. Yet, it is the best season for her, and your gymnast needs this journal to improve her gymnastics skills.
  • This is a picture book about a girl named Zoe, who dreams of becoming a gymnast and realizes that gymnastics is a lot harder than she thought, especially for perfecting it at the ages of 4-8. This book is written by Laurie Hernandez, who is also a high-flying gymnast herself.
  • Ages 8-12 gymnasts excel. This chapter of the book is about Marissa, a Level 4 gymnast who struggles to learn the kip. Melisa Torres authored the book titled “Kip the Gymnastics: Achieving Perfect Balance.”
  • If your girl loves gymnastics and is ready to try out for the competitive gymnastics team, she can get cast in McKenna’s Fly! – An American Girl book that is perfect for girls aged 8 and above or in grades 3-4.
  • I Will Try: The pictures in this book are so cute. It has easy words for beginning readers.gymnastics gifts clothing bff
  • Why Walk When You Can Cartwheel Shirt: A definite necessity for every gymnast!
  • This cute gymnast shirt is definitely available in 5 different colors and sizes for both adults and youth. I’m not short, I’m a gymnast.
  • Being a gymnast has its ups and downs, quite literally. This adorable shirt comes in both adult and youth sizes, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves gymnastics.
  • The Gymnastics Shirt is available in both youth and adult sizes, with a selection of 5 different colors. It is a colorful and cute tee that describes the life of gymnasts in words.
  • This shirt, called “Everywhere Gymnastics,” is available in her favorite colors and sizes 8 youth. We are sure that she will love wearing this shirt everywhere, as she is a gymnast.
  • This retro sunset gymnastics tee is very cute and simple, making it a favorite for sure. The shirt is available in 10 different colors, in both adult and youth sizes.
  • This shirt comes in 5 colors and is available in sizes for both adult and youth gymnasts. It’s the perfect shirt for gymnasts to wear while they live by the rule of Repeat, Tumble, Sleep, and Eat.
  • Everyday I’m Tumblin’ Shirt: Another cute tee quote for gymnasts, your gymnast will surely love this cute shirt. Available in 5 colors in both youth and adult sizes.gymnastics gifts clothing
  • You won’t want to wear your comfortable and soft gymnast shorts to the playground, because they might get dirty from practicing. Instead, wear a pair of Summer Dye Tie shorts to look perfect.
  • Leopard Pattern Shorts: These cute leopard pattern shorts are the ideal complement to your practice attire.
  • Gymnastics Script Sweatpants: These comfortable sweatpants are the ideal addition to any gymnast’s collection of clothes!
  • Racerback Tank Top Set: These tops are ideal to put on over your leotard for any tasks before or after practice.
  • Eat. Rest. Gymnastics. T-Shirt: Undoubtedly a beloved tee, we are certain any gymnast can identify with the statement.
  • This is My Handstand Shirt Fitted T-Shirt: A must-have for any gymnast – a handstand shirt, no further explanation needed.
  • Love Beam Gymnastics T-Shirt: LOVE spelled out in the gymnastics events words. Every gymnast needs one.gymnastics gifts workout
  • Gymnastics Duffel Bag: This bag is available in various colors and offers ample room for all your gymnastics requirements.
  • The Crystalized Born Gymnast Hoodie features a breathtaking crystal design that will be cherished by any gymnast. It is available in youth sizes and comes in both pink and black options.
  • This beautiful gymnastics hoodie is bound to be a favorite, with 7 color options to choose from: Gymnastics Love Hoodie.
  • Sparkling Ebony Cycling Shorts: These shorts are ideal for donning over your leotard during practice!
  • Gymnastics is a must-have for any gymnast! The Eat.Sleep.Gymnastics.Repeat Sweatshirt is cute and essential.
  • Sparkling Gymnastics Jacket: This charming jacket features shimmering silver and pink letters on the back. Your gymnast will proudly wear it everywhere!
  • Look Like a Beauty, Train Like a Best Drawstring Bag: This purple drawstring sling bag is great for your gymnast to carry her gear.Check out these gymnastics gifts for your gymnast.
  • This poster of Simone Biles will inspire any gymnast with its frame and the option to choose its size.
  • Customized Gymnastics Typography Poster: Customize this poster with the name of your gymnast and their preferred colors.
  • This personalized typography artwork on a blackboard backdrop is accessible as a digital document, enabling you to conveniently print it from the convenience of your own residence.
  • Get this digital poster featuring gymnastics with the quote: “Leap from the beam, Tumble off the bars, Pursue your aspirations, Strive for greatness among the stars.”
  • The final of the Olympic dream will keep your motivated gymnast while reminding her of multiple sizes that this inspirational photo poster comes in.
  • Gabby Douglas Photo Poster: Gabby Douglas fans will love this motivational photo poster that comes in multiple sizes. Ready to frame.gymnast gift decor
  • I Adore Gymnastics Wall Mural: Allow your gymnast to express her passion with this wall decal that says “I adore gymnastics”.
  • This medal holder, made of wood, will hang up your excited gymnast’s medals. It comes in a variety of different fonts and colors.
  • This wall decal can be personalized with your gymnast’s name and two colors.
  • Customize your wall decal with the name of your gymnast and the color of your choice. This personalized decal measures 5 inches in height and is in the shape of a handstand, with dimensions of 22×25 inches.
  • The night light can change colors using both the touch button and the remote control. It has 7+ colors and 16 light options. The specific design of this night light is Light Night Gymnastics Artistic 3D.
  • Personalized with your name, this handstand gymnast wall decal is a fantastic addition to any bedroom.
  • This is a beautiful way to display your medals. This wooden medal holder can be personalized with your name as well as the color and type of wood.
  • Personalized Gymnast Handspring Back Wall Decal: You can personalize this by choosing the font, name, and color of the gymnast.
  • Gymnastics Mat: This plush gymnastics mat would be a wonderful addition to any gymnast’s bedroom!
  • I Love Gymnastics Medal Rack: Proudly display all your gymnastics medals with this adorable medal rack.gymnastics gifts jewelry
  • This bag is especially helpful if all of your teammates have the same bag. It’s the perfect way to show off your gymnastics style while you travel. You can write your gymnast’s name on the slip-in card at the back of the bag. This cute navy and turquoise bag is called “Flippin’ My Bag”.
  • Customized Birthstone Necklace for Gymnasts: The necklace featuring a gymnast charm can be personalized with a name and birthstone.
  • Gymnast Star Leap Pendant: Your gymnast will adore this 12″ necklace.
  • Suede Gymnast Bracelet: This affection for gymnastics eternal bracelet is an excellent present for your tween gymnast.
  • This necklace Gymnastics Heart perfectly complements it! Love will enhance your delicate and beautiful appearance as inside the rose gold gymnast heart, there is a silver gymnast heart.
  • Heart Gymnastics Earrings: Opposite of the necklace, the heart is rose gold with a silver gymnast inside of these beautiful stud earrings – make it a set!gymnastics gifts for young gymnasts
  • Barbie Gymnastics Trainer Dolls & Playset: This playset includes the Barbie gymnastics trainer, a student, and various equipment.
  • The team makes a great stocking stuffer! Share purple and turquoise bracelets with your team, or gift them the pack of 30 pink rubberband gymnastics bracelets.
  • These 4pk Gymnastics Headbands are really cute and the perfect non-slip accessory to keep your hair out of your face during practice.
  • Gymnastics Sticker Set: Your gymnast can utilize these inspiring gymnastics stickers to embellish her notebooks or space.
  • This game, Fantastic Gymnastics, is perfect for keeping kids entertained while teaching them some principles of physics. The goal of the game is for the gymnast to get on land and reach the giants’ feet.
  • Perfect for any gymnast, these USA-themed stickers are like gear for a champion gymnast. Show your pride with USA-themed stickers on your water bottles, phone case, and notebooks.
  • American Girl Doll Leotard: This doll leotard that will fit an American Girl doll comes with a gymnastics tumbling mat for her to practice her gymnastics skills!gifts gymnasts phone cases
  • This “I Am A Gymnast” phone case with a gymnast on the front is a fantastic gift to inspire and empower your gymnast. It is compatible with iPhone models 6, 6s, 7, and 8.
  • The Gymnastics Love iPhone Case is a fashionable phone case that displays the term “LOVE” using letters influenced by the four gymnastics disciplines.
  • Sunset Gymnast Case: This stunning gymnastics phone cover would make an incredible present for your gymnast.
  • This black marble case with a beautiful rose gold gymnast and lettering would be an excellent gift for your tween/teen.
  • This lightweight and sleek iPhone case, “Chalk More Talk Less”, is perfect for your gymnast who wants to show off her pride in gymnastics. It is compatible with iPhone X, 8, Plus, 7/7 Plus, and 6/6S.
  • Eat Sleep Breathe Gymnastics iPhone Case: Showcase your love of gymnastics with this stylish phone case.Here are some gifts your gymnastics mom will love.
  • Gymnastics Mom Cap: This fashionable cap is a fantastic addition to the wardrobe of any mother of a gymnast.
  • Proud Gymnastics Mother Tumbler: This tumbler is suitable for both hot and cold drinks and is available in purple, teal, and white.
  • The tee Mom Gymnastics is custom made with your gymnast’s name, hashtag as This. It comes in gray, indigo, white, and black.
  • This high-quality, soft t-shirt comes in many colors such as royal blue, black, slate, asphalt, and navy. It will be your new favorite tee. I call it my favorite gymnast mom t-shirt.
  • There are many colors to choose from. Mom will show off her role in gymnastics with a semi-fitted and comfortable tee, that’s the life of a gymnastics mom.
  • This cute gymnastics mom car decal can be placed on the rear window of your car or used as a decal on a car laptop or water bottle.
  • Can you support the show’s fans by rooting for the gymnast and team name on this customizable shirt? The shirt features a glittery heart on a 3/4 raglan sleeve mat that represents my mom’s love for gymnastics.
  • Gymnastics Mom Mug: This is the perfect mug for savoring your morning java and functions as a superb present for moms engaged in gymnastics.
  • Worn-out Trucker Hat: This worn-out trucker hat for mothers of gymnasts, with a soft mesh back, is available in various color combinations.
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