100 Best Graduation Cap Ideas in 2023

Need some cool graduation cap inspiration? Take a look at these 100 best graduation cap ideas that are insanely funny and creative!

Whether you’re looking for inspirational designs for your graduation cap or trying to find your favorite idea that matches your personality and is inspired by a show, TV series, or movie, make sure to list this as a major that fits you.

Congratulations on graduating college! It’s a huge step into the next chapter of your life after years of sleepless nights and hard work.

That is why it is crucial to have a great deal of enjoyment with your graduation cap design because why not!

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  • Let’s delve into the concepts!

    Table of Contents

    Funny Graduation Caps

    1) SpongeBob Inspired, “Ight Imma Graduate Cap”

    funny graduation cap ideas

    If you’re a fan of SpongeBob like we are, then you’ll adore this amusing and imaginative graduation cap concept!

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    2) Finding Nemo, “See You Later Dudes”

    best graduation cap ideas

    This cap, inspired by the character Nemo, can be easily created using sticker letters and a printer.

    3) Office Inspired Graduation Cap

    funny Office graduation caps

    This is probably the easiest way to make a hilarious graduation cap – just glue on a meme and print it out!

    4) Michael Scott Graduation Cap

    Michael Scott graduation cap ideas

    Another brilliant graduation cap decoration idea, if you are a fan of the office, is a timeless Michael Scott quotation.

    5) Princess Diaries Cap Decoration Idea

    princess diaries graduation cap design

    Take a book out of Princess Mia’s playbook with a graduation cap inspired by the Princess Diaries.

    6) Mindy Kaling Cap Decoration Idea

    Mindy Kaling graduation cap decoration idea

    Will this easy and brilliant idea be a favorite among the crowd? Why not put one of her best iconic quotes on your graduation cap, since Mindy Kaling has so many of them.

    7) Jersey Shore, “Grads Are Here” Cap

    funny graduation cap designs

    This “Grads have arrived” graduation hat ornament idea is brilliant, easy to make, and certainly one of our preferred concepts ever.

    8) Guy Fieri Grad Cap

    Guy Fieri grad cap

    Flavortown? No, commencement town. If you’re a fan of Guy Fieri, you’ll adore this university graduation cap concept.

    9) Dwight Schrute Graduation Cap

    Dwight Schrute graduation caps

    We all know that Dwight’s quote from Battlestar Galactica, “iconic the know all we,” is hilariously genius and a cap graduation for it takes, beets, and bears.

    10) Olive Rodrigo, “It’s Brutal Out Here” Cap

    funny Olivia Rodrigo graduation cap idea

    We’re huge admirers of Olivia Rodrigo, but even greater enthusiasts of this amusing and innovative cap embellishment concept.

    Graduation Cap Designs More For Guys

    11) Drake’s, “If You’re Reading This…”

    graduation cap ideas for guys

    This graduation cap is the perfect decoration idea for any guy who loves Drake and all things hip hop, inspired by the king of rap.

    12) Nike, “Just Did It”

    simple graduation cap designs for guys

    If you’re a sports enthusiast, or simply a supporter of Nike, you can’t go astray with this uncomplicated and innovative hat concept.

    13) Biggy Smalls, “It Was All A Dream”

    grad cap ideas for rappers

    Another excellent suggestion if you’re a fan of hip hop, particularly the original gangsta rappers.

    14) Just Winged It

    The concept of graduation caps inspired the idea of wings and beer, particularly during this time. You may have come up with those ideas, especially if you were inspired by the concept of graduation caps. Sometimes, simplicity is particularly effective.

    15) Marvel for Graduation

    Marvel graduation cap design

    Attention all Marvel enthusiasts, we have the perfect graduation cap for you.

    16) Spiderman Inspired Cap

    Spiderman graduation cap

    It’s alright that the suit didn’t fit you, you had the opportunity to attend college, graduate, and create this amusing hat instead.

    17) I Graduated… But At What Cost?

    graduated at what cost thanos cap idea

    This comical graduation cap is hilarious for all the Marvel meme enthusiasts out there!

    18) Avengers Inspired

    Avengers inspired graduation cap ideas

    Avengers, come together, let’s do whatever is necessary to complete our studies.

    19) Post Malone’s, “Congratulations”

    Post Malone congratulations grad cap

    You’ll be receiving congratulations frequently, so why not wear the iconic song and rapper on your cap?

    20) Travis Scott Cap

    graduation cap ideas for guys

    If you’re a fan of Travis Scott and Astroworld, give this innovative and effortless cap concept a try.

    Graduation Cap Decorations More For Girls

    21) Hot Girls Graduate

    graduation caps for girls

    Beautiful women graduate, and that’s you darling!

    22) Ariana Grande Cap

    Ariana Grande inspired grad cap

    As Ariana Grande once said, you wished for it, and now it’s happening! Graduation has arrived.

    23) Fun with Florals

    best graduation cap ideas

    Enjoy adding paper elements to your graduation cap with this idea for decorating it with flowers and butterflies.

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    24) Tina Belcher

    Bobs Burgers college graduation cap

    Tina Belcher is a symbol and a pioneer, so why not showcase her on your hat?

    25) Drippin in Success

    graduation cap decorations for girls

    We adore the combination of white feather and baby pink on this graduation cap concept.

    26) Rhinestones All Over

    graduation cap with rhinestones

    Enhance your cap with a stunning rhinestone design that will leave everyone in awe.

    27) Pearls Everywhere

    easy graduation cap ideas for girls

    Incorporate a few petite and uncomplicated pearls to make a significant impression on your cap.

    28) Legendary Queen

    legendary queen graduation cap

    Embrace your inner queen with a majestic tiara graduation cap that truly stands out.

    29) Elle Woods Inspired

    cap decoration ideas for girls

    Embrace your inner legally blonde with a graduation cap inspired by Elle Woods.

    30) Mean Girls

    Mean Girls grad cap design

    If you adore wicked girls just as much as we do, then you’ll absolutely love this cap concept for commencement.

    Inspirational Graduation Cap Designs

    31) Always Seems Impossible…

    inspirational graduation cap designs

    This hat is correct, it appeared to be impossible, but you accomplished it.

    32) She Believed She Could

    You had faith in yourself and now you are capable of creating this motivational graduation cap.

    33) The Best…

    the best is yet to come graduation cap

    Feel motivated with this graduation cap, knowing that the future holds great things!

    34) Dreams into Plans

    inspiring college graduation cap

    You’re graduating, which implies you transformed your dreams into strategies!

    35) Community

    unique graduation caps to copy

    Gain inspiration from your community by including them on your graduation cap.

    36) Memorial Cap

    memorial graduation cap ideas

    If you have lost a loved one before your graduation, place your graduation cap on it and gather inspiration from them.

    37) Start of Something New

    the start of something new cap design

    It’s the beginning of something fresh, so feel motivated by this hat concept for graduation.

    38) Adventure

    inspirational graduation cap ideas

    No moment to be anything other than thrilled for your thrilling upcoming escapade.

    39) Feminist RBG

    feminist graduation cap ideas

    If you’re also motivated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, give this innovative hat concept a try.

    40) Don’t Give Up


    You didn’t surrender, and now the pinnacle has arrived as you graduate!

    Simple Graduation Cap Ideas

    41) Chanel Cap

    simple graduation cap ideas

    If you adore everything Chanel, give this straightforward and effortless hat ornament concept a try.

    42) Done

    easy graduation cap ideas

    “Done.” Is the epitome of a simple graduation cap idea.

    43) Year in Gold

    last minute grad cap design

    Enhance your graduation year with golden sticker decorations and golden sticker digits.

    44) You Finally Made It!

    simple cap decoration ideas

    If you’re wondering how I can make my graduation cap look cute, this adorable stick-on letters and decorative paper can be the inspiration for that.

    45) Finally!

    finally grad cap

    After a long time, you finally achieved it! So rejoice with this uncomplicated graduation cap concept that solely necessitates affixing glittery letters.

    46) Better Late Than Never

    easy graduation cap

    All you require is a white marker to create this incredibly easy graduation cap.

    47) That’s All Folks


    Get your paint markers, this graduation cap is simple to create, and a favorite among the crowd!

    48) Cap for Gamers

    Calling all gamers, would you like to keep going? Click no to advance.

    49) Thanks Wikipedia

    thanks Wikipedia cap idea

    If Wikipedia helped you during your time in college, then this relatable cap design was designed specifically for you.

    50) Pacman Lovers

    With a printer and some adhesive, you have yourself a simple Pacman-inspired hat for your graduation.

    Graduation Caps For Student Athletes

    51) Athlete Cap

    graduation cap ideas for athletes

    If you’re a student athlete, this graduation cap will be very relatable, and might hit too close to home.

    52) Baseball Quote

    baseball student athlete grad cap

    If you’re a baseball student athlete, then you’ll enjoy this enjoyable and straightforward cap concept!

    53) Soccer Athletes

    soccer cap ideas for graduation

    Attention all soccer student athletes, we have discovered the ideal hat design for you.

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    54) Athletic Trainers

    athletic trainer cap

    If you’re ultimately becoming a sports trainer, you must give this graduation cap concept a try.

    55) Keep Calm

    athletes cap ideas for graduation

    Stay composed, you are now a sports coach, and prepared to excel at graduation!

    56) Love Of Weights

    cap ideas for fitness trainers

    Save this graduation cap concept if you have a passion for everything related to weights, fitness center, and workout.

    57) Do You Even Lift?

    do you even lift grad cap

    Another brilliant graduation cap design for all those student athletes.

    58) Baseball Cap

    baseball player graduation cap design

    Transform your graduation cap into a baseball cap with this innovative design!

    59) Basketball Athletes

    basketball grad cap

    Incorporate your passion for basketball and Nike with this innovative graduation cap concept.

    60) Volleyball Players

    This cap idea is specifically designed for all the volleyball players out there.

    TV Show & Movie Inspired Cap Ideas For Graduation

    61) Up

    Up movie graduation cap

    If you adore everything Up, then you’ll absolutely adore this adorable and motivating hat concept.

    62) Shrek

    Shrek graduation cap designs

    Shrek is legendary, so you already know this cap will excel at graduation.

    63) Cars

    Cars cap decoration ideas

    Obtain that Lightning McQueen self-assurance with a cap design inspired by the Cars movie.

    64) Stranger Things

    Stranger Things graduation cap ideas

    Stranger Things has become incredibly popular in mainstream culture, and now it has even influenced graduation ceremonies.

    65) Twilight

    movie inspired graduation caps

    With the renewed popularity of Twilight on TikTok, this hat is a creative gem for graduation!

    66) Clueless

    Clueless inspired cap design

    Tap into your inner 90’s Cher by donning a graduation cap inspired by the movie Clueless.

    67) It

    IT movie graduation cap decoration

    We’re not enthusiasts of horror films, but we do believe this graduation cap design is imaginative and brilliant.

    68) The Great Gradsby

    The Great Gatsby graduation cap

    Whether you enjoy the film, or the novel, this hat design is bound to impress the audience.

    69) Breaking Bad

    TV show inspired graduation cap ideas

    For all those fans of Breaking Bad, be sure to save this cap design.

    70) Austin Powers

    Austin Powers grad cap

    Experience the rhythm of commencement with a completely funky Austin Powers hat.

    Graduation Caps With Quotes

    71) Taylor Swift

    Graduation cap quotes

    It was dreadful, and enchanting, but now, it’s finally finished!

    72) Winnie the Pooh

    graduation caps with quotes Winnie the pooh

    Tap into your inner childhood recollection with a Winnie the Pooh graduation cap quotation.

    73) Harry Styles

    Who doesn’t adore a Harry Styles quotation, especially when it pertains to completing one’s studies!

    74) Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    powerful quotes for graduation caps

    A strong quote for any young woman completing her college education!

    75) Nick Miller

    New Girl quotes for college grad caps

    For all those enthusiasts of New Girl, this graduation cap design is tailored specifically for you.

    76) John Mulaney

    John Mulaney grad cap quotes

    Attention all comedy enthusiasts, this cap design featuring John Mulaney was specifically created for you!

    77) Michael Scott

    Michael Scott quotes for graduation

    Whether you’re enthusiasts of The Office, or of Steve Carrell, this cap design is absolutely hilarious.

    78) Mulan

    Disney quotes for graduation caps

    Disney not just produces amazing films, they integrate impactful quotations within them that you can utilize for occasions such as graduation!

    79) Harry Potter

    Harry Potter quote for graduation caps

    For all the Harry Potter enthusiasts, you must give this quote a try on your graduation cap!

    80) Barack Obama

    best graduation caps ideas

    Trust former president, Barack Obama, to deliver the finest quote on female empowerment!

    Graduation Cap Ideas For Your Major

    81) Registered Nurse

    For all those graduating as Registered Nurses this year, you must give this innovative idea for an RN cap a try!

    82) Engineers

    graduations caps for engineers

    Attention all mechanical engineers, you may consider changing your previous graduation cap concept for this technologically advanced new option.

    83) Architect

    creative graduation cap ideas Architect

    We’re amazed by the ingenuity in this architect graduate’s graduation cap design.

    84) Civil Engineer

    civil engineer graduation cap design

    If you are a major in Civil Engineering, you should immediately save this cap design concept.

    85) Interior Design

    simple interior design graduation cap

    Graduation hats do not have to be extravagant in order to represent your area of study, even this simple color scheme accurately symbolizes the field of interior design.

    86) Aerospace Engineer

    aerospace engineer graduation cap

    This graduation cap design is truly extraordinary.

    87) Accounting Majors

    funny accounting major graduation cap ideas

    We’ve also been considering a graduation cap design that is very clever!

    88) Pre-Law

    graduation cap ideas for law school

    The weather forecast predicts heavy rain for the next few days.Output: The weather forecast anticipates substantial rainfall for the upcoming days.

    89) Education

    clever grad caps for teachers

    For all those aspiring educators, we envision apples in your future.

    90) Medical Students

    graduation cap ideas for med school students

    We support all of our aspiring physicians, particularly if you have a cap style similar to this.

    Other Creative Graduation Cap Ideas

    91) Big City Inspired

    creative graduation caps

    Planning to relocate to a metropolitan area after completing your studies? In that case, this cap design is ideal for you!

    92) World Map

    inspiring cap ideas for graduation

    If you’re still trying to discover your next extraordinary escapade, consider using a map for your cap.

    93) The Beatles

    The Beatles graduation cap design

    Pay tribute to The Beatles with this innovative graduation cap concept.

    94) Queen

    Freddie Mercury grad cap

    No other design can surpass a graduation cap design inspired by Queen, absolutely nothing!

    95) Bookworm

    genius grad caps for bookworms

    If you’re a certified bookworm, your favorite hobby reflects that you can turn a graduation cap into a gorgeous one and take some pages of your favorite literature.

    96) Mental Health

    Psychology graduation cap

    Help eradicate the prejudice surrounding mental health conditions with this remarkably influential cap design.

    97) Dr. Seuss

    Dr. Seuss quote for graduation

    We’re really enjoying the Lorax-inspired graduation cap, particularly the imaginative fuzzy trees.

    98) Photo Collage

    photo collage graduation cap design

    Carry your memories with you during and after completion of studies with a photo montage.

    99) Monopoly

    Best graduation cap ideas

    Similar to university, Monopoly also appears to endure indefinitely!

    100) Lilo & Stitch

    Lilo & Stitch cute graduation cap ideas

    Get wild like Stitch with this exciting and innovative graduation cap concept.

    What Should I Put On My Graduation Cap?

    Your graduation cap should be enjoyable, individual, and distinct to you!

    Whether it’s a serious, funny, or inspirational motto, your graduation will be closely linked to your next step or your chosen major.

    Regardless of your selection, ensure that your commencement cap reflects your personality and encompasses all your desires.

    Wrapping Up – How To Decorate Your Graduation Cap

    Hopefully you have discovered your preferred graduation cap concepts in this brilliant compilation!

    Make sure to adorn your graduation cap with enjoyable image cutouts, markers, decals, or anything else that brings you joy.

    You wild acquire and enjoy it, so you truly know that life in a few special days is all about graduation.

    Which graduation cap design was your preferred?

    If you have any remarks, inquiries, or recommendations, please leave them in the comments section. Thank you for reading!

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