✈ How to Play “Great Balls of Fire” Like a Top Gunner

Amaze your friends by utilizing it, therefore utilize this incredibly enjoyable tune that combines a wide range of practical rock’n’roll abilities and jam out like Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick, discover the art of playing “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis!

This song consists of three primary sections, each with its own thrilling characteristics.

  • A portion – octaves, transitions, rock rhythm, glissandos.
  • B section – vibratos, offbeat rhythms, large chords.
  • Solo – strolling bass and even more glissandos!
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    “Great Balls of Fire”: Solo

    Have a great time here as the piano solo part combines the skills you have learned so far, including expansive chords and glissandos.

    Walking Bass

    The walking bass in this section demonstrates 6 chords–C6, F6, G6, and so on.

    Nevertheless, we will divide them into octaves in this manner. Attempt to refrain from holding any strain in your hand.

    “Great Balls of Fire”: A Section

    Intro: Octaves

    The effect is similar, but the sound will not be as “rich.” This is an option to split two hands between octaves. It can be challenging for beginners, especially those with small hands, to play octaves. The song opens with a series of descending and ascending octaves.

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    Main Riff: Slides

    To achieve the iconic sound of the main riff, smoothly transition from a Cm chord to a C triad in your right hand, incorporating the subtle E-flat slide.


    I love to go hiking in the mountains. The fresh air and beautiful scenery make it a wonderful experience. Output: I enjoy going on hikes in the mountains. The crisp air and stunning views make it a delightful adventure.

    Be careful not to hold your thumb too stiffly when sliding it over the keys – make sure to keep your thumbnail loose and light: that’s the right way.

    To slide back up, utilize the nail section of your middle finger and once more, remain relaxed.

    Left Hand: Rock Shuffle

    The shuffle rock is an iconic part of rock’n’roll music, essentially involving shuffling between sixth chords and fifth chords.

    “Great Balls of Fire”: B Section


    Tremolos occur when you alternate rapidly between notes, creating a trembling effect.

    Excitement and suspense gradually increase with the help of these musical notes, creating a tremolo effect. The combination of E♭ and C (known as the notorious tritone) does not produce a very pleasant sound when played together.

    Syncopated Off-Beats

    What distinguishes them is the unique tempo at which they perform. They incorporate syncopation and forceful harmonies in the B section to bring the composition to a close.

    If you’re counting, you can consider this as playing on the “and” instead of the quantity.

    Alternatively, develop a strong sense of the downbeat and perform within the spaces between those beats.

    Make the Fire Your Own 🔥

    This tutorial is designed for you to create your own “Fire of Balls” point, but it also serves as a starting point. Feel free to add more glissandos (or omit them) and experiment with syncopation, varying the rhythm. You can even improvise on your own solo piano.

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    Above all, don’t forget to enjoy yourself 🙂.

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