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A brief spoiler-free question and answer session.

The preferable answer, ideally, is 7am tomorrow, which is less than the acceptable time of 8am. The question on everybody’s lips is when will Jonathan’s book be released.

It is likely to be longer than the first book, each of which will eventually be divided into two books, the sequel has also become so lengthy that it has. While revising, I encountered this problem that required a significant amount of effort, but I did provide an initial estimate for the release. For the reader, I am aware that it will be worthwhile when the excitement starts to build, but at times I have to delve much deeper than expected. Rather than constructing a tower, there are aspects of the process that resemble digging a well. Until I am near completion, I am hesitant to give a specific release date, although if it were possible, I would certainly work several thousand hours tonight to meet the 7am deadline. [Laughter] Well.

Q: Is that the front page for the upcoming installment in the series?

I wonder if you can guess what I am referring to. One was vaguely hinted at in the first book. Just a little glimpse of an important location, but not a lot.

Q: Let’s leave that for the readers. Can you provide us with any information regarding the locations, individuals, or enigmas?

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The mysteries need to be well discovered, not explained… I’m itching to write and introduce some new characters who are among my favorites. We will be reunited with many important characters from the first book, who are now well-advanced in their skills and ready for the most intimidating challenge of their lives. The places seen in the first book are quite different now – more hostile, harsher, and colder. The story is going to spend a lot of time on foreign soil and in foreign waters, as you would know from knowing the first book: The A.

Q: What will be the differences between books 2 and 3 compared to book 1?

The following two books are significantly more focused on adventure, though the initial book mainly revolved around the journey to adulthood, there is still a substantial amount of the mischievousness that defined the apprentices’ relationships. It is now time for the friends to discover whether their training will enable them to survive in a location that strongly desires their demise. These books emphasize the practical application of skills, whereas the initial book was predominantly focused on preparation.

Q: What type of Aedan can we anticipate?

Aedan has become more mature and possesses a stronger sense of purpose. He has exerted a significant influence on the course of events, resulting in some intriguing transformations. Furthermore, I adamantly decline to elaborate on these further.

Q: Does he find the person we all know?!

A: Wasn’t there something about avoiding revealing details earlier?

Do you have any more planned adventures or experiences to help with the writing of the second book? It was mentioned a long time ago about additional training in Israel for Maga Krav and some inspiration for writing. If you would like to take your research into practical areas, such as testing out bow-making in a chapter of the first book, let’s move on to something entirely different, okay? Q:

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I’m currently trying to put in writing as much as I can, especially about the old square riggers, when I feel the need for a break, a sea voyage is going to be at the top of my list of options. I haven’t booked anything yet, so I can’t say for sure, but I would love to experience what life was like on traditional tall ships, and I particularly wish to get a feel for the ocean on a modern craft. I’ve had some interesting experiences with sharks, oil tankers, and a few years ago, I did a bit of sailing. I’ve been looking into crewing on a longship.

The Wakening, book 4

Q: How much of the narrative are you already familiar with?

I have something to do with them, and I am ready to set out until I’m done thinking too much about the details. So, the first draft is about discovering and exploring for me. When I write the first draft, I’ll start clearing a path with a machete and put on boots that are scarred from brambles. It’s only when I write the first draft that I’ll have a few imagined scenes and a rough plot-map in mind: A.

Q: You’ve talked about the potential for grand battles in this one. Are you intending to conduct any hands-on exploration?

Engaging in medieval combat, the combatants strap traditional armor on themselves and use blunted weapons such as clubs. They go from enthusiastic pounding to polite tapping during their range of bouts. Oh yes, absolutely!

Q: I’m certain we would all be delighted to watch this! Would you be willing to display the video for us?

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A: It relies on whether I am able to retain all my teeth or not.

Q: The experience of losing your teeth would have significant PR value.

A: Silence.

Q: Will the series conclude with the fourth book or will there be additional books?

A: This is yet to be determined … A fifth appears probable, but it’s still uncertain.

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