Tropical Storm Ian is over, but some Palm Coast residents still worry about flooding

Barbara Brown stands on the road that runs in front of her house in the Woodlands in Palm Coast.

On Friday afternoon, Ralph and Ivette Esposito were wearily watching as the water crept closer to their house on Black Alder Drive in the Woodlands, Palm Coast.

The Espositos and others on their street continued to experience a sense of unpredictability, while numerous individuals in Flagler and Volusia counties were either in the process of tidying up after the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Ian or feeling a sense of relief that they had been fortunate enough to escape unscathed.

In the vicinity, they merely witnessed a small amount of water. The Espositos came back on Friday to a house devoid of moisture, having left the Woodlands on Thursday in compliance with the directives of Flagler County Emergency Management.

“And we believed the most difficult part was behind us and everything is fantastic,” Ivette Esposito stated.

However, the water continued to flow into Black Alder Drive.

Ivette Esposito expressed, “The issue keeps arising persistently. It’s a bit less speedy, however… Tonight, we will be participating in a prayer vigil, hoping it refrains from entering our dwelling.”

She said that some neighbors believe it came from elsewhere. She said that they have been told that the water runoff was from the Graham Swamp.

“The water originated from a different source as it did not come from the rainfall last evening,” she expressed.

“And it continues to draw near and nearer,” Ralph Esposito expressed.

Ian destroys Flagler Beach pier.

Ian-related deaths in Volusia County: A gentleman dies in his home close to New Smyrna Beach after slipping and succumbing to drowning in the floodwaters caused by Tropical Storm Ian.

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Damage evaluation commences: Hurricane Ian: Damage assessment starts in heavily affected Daytona Beach Shores.

She mentioned that they are also worried about the vehicles traversing the inundated street, generating a ripple effect.

The Espositos shouted at a municipal truck to decrease its speed as it drove along the road.

“We kinda thought we beat out the storm and now we are dealing with a whole new … .” Ivette Esposito said.

“Ian is the present that continues to provide,” stated Ralph Esposito.

The city said she has provided sandbags. And earlier in the day, Mayor Alfin David came out to look at the situation, she said.

On Friday afternoon, a city team was filling sandbags in the Woodlands, just a few blocks from here.

The residents have started referring to a patch of dry asphalt that indicates the beginning of street flooding as “the pier.”

Another resident, Barbara Brown, mentioned that the water has been continuously rising throughout the day and causing the pier to recede.

Brown stated, “Moreover, it is not raining elsewhere. Additionally, it is raining as we approach our property, and as we approach our houses, the road becomes inundated. Somehow, water is being pumped into our low-lying area.”

She mentioned that municipal vehicles continue to traverse the inundated thoroughfare.

Brown exclaimed, “Our increasing flooding is leading to the formation of massive waves, as an endless stream of city vehicles keep coming one after another.”

The street still had water, but Brown and the Espositos are very worried that it might reach their houses.

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‘A lake out front’

Following the malfunction of the sewage system, Chris Shamburg, the general manager of the Golden Lion in Flagler Beach, was engaged in the task of tidying up his residence located on North Fifth Street. According to him, he departed from the house at approximately 2:30 a.M. On Friday due to the occurrence of water inundation.

Shamburg expressed, “I returned this morning and approximately 70% of my residence has been soaked with water and sewage, as well as river water.” “My toilets are still not functioning. Additionally, we now have a lake in the front and essentially a lake in the rear.” “All the planks will need to be removed.”

The curfew and evacuation orders in Flagler County were lifted on Friday.

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