20 Best Memorial Day Activities

Take a tour of a National Park.

hikers cover their faces with mask on fern lake trail in rocky mountain national park

Discover the unique offerings of America as you explore over 400 national park sites that exist in the U.S. Plan a tour of the nearest national park to explore the rich history of these landmarks.


Help build a home for a veteran.

close up of cone flowers in front of a colonial style residential home

The organization builds and modifies homes for veterans, allowing them and their families to live mortgage-free. You can help by making a donation to Building Heroes for Homes, which assists injured veterans in obtaining housing.

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Learn how to play a patriotic song.

When everyone gathers ’round for your Memorial Day picnic, you can impress them with your skills. Then, take the time to learn how to play a special song for this occasion, such as Lee Greenwood’s classic “God Bless the U.S.A.”, And dust off your guitar.


Take a virtual tour of the White House.

usa, washington dc, view to white house

If you’re unable to travel to the nation’s capital this year, you can still take a virtual tour of the White House from the comfort of your living room. This tour is significant for its important events and the architectural facts about the complete historic home, courtesy of Google’s Culture & Arts.

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Attend a Memorial Day parade.

Memorial Day Activities

Get the full-fledged holiday experience by cheering on the marching band of your town, while searching Google to quickly find local organizations and veterans closest to you.

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Visit your local cemetary.

Memorial Day Activities

You should not visit Arlington National Cemetery just because you live close to it. Instead, you can show respect to our country’s heroes by paying tribute at a military or local cemetery, dressing graves with flags and flowers, or volunteering to visit the cemetery on Memorial Day.


Watch the Memorial Day concert.

PBS hosts a star-studded concert each year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, featuring 90 minutes of live musical performances and heartfelt tributes. The concert will be held in 2023.

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Create patriotic chalk art.

memorial day activities

Utilizing pavement pastels, craft a mural infused with patriotism or merely pen a straightforward expression of gratitude to nearby veterans and assemble the children in your community.


Craft your own Memorial Day poppy.

Memorial Day Activities

You can also make your own paper tissue poppy by following this simple step-by-step tutorial, while you can buy poppy pins at the store. Poppy Day, also known as Memorial Day, is considered a day of remembrance. Red poppies are worn as a sign of memorial before Memorial Day, which falls on the Friday before Poppy Day.

Obtain the tutorial at Hey, Let’s Make Stuff ».

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Write letters to soldiers and their families.

Card - Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day may just be another day off from school for your kids, but it is so much more than that. It is a day to honor and remember the brave men and women who have served in the military. Encourage your children to write handwritten notes to active American soldiers and veterans to show their appreciation and gratitude.

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Donate to related causes.

Donation - Memorial Day Activities

Can you contribute whatever you are able to and select a cause that is highly pertinent or significant to you — injured soldiers, mourning families, veterans suffering from PTSD, and similar cases? Reserve additional time (and funds!) To investigate reputable military organizations and non-profit groups that require donations if you have already scheduled kid-friendly activities for your three-day weekend.



Donate flowers for soldiers’ graves.

Flowers - Memorial Day Flowers

In front of their tombstone, pays tribute to five soldiers with a crimson rose. For instance, a modest contribution of $5 places a blossom on the tombs of soldiers through Memorial Day Flowers, a nationwide organization that ensures you can still show your reverence to the deceased troops even if your weekend is filled with family enjoyment.


Listen to veterans’ stories.

Reading - Memorial Day Activities


Put together care packages for soldiers.

Operation Gratitude - Memorial Day Activities

Soldiers gather toiletries to support their fellow troops and sew special ties to keep them cool during the hot summer months in combat zones. There are many ways to participate and convince your kids to donate their toys to children in need. Even though Operation Gratitude encourages people to join their year-round efforts, they specifically host several events during Memorial Day weekend.


Shop at a veteran-owned business.

Click here to find a comprehensive list of veteran-owned and operated businesses, ranging from fine dining establishments to hardware stores, that you can support if you’re planning on shopping or eating out on Memorial Day.


Clip coupons.

Coupons - Memorial Day Activities

Do you know about all those coupons that come tucked inside your Sunday paper? Can soldiers stationed at an overseas military base use them and save money by allowing their families to mail expired coupons to them, up to six months after their expiration date, and if they expire, can they still mail and clip them using the current coupon program associated with military commissaries?

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DIY red, white and blue decor.

Crafts - Memorial Day Activities

Keep them for your Fourth of July celebrations, and don’t forget to engage your children in crafting these simple do-it-yourself ornaments. Particularly during Memorial Day, we could all benefit from a touch more love for our country.


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Deliver dessert to a local family.

Dessert - Memorial Day Activities

If you’re planning to make a dessert for your family, the sweetest way to show your thanks is to drop off a homemade treat — cake, pie, or any other delicacy — at the home of a fallen soldier, because it’s sure to make their name known and appreciated.



Watch a patriotic movie.

Movie - Memorial Day Activities


Post a heartfelt tribute on social media.

Memorial Day Activities

Whether you are remembering a loved one or wanting to shed light on the importance of a holiday post, use one of these quotes as the perfect Instagram caption to pay tribute to our fallen heroes.

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