Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Posts and How They Did It

1. Lionel Messi triumphs in the World Cup

Sports enthusiasts, gather! This iconic moment, captured by Lionel Messi, after winning the 2022 World Cup, belongs to none other than the most-liked Instagram post of all time.

Participate in the everyday social media celebration that showcases incredible achievements through a captivating carousel of uplifting images. This post’s success depends on the impact it has, aside from the celebrity status. This post had been liked by over 75 million users, making it famous as of April 2023.

What we can discover: Share your triumphs! Instagram is the ideal platform to commemorate your greatest achievements with your online companions.

The key to success in storytelling is to use attention-grabbing, personal, and raw images. To ensure that your story is captivating, make sure to use multiple images in a carousel format, which is save-worthy.

2. A chicken egg

An egg

Is the point of difference in this fact that the mission for a world record lies? Does the most-liked second Instagram post depict anything more than an ordinary egg against a plain white background? I am confused.

Even with a modest audience, this account set out to share an image that would earn more likers than any other post on Messi’s IG until the World Cup egg’s success was almost a cause for 60 million people to join.

What can we learn from this post, which demonstrates the power of engaging your audience with strong call-to-action and clear copywriting? There is nothing that drives engagement more effectively than a shared goal that invites your audience to be a part of something great.

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3. Messi’s award

Messi’s trophy

Up until now, more than 54 million users have shown their approval for this picture. The post contains only a brief and uncomplicated caption: “Buen día!” Which translates to “good morning” in the Spanish language. Achievements in sports garner significant attention on social media. Messi secures another position in the top 10 rankings, specifically at number 3. This particular post revolves around a slumbering sports icon showcasing his most recent trophy.

What we can discover: Occasionally, uncomplicated is optimal. Maintain concise and delightful captions to allow your photography to convey the message.

Don’t be afraid to be relatable and candid with your content, as the best content is often honest and unfiltered, helping you build trust with your audience.

Ronaldo and Messi play chess

The post featuring Ronaldo’s version just earned over 42 million, bringing together the two sporting stars and their audiences. This image was shared by Louis Vuitton for Messi and Ronaldo, once each. We have a chess-themed photoshoot featuring the two favorite internet celebrities, Messi and Ronaldo, at number 4.

What we can learn: You don’t have to work alone! Collaborate, and create Instagram content with your influencers, brands and like-minded creators.

By leveraging Instagram’s Collab functionality, you can effortlessly broaden the scope of your jointly produced content on Instagram, thereby organically growing your viewership.

5. Lionel Messi and the FIFA World Cup (once more)

Lionel Messi and the World Cup (again)

This post has generated interest even from other celebrities, with congratulatory comments leaving names. Number 5 is another picture featuring the extraordinary soccer superstar Messi, who claims the World Cup Trophy once again.

The impactful yet simple image of Messi accepting his award has garnered the admiration of over 42 million people. No caption needed!

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Discover what we can learn from the style or subject matter that resonates with your audience, so you don’t have to be afraid to use it again! The key takeaway is to understand the message that drives your home.

6. Ronaldo signs with Al Nassr FC

Ronaldo joins Al Nassr FC

Did Ronaldo, sensing a pattern, go live across his official FC Nassr Al account and share the same post on his collaborative Instagram’s account? This post brought big news for over 34 million avid football fans, who celebrated by leaving a like. Is Ronaldo back in sixth place to announce his new connection to FC Nassr Al?

Working harder, not smarter, ensures that you repurpose content across all platforms and post one piece of content across multiple accounts. This makes the most of the new collaborative features of Instagram, allowing us to learn what we can share.

7. Messi rejoices once more

Messi celebrates again

This is a great example of how mixed-media publishing can make an impact on audiences. The post is a carousel that brings together video footage and still images, showing the enthusiastic crowd celebrating the win. Another image in this post is of Messi, the star who is celebrated by over 34 million people in Argentina, during the World Cup.

Discover what we can learn by ensuring that even the identical content pillars remain vibrant and captivating for your audience, and explore innovative methods to recycle concepts.

Look at ways to transform your fresh posts into topics and find top-performing posts by using reels as a poll on your stories, resharing or even turning them into carousels.

8. Ronaldo exits the pitch

Ronaldo leaves the field

Ronaldo, who might not have won the game, did win over 34 million likers. That’s authenticity! He opens up the conversation to connect with fans, acknowledging losses while celebrating wins. Ronaldo shares a detailed caption explaining his dedication to his sport, team, and country, alongside this simple picture. After Portugal was eliminated from the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the field in this image.

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Sharing the highs and lows on Instagram allows you to connect with your audience by embracing authenticity. Life is not always perfect, but it is an opportunity for us to learn.

Try mixing up your copywriting on social media to drive deeper audience engagement. You can tell a detailed and candid story with long-form captions.

9. Ronaldo and spouse Georgina have a declaration

Ronaldo and wife Georgina have an announcement

The mourning parents receive a flood of support on the Instagram post. While giving birth, one of the twins tragically passed away. In the year 2021, the couple revealed that they were anticipating twins, Cristiano Ronaldo and his spouse, Georgina, make a significant declaration at numeral 9.

Instagram is a great place where you can even help build a engaged community. We can learn what you can share a glimpse into your real life.

To ensure that your company’s behind-the-scenes are regularly showcased, consider sharing stories of day-to-day life in the office culture through team takeovers or carousels. These posts can be accompanied by business-focused promotional content on your company’s social media platforms.

10. Ronaldo shows his admiration for Pelè

Ronaldo pays respects to Pelè

Since December 2022, numerous individuals have expressed their condolences and participated in the festivities by leaving comments, commemorating the advancement of the game and showing admiration for an extraordinary athlete. The picture pays tribute to Pelè, the renowned Brazilian footballer, and Ronaldo concludes the list of top-10 with this post, accumulating an impressive 32 million likes.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts or thoughts that affect your business with others. Instagram is an app that provides a space for sharing. What can we learn?

When significant cultural events or important achievements occur, ensure to appear promptly on your social media profiles.

Plan for Achievement

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