Al Franken’s Pathetic Attempt to Defang Rob Schneider’s ‘SNL’ Critique

Rob Schneider recently violated that rule, but the television program compelled him to do so.

Schneider told talker Glenn Beck that the sketch series no longer upholds its unofficial motto of satirizing those in positions of power, regardless of their political affiliation.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s surprising electoral victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, the world was left in a state of shock and mourning, as Kate McKinnon portrayed Clinton’s defeat on the “cold open” of the show.

To Schneider’s surprise, the moment came to an end without any efforts to be funny. However, she sang a beautiful song, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which lacked comedic elements.

The renowned comedy program relinquished its objective to allow the actors and crew to convey their sorrow regarding their preferred candidate’s loss.

The momentous occasion could have resulted in a variety of humorous sketches, both exaggerated and nuanced.

Instead, they turned the show into a memorial service for a Democratic candidate, and that’s when Schneider knew the show was “over.”.

Smalley Stuart, a “expert” in self-help, was a beloved character who appeared on the segment “Weekend Update” on the show. Franken, an alum of “SNL” and a fellow Emmy Awards winner for his writing, took issue with Franken’s comments.

Having made a comeback on two occasions, which provided him with distinctive perspectives on the series, he departed from the show in 1980. Resigning in 2017, he subsequently embraced a political career, holding the position of Minnesota’s Senator until a sequence of humiliating photographs and allegations of sexual abuse compelled him to step down.

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Franken explained to the far-left CNN his disagreement with Schneider’s remarks.

Tell Rob that I believe it was a foolish matter. Actually, something along those lines, for the past forty-seven years we’ve been hearing. Saturday night is no more. The show is finished, and then someone says something idiotic as a response, and the phone is ringing, and all that stuff, so we go up to the 17th floor where we write the show. It was a really good show, and I think Lily Tomlin was a great host. I remember it after the first season of the show, and I was one of the original writers. People have been saying that the show is over forever.

Franken is right, to some extent, that numerous critics have dismissed “SNL” over the years during periods of creative shallowness.

Every couple of years, the series endures, introducing fresh talent. It’s enticing to feature “Saturday Night Dead” in a title and subsequently criticize the present version.

That’s not the heart of Schneider’s critique, though, and Franken knows it. He dismisses his argument as “silly,” without taking it seriously.

He refrained from doing so because he is unable to.

The present situation, the White House, Senate, and Congress, even under Democratic control, the program relentlessly criticizes Republican-friendly subjects instead. Week after week, significant subjects such as Hunter Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are mostly disregarded. “SNL” has become a foreseeable, left-leaning comedy exhibition.

The Republican Party is known for its mean-spirited attacks and policy blunders, as well as shocking verbal gaffes in his past. In contrast, President Joe Biden mostly chooses to ignore such displays.

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Schneider, who reluctantly left the Democratic Party for what he sees as its extremist makeover, targeted the show’s turn to progressive propaganda.

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