One in a Trillion

Trillion in One is a game tapper based on odds where you compete with friends and the community to hunt for rare eggs in a range of 250 taps, with a rarity of 1 in 1,000,000,000,000.

Increase your chances of obtaining the rarest eggs by playing our mini game called Blasts Tap Manic, where you simulate thousands of taps per second to try and pick the rarest eggs from a set. By using in-game currency to add luck to the sauce for a bigger change, you can reveal super rare eggs, even if there are dirty ones.

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Join us on our social media channels to become a part of our vibrant community. We share news updates, leaderboards stats, and also invite your friends to join in on the fun. There are plenty of exciting events happening for our players, so come and be a part of our egg-themed community.

Increase your chances of finding the rarest eggs by playing the mini games, and build up your wallet by selling and tapping on eggs. Progress through the levels to unlock more opportunities!

It can be a component of it! Furthermore, by expanding and enhancing it, the game will be maintained. Share your feedback and get in touch to experience a sense of freedom. Trillion in One is a game that has been actively developed by a single developer who is actively engaged in the gaming community.

Come participate in the excitement and become an egg seeker, are you prepared to tap?

Game features:.

  • No ads.
  • There are over 180 uncommon eggs to discover, with odds ranging from 1 in 250 to 1 in a trillion.
  • Engage in activities with friends and the community through our news feed and leaderboards.
  • Three small games allow you to discover each egg in four distinct methods.
  • The game is constantly improving, with weekly updates.
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    Get ready… Eggy… Start!

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    Conceptual Stimulus

    This game is actually inspired by a Math class from the days of school around the turn of the millennium, but there are many simple clicking/tapper games based on these days, and it’s a quirky game.

    The number on the calculator would increase by one. Upon pressing equals, they would input ‘1 + 1’ and with only a calculator available to experiment with, our developer used to sit in class feeling uninterested.

    Before the end of class, you could see how high you could get that number by playing the game.

    Isn’t it true? Love doesn’t care about who an egg is. When it comes to something that looks happy and cute, the concept of collectible eggs is added to brighten things up a bit more in this very simple game, of course.

    Do you ever think about why we want to escape and relax while designing this game, which explains why the background colors change slowly as you tap away? Have you ever been in situations where you need to relax and calm your empty brain from all those whizzing thoughts? Another concept of the game is to pass time and relax your brain.

    It is highly unlikely that you will have the opportunity to tap into your phone for days to find out that you have caught an egg in a 100k Trillion. Playing in One, those numbers are so big that it is really difficult for our brains to comprehend. However, the chance of winning the lottery is like one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x, or one in a million x.

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    It’s highly likely that nobody will ever discover the precious egg that appears approximately once every trillion clicks!

    One in a Trillion

    The pleasures of crafting

    Making things, any kind of thing, can be a remarkable adventure!

    Just stop doing what you want and get it right! You have those moments where an idea starts to formulate in your mind and you get the rush of excitement, first.


    Initially, you may not think that it’s a lot of fun or that you can see things improve upon. However, as you start the process of building and see tangible results, you will realize that it can be enjoyable and rewarding.

    The best rewards of all lie where it can be a nerve-wracking experience, but ultimately, it’s the best part of the whole experience once you get your creation out there.

    One in a Trillion

    Hearing about people finding value in something you’ve made is a wonderful experience! The response from people getting hooked on playing the game in the whole neighborhood was awesome, and One Trillion showed it to family and friends.

    Currently, those individuals are assisting in the creation of those backstories, and ideas like the eggs having their own backstories emerged shortly after demonstrating the app to individuals. However, it’s not solely about that, as possibilities can present themselves.

    Our friend, a designer, noticed a few issues with the design of the game. Not only do they help improve the design, but they also add a lot more quirky types of eggs, which will inspire us and give us even quirkier backstories. It’s not just the developers who are great, but the designers too! Hah! Yeah!

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    Who knows where these current working connections will ultimately lead.

    Starting from a straightforward concept and game, who knows where it will lead, but discovering it will surely be enjoyable!

    If you have the chance and wherever your passions may lie, don’t hesitate to create things – you won’t be disappointed. This is for anyone who has read this far.

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