The Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks in 2023

If you have a septic tank, it is important to maintain it by using the right toilet paper that prevents plumbing issues and completely dissolves septic-safe toilet paper. Using the wrong type of toilet paper can cause leading clogs, which can be expensive or messy to repair and can break down the septic system.

If you want the toilet paper to be pleasant and strong, and also if you want to learn more about the top picks for a clog-free system and the best qualities to look for in toilet paper for septic tanks, read on. You also want the toilet paper to be soft, and beyond that, you want it to be safe for the septic system.

  • TOP CHOICE: Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper.
  • SECOND PLACE: Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue.
  • BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Bathroom Tissue.
  • TOP ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION: Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper.
  • TOP RECYCLED: Seventh Generation White Bathroom Tissue 100% Recycled.
  • TOP BAMBOO: Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper.
  • TOP SPACIOUS ROLL: Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Bathroom Tissue.
  • IDEAL FOR RVs/BOATS: Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue – Paper for recreational vehicles and marine use.
  • TOP FRAGRANT: Angel Soft Toilet Paper with Refreshing Lavender Aroma.
  • ADDITIONALLY, take into account: Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper.
  • Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks

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    What to Consider When Choosing the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

    When selecting septic-safe toilet paper, it is important to consider specific characteristics. The accumulation of toilet paper can lead to clogs in the system, hence it is crucial to look for easy dissolvability. Ultra-plush toilet paper takes longer to decompose, making it less suitable for septic tanks. Despite its luxurious and soft feel, it is not an ideal option for this particular use.

    Dissolves Quickly

    Toilet tissue easily breaks down and by seeing how easily it breaks down, you can also examine the toilet paper personally by combining a few sheets into a sizable container of water. The majority of septic systems can manage toilet paper that breaks down rapidly enough, which is why septic-safe toilet paper is frequently marked as such. Dissolvability is one of the main characteristics to consider when searching for septic-safe toilet paper.

    Toilet paper made from new fibers is stronger and longer-lasting than toilet paper made from recycled fibers, which are usually shorter because they have a better chance of completely dissolving. Toilet papers that are biodegradable and labeled as recycled are also safe for septic systems, unlike those that are not labeled as such.

    This type of toilet paper, although technically biodegradable, tends to dissolve in septic tanks more quickly and requires less water to break down. Unlike standard rolls, this toilet paper also breaks down faster.


    Some common chemicals like solvents, bleach, and cleaning products can disturb the delicate balance in the septic tank and affect the breakdown of waste. Septic tanks contain anaerobic bacteria that break down waste.

    For this reason, it is best to avoid highly chemically treated toilet papers since the bleach used to frequently bleach white, chlorine-free toilet paper can have a negative impact on the decomposition process.

    Another benefit of opting for recycled and biodegradable toilet paper is that it tends to require fewer chemicals in the process, making it less likely to leach substances into your system. So, consider choosing paper toilet or biodegradable once more.


    The strength of the toilet paper is high enough to finish the job without tearing, making it ideal for septic tanks. Additionally, the paper holds up well to wet tearing, ensuring that it doesn’t break or become lower in strength when flushed down the toilet quickly.

    The ideal is to use two-ply toilet paper, which provides both comfort and dissolvability. Many users prefer two-ply paper because it is septic-safe and tends to be more comfortable to use. One-ply paper, on the other hand, dissolves faster and is thinner, making it safer for septic tanks but less strong. Both two-ply and one-ply toilet papers are suitable for use in septic systems, but two-ply is the most commonly chosen option.


    It’s best to avoid ultra-plush papers that resemble paper towels when using them on a septic system, as they can cause trouble dissolving. They can do a number on a sensitive septic system, but they tend to be thicker toilet papers that absorb more.

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    Following a flush, rather than disintegrating, toilet paper that is extremely thick can gather into clumps, resulting in a less enjoyable user experience and increased porosity. The accumulation and clumping of toilet paper can lead to excessive buildup or blockage of drainage, which initiates the onset of issues. Thus, it is recommended to opt for a septic-safe toilet paper that is specifically formulated to dissolve shortly after flushing, while maintaining its absorbency due to its sufficient thickness.

    Roll Size

    When it comes to toilet paper, it is important to consider other ways to calculate the best size and cost-effectiveness. There is no standard sizing for toilet paper, as it comes in a variety of roll sizes and different labels, from regular to mega rolls.

    Examining the thickness and size of each individual sheet can have an impact on how many wipes are needed. It is also important to consider the quality of the toilet paper, but determining the value of a toilet paper brand can be helpful when looking at the cost per roll and number of sheets.

    If you are intending to stock up a high-traffic bathroom, opting for a larger roll size might provide more convenience. On the other hand, if the toilet paper is intended for use in an RV or a boat bathroom, or if you have a smaller toilet paper roll holder, limited storage space, or limited available space to accommodate the roll size, it would be better to choose a smaller roll size. Additionally, it is important to consider your intended usage.


    Choose a septic-safe toilet paper that is pleasant and soft to provide comfort for you. Especially when using it on a daily basis, it is important to avoid using abrasive or rough toilet paper.

    Keep in mind that many ultra-soft toilet papers are not suitable for septic systems, as they tend to break down slower than other types of toilet paper made from long and thick fibers, which usually have a plush surface that gives a luxurious feel. Instead, look for a septic-safe toilet paper that is soft enough for daily use, but won’t break down easily and is not as plush as two-ply versions, which offer more comfort.

    Our Verdict

    Take into account the Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare, available in a generous bundle of 24 mega rolls, for a gentle yet resilient toilet paper that disintegrates rapidly and is kind to fragile septic tanks. Specifically engineered to dissolve quickly, individuals in search of the most soluble product for an RV or boat excursion should explore the Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper.

    Our Top Picks

    To ensure a system free from blockages, cost-effective and readily dissolvable toilet paper options for septic tanks that offer a pleasant user experience are available. Additionally, this toilet paper is gentle, absorbent, and durable, while also easily decomposing to prevent any future plumbing issues. By finding the right blend of comfort and dissolvability, you can find the top choice for toilet paper suitable for septic tanks.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    CleanCare Ultra Cottonelle is a septic-safe and sewer-safe toilet paper that is biodegradable and clog-free. The sheets have a soft and absorbent texture, making them feel plusher. However, they are thin enough to quickly break down. This toilet paper does not sacrifice comfort while still being safe for septic systems.

    Cottonelle’s Mega Roll toilet paper pack includes 24 rolls. Each roll is made from responsibly sourced plant-based fibers, ensuring the responsible management of forests. Additionally, this single-ply toilet paper offers an effective and strong cleaning experience with its textured surface design called Ripples. With 388 sheets per roll, it provides better absorption and a clean that is still gentle.

    Product Specs.

  • Quantity: 24 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 388.
  • Ply: 1-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Single-layered soft on septic systems.
  • Designed to maintain a soft and long-lasting texture.
  • Environmentally sourced.
  • Cons.

  • Not as dense as other brands.
  • Purchase the Cottonelle bathroom tissue at Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Walgreens.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Angel Soft Toilet Paper

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    When it comes to toilet paper, Soft Angel aims to strike an ideal balance between strength and softness, offering a two-ply sheet with features like “Softshield” for added comfort. Soft Angel Toilet Paper is clean, affordable, and effective, providing both softness and effectiveness without compromising on quality. Many households strive to find a toilet paper that meets their needs in terms of cost, comfort, and effectiveness.

    The Soft’s Angel regular rolls last longer between changes than the larger four rolls, with the mega package including 36 rolls of 425 sheets per roll. It is septic-safe and flushable, making it suitable for well-maintained septic systems. Additionally, this toilet paper is thicker than some one-ply options, giving it a stronger and more substantial feel.

    Product Specs.

    Quantity: 36 rolls Sheets per roll: 425 Thickness: 2-ply.


  • Dissolves well..
  • It has a very gentle texture.
  • Double layers for increased thickness.
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  • Quite pricey.
  • Giant rolls may not be suitable for small holders.
  • Purchase the Angel Soft bathroom tissue on Amazon and at Walmart.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    Scott considers Roll Per Sheets 1000 toilet paper rolls as an impressive option for those looking for a budget-friendly choice. Toilet paper is an unavoidable household expense.

    This package includes 32 rolls, which equals 32,000 sheets of toilet paper, perfect for keeping your well-stocked bathroom. It’s safe to use in campers, boats, RVs, septic systems, and standard sewers. Additionally, this toilet paper is 100 percent biodegradable and quickly breaks down once it hits water. Its texture makes it an excellent clog-free option, although it may feel less luxurious and thick than plusher options.

    Product Specs.

  • Size of the pack: 32 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 1,000.
  • Ply: 1-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Extremely huge rolls have a longer lifespan.
  • Single layer is more beneficial for plumbing.
  • Affordable…
  • Cons.

  • It might be too delicate for certain users.
  • Purchase the Scott bathroom tissue from Amazon, Newegg, and Walmart.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    Scott specially designed this toilet paper to prevent clumps and blockages caused by flushing it down, making it four times faster than the average leading brand. This paper is made to be clog-free, flushing down easily to prevent costly breaks and blockages. It is a great pick for boats, buses, RVs, and finicky septic systems, as it quickly dissolves.

    Each package contains 48 double rolls, with a total of 231 sheets. As these sheets completely decompose and become 100 percent biodegradable, your septic tank will accumulate less waste over time. They degrade rapidly and are kind to both the skin and septic systems, being soft and absorbent for every single-ply sheet.

    Product Specs.

  • Size of the pack: 48 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 231.
  • Ply: 1-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Perfect for recreational vehicles, coaches, and watercraft.
  • Assists in minimizing clogs and obstructions.
  • Responsibly sourced.
  • Cons.

  • Some users may perceive it as excessively slim.
  • Purchase the Scott toilet paper from Amazon.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper 100% Recycled

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    Septic issues hinder the smooth flushing process, making it difficult to break down this type of toilet paper. Opting for recycled toilet paper is not only beneficial for septic systems, but also promotes a healthier environment.

    Seventh Generation’s White Recycled Toilet Paper is made with 100 percent recycled paper, encased in a 100 percent recyclable wrapper. This pick leaves a more eco-friendly impact as it is two-ply, strong, soft, and effective for cleaning. It is also safe to use in septic systems, home and campers, RVs, and low-flow toilets. Each pack includes 24 rolls with 240 sheets per roll. Additionally, this paper is processed without chlorine bleach, fragrances, inks, dyes, or any added chemicals.

    Product Specs.

  • Quantity: 24 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 240.
  • Ply: 2-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Crafted using repurposed paper materials.
  • Unbleached paper.
  • Specifically created for toilets with low water consumption.
  • Cons.

  • Propensity to disintegrate when held in your hands.
  • Purchase the Seventh Generation toilet paper from Amazon, Walgreens, and Newegg.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    Caboo’s Bamboo Toilet Paper is made from sustainably grown sugarcane and bamboo, which grow much faster than trees. This environmentally conscious option uses fibers from these fast-growing plants instead of wood fibers, making it completely tree-free.

    This package contains 24 rolls, each with 300 sheets. It is suitable for septic systems, RVs, camping, and boating. Despite being soft and durable, this biodegradable and rapidly dissolving two-ply toilet paper is also safe for the environment, as it does not undergo chlorine bleach processing, contains no fragrances, and is free from BPA.

    Product Specs.

  • Quantity: 24 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 300.
  • Ply: 2-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Eco-friendly bamboo.
  • Double layers for increased thickness.
  • Dissolves quickly..
  • Cons.

  • It might be too delicate for certain users.
  • Purchase the Caboo toilet paper from Amazon.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    The Presto Mega Toilet Paper Rolls are considered ideal for high-traffic bathrooms. Each roll measures 4×4 inches and contains 308 sheets. The package includes 24 large rolls, which are thicker, stronger, and softer compared to regular rolls. These two-ply rolls can last up to four times longer than average rolls. With their mega size, you won’t have to frequently change toilet paper rolls, making them perfect for households where someone is frequently sick.

    A tidier restroom and a fresher swipe for reduced bothersome fuzz behind is created, it’s secure for recreational vehicles and sewage systems, enabling it to disintegrate effortlessly but is sturdy, obtained from responsibly controlled woodlands, manufactured from cellulose.

    Product Specs.

  • Quantity: 24 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 308.
  • Ply: 2-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Affordable…
  • Soft double-ply.
  • Not as fuzzy as other paper.
  • Cons.

  • Less absorbent compared to other brands.
  • Purchase the Presto! Bathroom tissue from both Amazon and Petzome.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue - Paper for RV and marine

    Photo: amazon.Com.

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    Whether you are at home or on the road, the Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue is specifically designed for marine and RV sanitation systems to provide you with peace of mind. When you’re out on a trip, the last thing you want is a toilet blockage to occur. It is especially crucial to use the right toilet paper, as waste-collection systems in boats and RVs tend to be more sensitive and smaller in size.

    Perfect for a short getaway, this package consists of four rolls containing 396 sheets each. The two-ply sheets remain gentle and capable of absorbing, despite being easily disintegrable. This toilet paper, which can be flushed effortlessly and dissolves quickly, is entirely eco-friendly as it is completely biodegradable.

    Product Specs.

  • Quantity: 4 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 396.
  • Ply: 2-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Dissolves well..
  • Helps to avoid clogs and obstructions.
  • Double layers for increased thickness.
  • Cons.

  • Not highly absorbent prior to its dissolution.
  • Purchase the Aqua-Soft bathroom tissue on Amazon and at Walmart.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Angel Soft Toilet Paper with Fresh Lavender Scent

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    Make your bathroom smell fresh and pleasant with this scented toilet paper from Soft Angel. Septic systems and well-maintained sewers are safe and the paper itself is not fragranced. Since the inner tube of this toilet paper includes a scented fragrance, it can disturb the balance inside the septic tank (fragrances can disturb the balance inside septic systems). Although scented toilet paper is not the best choice for septic systems, this paper will give your bathroom a nice aroma.

    Each pack contains six mega rolls with 390 two-ply sheets. Upon flushing, the toilet paper easily disintegrates. Angel Soft’s traditional plush and durable toilet paper comes with a tube infused with a delightful lavender fragrance.

    Product Specs.

  • Quantity: 6 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 390.
  • Ply: 2-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Pleasant scent of newly harvested lavender.
  • Affordable…
  • Enjoyable raised pattern.
  • Cons.

  • The size of the roll might be too big for individuals with small plots.
  • Purchase the Angel Soft bathroom tissue on Amazon, Instacart, and Big Lots.

    Best Toilet Paper For Septic Option: Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper

    Photo: amazon.Com.

    The paper toilet, which is suitable for living off-grid, is designed for various settings such as septic tanks, chemical toilets, composting toilets in tiny houses, portable sanitation systems in marine settings, and RVs. It is a biodegradable toilet paper that easily dissolves in septic systems, making it compatible with septic systems in larger homes. This is well-suited for septic systems that are sensitive to certain products.

    This pack includes eight rolls, with each roll containing 500 two-ply sheets. The design of the toilet paper is lightly textured, making it gentle yet durable. It dissolves completely in just a few minutes without being abrasive.

    Product Specs.

  • Quantity: 8 rolls.
  • Number of sheets per roll: 500.
  • Ply: 2-ply.
  • Pros.

  • Dissolves quickly..
  • Double layer for enhanced durability.
  • Perfect for sensitive plumbing.
  • Cons.

  • May rip during usage.
  • Purchase the Freedom Living bathroom tissue on Amazon.

    How We Chose the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

    Shoppers with delicate septic systems that are prone to clogs or blockages from 3- or 4- ply rolls should consider a product that prioritizes fast dissolving and avoids clogging. While some shoppers prefer ultra-thick options that resemble towels, our research focused on identifying the best toilet paper brands specifically designed to dissolve quickly. It is important to note that the texture and thickness of toilet paper can differ significantly between brands.

    Our list gathers top recommendations in this category, offering a range of choices that are suitable for camping, boats, and RVs. Depending on how much users are willing to sacrifice comfort for dissolvability, we have made sure to include both 1-ply and 2-ply options. In addition to smaller packs for those with less storage space, we have also included options for family-sized rolls that can be rolled up to 36 packs.


    If you have more questions about choosing the right septic-safe toilet paper for your home, below are frequently asked questions and answers. By using a toilet paper that is suitable for septic systems, you can avoid possible issues like blocked systems and clogs. When you flush the toilet, including what you put down the drain, you need to be careful, especially if you have a septic tank.

    Q. Do I need special toilet paper for the septic system?

    Using a specially designed toilet paper that easily dissolves when used is important for septic systems when you are in doubt about whether a paper toilet is septic safe or not.

    Q. What is wet strength?

    Moisture resilience is a metric that gauges the durability of paper against tearing and puncturing in wet conditions.

    Q. Can I use two-ply toilet paper with a septic tank?

    Indeed, septic-friendly two-ply toilet paper is accessible and can be safely utilized in septic systems.

    Q. How long does it take for toilet paper to decompose in a septic tank?

    Although it may take a longer time to decompose, toilet paper should ideally start dissolving within seconds once flushed. The decomposition time will depend on various factors such as the conditions in the septic tank, as well as the ingredients, thickness, and type of toilet paper.

    Q. What is the worst toilet paper for septic tanks?

    Blockages can result in the septic tank needing more frequent pumping, which can contribute to scum buildup at the bottom of the tank; the worst toilet paper for septic tanks is one that doesn’t easily break down.

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