Sunset Drawing – How To Draw A Sunset Step By Step

One of the most remarkable views that you can experience daily is the stunning spectacle of a sunset.

Over the years, sunsets have been depicted in numerous works of art due to the exquisite hues and ambiance of this period, and there is a unique enchantment in the atmosphere during sunset.

If you are interested in capturing this breathtaking view in a drawing by yourself, then continue reading!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a sunset will have you recreating this natural beauty to draw sunset in 6 steps

Step 1

In this initial stage of our guide on how to sketch a sunset, we will be creating some preparatory sketches.

To start, just sketch a spacious rectangle. It is strongly advised to utilize a pencil that you can later trace with a pen for this particular stage.

As depicted in the provided image, proceed to draw a ruler-guided straight horizontal line slightly beyond the midpoint of the rectangle.

Drawing a circle can be very helpful when trying to create a perfect circle, especially if you have a compass. It is recommended to draw it in the small bottom portion of the circle, under the horizontal line.

Step 2 – Erase some of your planning drawings

We recommended using a pencil for the preceding stage to help you understand the reasoning behind it in this subsequent step of your sunset sketch.

In this step, we can also erase a small section above the circle’s line that we will be drawing later into the mountains. Additionally, you can erase the part of the circle below the line that you drew.

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Strive for what you ought to strive for, and the visual guide will give you a general idea of how much empty area to avoid.

At this point, you could also utilize a pen to trace the horizontal line and then erase any remaining pencil marks.

Step 3 – Next, draw in some mountains for the background

We will guide you on how to draw a horizontal line in between the spaces that are left using a circle as a guide for this step.

Carefully draw in some mountain shapes starting a little higher up on the sides of the rectangle and getting a bit lower.

In the provided image, as evident, it is necessary to bridge the space between the circular shape and the horizontal line, ensuring a connection with the sea’s horizontal line.

Step 4 – Add in a pretty palm tree

To enhance the overall aesthetic of your sunset drawing, let’s incorporate a palm tree in the background amidst the mountains. This will truly elevate the visual appeal of the artwork.

In the picture reference, you can see a silhouette of a tree that appears as a more detailed and shape-like than anything.

The ambiance of this drawing is enhanced by incorporating a significant contrast. A straightforward inclusion, similar to the one depicted in our example, can be sketched with uncomplicated strokes.

Step 5 – Next, let’s add some final details

In this part of our guide on how to draw a sunset, we might think that adding some pictures to give you more flair can make a bigger difference, especially when it comes to small details.

First, use a few tiny, curved strokes to include some birds flying in the sky.

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Underneath the sun, you can see an arrangement of very rough triangular shapes in such a way that they add thin lines.

At this point, if you haven’t traced your pencil lines with a pen yet, you can begin to do so now!

Therefore, the decision is completely in your hands! Regardless of the choice you make, the final result will be visually appealing. Keep in mind that in the subsequent stage, you have the option to add color to the figures and subsequently remove the pencils if you desire an illustration without dark boundaries. However, take a moment to consider before opting for a pen.

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with some color

With a variety of vibrant hues, you can now enhance its visual appeal, but you already possess a magnificent depiction of a sunset right in front of you!

Sunsets are renowned for their magnificence, and that magnificence stems from the awe-inspiring hues on exhibit during this period of the day.

In the ocean, you can imagine a wide palette of colors, ranging from shades of blue and even brown to oranges and yellows.

These hues are our recommendation, but feel free to utilize any shades that you adore for this picture!

Experimenting with various art tools and mediums, such as watercolor paints, would create a stunning image that I think would look amazing! Additionally, this could be a great opportunity to showcase your artistic skills and create an incredible piece.

These paints, available for your use, are among the numerous astonishing choices. However, they have the ability to impart a stunningly gentle appearance to an image.

What art mediums will you choose to complete your sunset drawing?

3 More tips to make your sunset drawing easy!

Take up the challenge before you put away your art supplies as we provide you with 3 useful suggestions!

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We will show you a few ways to make it easier, but just completed this guide shows how you can make drawing a sunset an easy task.

In this guide, you can find assistance in working on any details related to clouds, the sun, and the sky by utilizing paintings and photographs as references. The steps provided in this guide can be of great assistance. It is always helpful to use reference materials like pictures for our creative endeavors.

Fortunately, there are freely accessible reference pictures online. Remember to incorporate your own imaginative elements!

Utilizing reference pictures can also assist you with the hues and finer particulars that you may desire to utilize.

It can be useful to get assistance and we would like to emphasize that here. We mentioned a few different tools that you can use to make your drawing much easier.

Whether you are drawing in the ocean or using a compass to draw the sun, there is no need to freehand it for more challenging tasks.

To simplify this sketch further, you might consider employing certain tools and objects. What types of tools and objects, you may ask? Well, in addition to the conventional ones, you can also make use of various household items.

This can also help you overcome any difficult situations! Additionally, sharing this activity with someone else can be a lot of fun, but drawing alone can also be a fun activity.

Each of you could have a copy of the guide and take turns in creating your own sunset drawing, following the steps provided in the guide.

This doesn’t need to be a contest, and you can assist one another through any challenging sections.

Then, once each of you has completed your artwork, you can compare the awe-inspiring appearance of each depiction of a sunset!

Your Sunset Drawing is Complete

You have done a fantastic job at this tricky subject drawing, and you have reached the end of this guide on how to draw a sunset!

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