Sugar Skull & Day of the Dead Costumes

If you’re looking for Catrin costumes, we have quite a few different styles for both children and adults. This costume is known for dressing up as Catrin, but it can also be seen with a skull-like makeup. Some of these sugar skulls are merely decorative, while others can be made to eat. Don’t forget to snag some sugar skulls, also known as calaveras. These costumes are perfect for the extravagant parades and festivities of the Day of the Dead. It is celebrated separately from Halloween and always falls on one day between late October and early November in Central and South American countries. Get ready to kick off your Day of the Dead celebrations!

Red Women’s Day of the Dead Costume

Day of the Dead Costume

Her origins can be traced back to the early 1900s, but La Catrina may be connected with imagery of death. Initially portrayed as a political cartoon, this depiction of a dying Mexican culture in more European attire was a form of commentary. Those seeking to emulate a Catrina will find this women’s Day of the Dead costume ideal, as she later became closely associated with the festivities.

Day of the Dead Women’s Costume

Day of the Dead Women’s Costume

This costume comes complete with a skull sugar makeup, a headpiece, and a belt. It is perfect for other festivities and parades on the Day of the Dead. Catrina La, a woman usually depicted in a dress, is commonly represented in this costume.

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Red Men’s Day of the Dead Costume

Men’s Day of the Dead Costume

Men can also dress up as Catrins for the Day of the Dead festivities, wearing a well-fitted white or black undershirt and cummerbund. The costume for men includes a decorative jacket, pants, and a hat.

Skeleton Day of the Dead Outfit

Day of the Dead Adult Costume

If you are planning on participating in some other event or parade, you will look simply dashing in this black suit and hat. Whether you’re fitting right in with the festivities or not, the outfits for men on this black Day of the Dead are many.

Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Begin with a white foundation using cream cosmetics and powder. Apply a navy blue eye shadow across both eyelids. To create more depth, blend a lighter shade of blue around the edges in a circular shape. Next, create a web-like pattern across the forehead using red and black eyebrow pencils. Then, use a black pencil to add more definition to the lines on your face and fill in the nose. Finally, attach colored gems to your face using spirit gum.

Sugar Skull Costume Ideas

To engage them in the holiday spirit, take a look at these children’s Day of the Dead outfits. Children thoroughly enjoy dressing up and participating in the festivities, whether they are going to be involved in a procession or adorning costumes alongside their relatives. Consequently, children can have a great time dressing up too, as Día de los Muertos is a celebration for the whole family.

Girls’ Day of the Dead Dress

Day of the Dead Dress

The red ravishing costume for girls is perfect for standing out in a crowd! Whether you’re interested in having a matching family costume or your little girl is planning on wearing this costume herself, she’ll simply be a darling for Dia de los Muertos.

Dia de Los Muertos Catrina

Day of the Dead Costume for Girls

This beautiful dress with lace details is both feminine and cute, making it a perfect fit for any day of festivities and parades. Perhaps your little girl likes to be a little different, and this unique white costume will allow her to express her individuality on the Day of the Dead.

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Red Day of the Dead Costume for Boys

Dia De Los Muertos Costume Ideas

During the holiday, he will be prepared to participate in skull makeup while wearing either a white or black shirt. Additionally, he can enhance his appearance with complementary red attire specifically designed for boys on the Day of the Dead. This outfit is bound to become an immediate favorite if your son wishes to resemble his father.

Boys’ Day of the Dead Outfit

Day of the Dead Outfit

If you’re going to be with your family on Halloween, Catrin will have the right outfits. This outfit includes a lot of pieces, from the skeleton gloves to the jacket and pants. The hat is also included. For the boys’ Dead Day costume, this outfit should do the trick. It even includes a decorative eye mask and if your son isn’t the biggest fan of face paint.

Dia de los Muertos Costumes

If you love Halloween, then there’s no doubt that you’ve taken an interest in the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. Whether you want to pay homage to this unique tradition at your next Halloween party or join in on the festivities, we’ve got a few tips to help you pull off the perfectly costume Muertos de Dia look. While enjoying a carnival-like atmosphere, they visit and clean grave sites, decorate cemeteries, and decorate altars in their homes with favorite objects, foods, and photographs to honor their deceased loved ones.

Dancing is an important part of honoring your deceased relatives and friends during the celebration! Instead of always posing stoically and standing still, you can really amp up the wow factor by incorporating simple props like a lace-wrapped spider-web skull or an old-fashioned lantern. Mastering a spooky stare or animated smile to draw attention to your skull makeup can be a simple way to pose on the Day of the Dead in your costume.

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Whenever the pose of side by side matching coffins is performed, it sends shivers down people’s spines. Hold your partner’s hand and when you both look over your shoulders, it creates a chilling effect. It is essential to practice a few go-to poses that guarantee every picture taken shows off your costumes. When you and your significant other go out in coordinating costumes on Halloween, everyone will want to capture that perfect couple picture.

Dia de los Muertos Accessories

Explore these, you’ll require to accompany your ensemble with some Dia de los Muertos embellishments if you desire. Countenances or don decorative disguises, individuals additionally adorn their countenances and the cuisine, and the ornaments in the surroundings are abundant while commemorating Day of the Dead cranium motifs prevail.

Day of the Dead Skull Mask

Day of the Dead Skull Mask

It’s so great for people who don’t enjoy having their entire face covered, this half-mask only takes up a portion of the face. Anyone could wear this mask, but the design features roses in a slightly more feminine style for women on the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead Catrina Mask

Day of the Dead Mask

If you are interested in having a complete sugar skull look, perhaps this Catrina mask by Ghoulish Productions is the perfect costume for anyone who wants an easy Day of the Dead mask. Even if you’re not fond of makeup skills, this mask is for you.

Sugar Skull Makeup Kit

Sugar Skull Makeup Kit

You can even use some more colorful accents for your makeup to make your face look like a skull. You’ll need essential colors to make your face look like a skull.

Skeleton Face Jewels

Skeleton Face Jewels

Those who want to add a little more decorative sparkle to their sugar skull makeup can always customize their look by adding as many or as few of the peel-off jewels from this skeleton face set as they desire.

Day of the Dead Facts

Day of the Dead Facts

The Day of the Dead is observed in Mexico on the 1st and 2nd of November.

November 1st is dedicated to commemorating children and infants who have passed away, while deceased adults are commemorated on November 2nd.

Altars are created in individuals’ residences, adorned with candles, blossoms, and preferred dishes of the departed individual they are commemorating.

The festivities occur in the cemetery on the afternoon of November 2nd. Musical performances are provided by bands, the graves are tidied, and anecdotes about their cherished ones are exchanged while individuals engage in conversations.

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