Rick and Morty: Who are the voice actors in Rick and Morty? Meet the cast

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  • RICK AND MORTY will be back for season 5 which is expected to air sometime later this year. So who do the voices of the hit sci-fi animated series belong to?

    11:10, Tuesday, September 1, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:21,

    Rick and Morty meet Mr Nimbus in hilarious season five teaser

    Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Morty and Rick. The actors who voice Morty and Rick are the ones who help turn it into a successful show. The show has already been renewed by the US network and fans could expect the arrival of new episodes in 2018. The series finished showing on E4 Channel in the UK and on Adult Swim in May, with four series already aired.


    Who are the voice actors in Rick and Morty?

    Rick and Morty – Justin Roiland

    Justin Roiland is the writer, animator, filmmaker, producer, and co-founder of Rick and Morty.

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    Roiland portrays both the characters Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez in the show, but if the making of the show wasn’t enough work for him.

    However, Roiland voices not only these characters, but also others such as Taddy Mason, Truth Tortoise, Noob-Noob, Mr. Poopybutthole, and Mr. Meeseeks.

    In addition to these, Roiland also provides the voices for all the different versions of Rick and Morty.

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    Rick and Morty: voice actors cast sarah chalke

    Rick and Morty: Who are the voice artists in Rick and Morty? (Image: Adult Swim/Getty).

    Rick and Morty: cast justin roiland creator

    Rick and Morty: The creator of the show portrays both Rick and Morty. (Image: Adult Swim/Getty).

    Rick and Morty: Beth sarah chalke actress

    Rick and Morty: Sarah Chalke portrays the character of Beth Smith. (Image:

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    Beth Smith – Sarah Chalke

    Sarah Chalke is a performer recognized for her vocal performances, whereas Beth, who might potentially be her duplicate, is a thespian and fashion model hailing from Canada.

    Chalke is most recognized for her role as Elliot Reid in the comedy series Scrubs, which aired on NBC and ABC.

    Besides the classic comedy, “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS, Sarah Chalke was also part of the reboot of “Roseanne” as Becky Conner, and she portrayed Stella Zinman.

    She also had a repeating part in the third season of ABC’s Cougar Town.

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    Rick and Morty: jerry smith chris parnell

    Rick and Morty: Jerry Smith’s voice is portrayed by Chris Parnell, who is an actor and comedian. (Image: Adult Swim/Getty).

    Rick and Morty: summer smith spencer grammer

    Rick and Morty: Summer is depicted by performer Spencer Grammer. (Image: Adult Swim/Getty).

    Jerry Smith – Chris Parnell

    Actor and comedian Chris Parnell portrays the endearing fool Jerry Smith.

    For a period of eight years, he was part of the Saturday Night Live ensemble and played the role of Dr. Leo Spaceman in the TV series 30 Rock.

    In the series Adam Ruins Everything, Parnell assumed the role of the narrator, depicted Dean Parker in Grown-ish, and featured as Wayne in the CBS sitcom Happy Together.

    In terms of animation, Parnell provides his vocal talents for the character Cyril Figgis in the FX show Archer and also acts as the narrator for PBS’ WordGirl.

    The scene introduction in which Morty cancels Evil Morty’s plans proves Morty’s theories. Morty’s blunder in exposing immortality through Dirly’s Whirly hole affects the plot. Will Morty and Rick be cancelled? Morty and Rick… DO NOT MISS.

    Summer Smith – Spencer Grammer

    Spencer Grammer, the actress, provides the voice for Summer Smith, Morty’s elder sister.

    In addition to Rick and Morty, Grammer is famous for portraying Casey Cartwright in the comedy drama Greek on ABC.

    She is the daughter of Kelsey Grammer, the iconic star of the sitcom Fraser, and Doreen Alderman, an actress who appeared in the films Death Flash and Body Chemistry.

    Additional actors in the cast include

    Squanchy – Tom Kenny

    Jessica – Kari Wahlg

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    Tammy Gueterman and Tricia Lange – Cassie Steele

    Unity – Christina Hendricks.

    Rick and Morty can be watched on Adult Swim.

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