Princess Diana Hair Evolution: Feathered Shags, Sleek Pixie Cuts, and More

The 9th of November marks the start of a new season, and fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the famous hairstyle of Wales’s Princess. The fourth season of the historical drama has inspired a new wave of excitement, particularly around Princess Diana’s iconic shag feathered style. One Twitter user even commented, “I can’t help but wonder if I should cut my hair short like Diana’s early signature crop.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone in contemplating such a change.

Needless to say, if millions of women across the globe were not inspired by Aqua Net’s gravity-defying effect, she wouldn’t have teased or loosely worn side-swept bangs with soft cuts. In 1984, she let her hair grow just long enough to comb it back smoothly with a deep side part, except for one exception: Ranger Sloane, a preppy hair comb. The 80s saw various iterations of her hallmark look, oscillating between diamond tiaras, decorative florals, sparkling brooches, and varying amounts of va-va-voom volume. The Lady Diana haircut, a youthful riff on Farrah Fawcett’s winged cascade of cropped chin-grazing and cheekbone-cutting layers, debuted when Lady Diana Spencer entered the public eye at the age of 19. While Lady Diana embraced her flaxen pin-straight long lengths, it ultimately became clear that her hair had the power to change lives and offer much inspiration. If you dip into the archives, it’s evident that Princess Di had a clear way of offering hair inspiration.

In the early ’90s, Princess Diana found her footing in various ways, but it was during that time period. Sam McKnight, a hairstylist, encountered her on a Vogue photo shoot in 1991 when she inquired, “If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do to my hair?” In reply, McKnight, who sensed her desire for a transformation, stated, “I would simply trim it all off and start anew.” Princess Diana’s hair was promptly cut into a pixie style. McKnight elaborates, “When I met Diana, things were evolving.” We were transitioning away from the romantic frills of the ’80s and embracing a much sleeker appearance with short, precise hair, which complemented the Chanel and Versace suits of that era. It was all about the empowered woman aesthetic.

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The 2017 documentary “Words Own Her” features a series of recorded interviews by the princess herself, in which she asks her friend, “What have been the turning moments when Sam cut my hair differently last summer? It let out something quite different.” This reminds us of Princess Diana’s history as she allowed journalist Andrew Morton to tell her side of the story in his 1992 tell-all book “Diana: Her True Story,” with her sharp, close-cropped hair serving as a catalyst for her ultimate divorce and separation from Prince Charles. It was a long overdue parting of ways with the royal family that allowed her to come into her own as a leader and humanitarian.

He had learned that McKnight had a helping hand from Princess Diana, and he was overcome with emotion. This was an example of how a haircut can usher in a new chapter, and it can be a powerful tool for anyone, not just a royal or celebrity, because it shows the power of hair.

Amid ongoing uncertainty and change, many of us crave a memorable hair moment. In a retrospective of Princess Diana’s most iconic hairstyles, it is clear that her simple and timeless beauty continues to captivate. According to McKnight, the renowned hairstylist, there is a huge appetite for something different and new, emphasizing the truth that there is a strong desire to start fresh and make a comeback. Could Diana’s Princess crop be the perfect form or shape to satisfy this craving? Only time will tell.

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