Ludicrous Zimmer Mustang Mashup Sells for Almost $30,000 at Auction

An eccentric Mustang crafted by Zimmer was recently put up for auction and sold for a price that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Released on December 29, 2022.

3 minute read.

They will make a Mustang for themselves, which is a suit-wearing zoot-clad bank robber from the depression-era. Zimmer, a relatively unknown company, takes the game of modifying to a whole new level. However, there are even more exciting alterations to a Ford factory Mustang. Each represents the owner, with knockoff Intimidator wings, illuminated underbody, and rear boy-racer wings and bulbous wheel arches. These days, there are a dozen modified Mustangs.

A silver Ford Mustang logo over a black background.
The iconic Mustang logo | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

What is left of a Mustang on the Golden Spirit?

Although most of the internal parts and seats in stock are red leather and well-appointed, the interior of the Ford car is more modern and modular, while the exterior of the car is quite aristocratic and exhibits less exquisite custom decadence.

The suspension components and disc brakes remain unchanged from the factory. Additionally, the Golden Spirit retains the GT’s powerful 412-horsepower 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine, six-speed automatic transmission, and limited-slip differential.

The Golden Spirit has a clean Carfax report and California title, which is very important. The Mustang, which was received from the factory as a donor, even has a digital copy of the original window sticker, as shown in the auction listing. The Golden Spirit is a legally and mechanically sound 2011 Mustang.

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What is the Zimmer Motor Car Company?

Zimmer, a New York-based company, specializes in creating pre-neoclassic era-depression inspired cars, typically sticking to fabrications based on Mustangs, including the S197, SN95 body, and fox from four decades. Although they used to have cars from Lincoln Town, they have mostly focused on producing Mustang-based vehicles. Many are not familiar with Zimmer, but it is a company that creates cars inspired by contemporary vehicles.

In fact, Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball star, has a golden spirit. At the time, they only built 10 cars per year, ranging from $189,900 for the convertible four-door to $119,900 for the coupe. Art Zimmer, the owner of the company, said he was competing with likes such as Bentley, Maserati, and Aston Martin. (There is no relation to Paul Zimmer, the founder) (in an interview with Boston.Com in 2009).

What is the wild Ford Mustang-based Zimmer Golden Spirit?

Despite its appearance, the Golden Spirit, a car built during the Interwar period, was not based entirely on a stock platform. Most of the bodywork was discarded, and Zimmer took a 2011 Ford Mustang to create the vehicle. The car was sold on the BringATrailer website auction, which specializes in classic vehicles. The Golden Spirit is known for its traditional coachbuilding craftsmanship.

The Golden Spirit, with a length exceeding 19 feet, stands out for its creation of the art deco-style front and rear end. In contrast, the Zimmer approach adds more than a yard to its overall length, whereas a standard 2011 Ford Mustang measures just over 15 and a half feet in length.

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The Mustang maintains the roofline and quarter windows in its new design, but underneath them are curvaceous fenders reminiscent of a John Dillinger firearm platform. The front quarter panels also feature spare wheels mounted in a historically accurate manner.

Zimmer certainly knows what he’s doing, but he will definitely add additional fog lights and faux external exhaust pipes, as well as chromed front horns to the owner’s car, which will be put back in the ’30s. The Golden Spirit has a polished upright front grille with a flying-eagle emblem on top, symbolizing Gatsby himself.

How much did someone pay for this Zimmer Mustang?

The details given by the seller in the advertisement indicate that the vehicle had an initial manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $238,400, to be honest. At the time of their release, the price tag in the six-figure range they commanded is significantly different from the auction selling price of $29,569 in October 2022. The Zimmer Mustang was covered by The Drive, revealing a remarkably low price of only $3,500.

It is astonishing that Zimmer is apparently still producing these lavish conversions. However, it remains a mystery to find out where to get a new one.

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