Lemon Drawing – How To Draw A Lemon Step By Step

We have produced a detailed guide on how to sketch a lemon, made simpler with 9 straightforward guidelines and uncomplicated procedures.

With the help of this guide, you can certainly draw a lemon, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert in the art of sketching.

Have fun and unleash your inner creativity!drawing lemon in 9 steps

Try Out Some Other Lemon Themes For This Drawing

Exploring the diverse manifestations of a lemon, we find it exciting to contemplate the various shapes it can assume. Before embarking on our tutorial on drawing a lemon, we encourage you to include some of these variations in your artwork.

Many people may think of lemonade when they think of lemons, as lemons could be a good starting point and are used in many different recipes and various types of foods.

Once you have completed the drawing of the lemon, you can enhance the picture by including a pitcher in the background, filled with lemonade. This would serve as a fantastic addition to the image!

Additionally, lemon taste is widespread with numerous other items. The carafe may feature a slice of lemon on the surface to emphasize the fact that it contains lemonade.

You would generally find flavors in any fruit candy that add another layer of fun and detail. You could draw from lemon-flavored cookies or lemon-flavored candy with a creamy lemon undertone.

If you want to make it a reality and bring it into your real life, you could choose a lemon-themed food to be fun! And if you work up an appetite by drawing all of these lemon-themed foods, it could be enjoyable.

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That way, after putting in so much effort on this lemon drawing, you will have a delicious treat to relish. It will also serve as a point of reference while you continue drawing.

If you add any additional elements or foods, you can bring life to your art with different coloring techniques and mediums.

Now we are curious to find out which lemon-flavored dishes or desserts you would like to include in this illustration!

Step 1

Begin by sketching a slightly slanted oval shape in the center of your sheet. This creates the outline of the lemon.

On your paper, just sketch a crossing horizontal and vertical line. Generate guiding lines to guarantee that the elongated shape will be sketched in the middle.

The spot where the two lines intersect indicates the location where you should sketch the contour of the lemon’s form.

Step 2 – Create an Outline of the Lemon’s Shape

This creates a bump around the top of the lemon. Draw a curve at the top of the lemon’s shape.

Step 3 – Draw the Bump at the Bottom of the Lemon

The circular protrusion on the underside of the citrus fruit takes shape. In this instance, though, the arc should be sketched directly beneath the outline of the lemon. Recreate the action described earlier.

Step 4 – Next, Polish Up the Shape of the Lemon

Refine the lemon’s shape by erasing the edge line near the bumps at both the top and bottom.

This maintains the form of the lemon orderly and organized, and above all, elegant.

Step 5 – Afterwards, Draw the Stem of the Lemon

Sketch a brief, gently arched perpendicular stroke directly above the protrusion at the summit of the citrus fruit.

This constitutes the left side of the stem connected to the lemon.

Step 6 – Now, Finalize the Form of the Lemon

Sketch an additional line that runs parallel to the initial line we sketched in the preceding step.

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Connect the upper endpoints of both lines drawn in the previous two steps by drawing a short line that completes the stem of the lemon figure, then close it off.

At this stage, the form of the lemon and the stem should now be fully formed.

Step 7 – Draw a Single Leaf on the Left Side of the Stem

In this stage, we will now be focusing on the foliage connected to the stalk of the lemon.

Continuing, we draw a droplet-shaped figure curving sideways on the left side of the stem, which forms a single attached leaf that we previously observed.

Step 8 – Draw Another Single Leaf on the Right Side

The right side of the stem is connected to a lone leaf formed by duplicating the preceding action on the opposite side of the stem.

After completing this step, there should now be two leaves: one on the left side and another one on the right side.

Step 9 – Now, Add Patterns on the Skin of the Lemon

The texture of the lemon’s skin adds a realistic look to it. Multiple shaded dots are drawn in various sizes on the bottom part of the lemon.

Be sure to distribute the spots all over the lemon’s surface to give it a natural appearance!

Coloring the lemon and choosing the colors is the most exciting part, now we’ve successfully drawn a lemon, there you have it!

Feel free to choose any color you like to create a unique lemon-like color in a way that is different from any other. You have the option to select the color of the lemon by handpicking from a set of unique colors or using its original colors. As we all know, lemons are green with a pale yellow stem.

No matter how you decide to paint the lemon, we are confident that the colors will come out stunningly!

Enjoy the experience of playing with various colors and witness the transformation of the lemon into a vibrant entity.

Do this to take your lemon drawing to the next level

We’re confident that these useful suggestions on enhancing this lemon illustration will not leave a negative impression on you!

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Furthermore, it is still feasible to accomplish it, but you will have a visually appealing lemon after following the instructions. Enjoyable and simple to construct, this guide will assist you in creating a lemon illustration.

Using a real reference is always the best way to make an even better drawing. One suggestion would be to use an actual lemon as it would help you make it even more realistic.

Another way to sketch this lemon is by adding some more fruit around it to create a proper still life.

You could sketch apples, oranges, pears, grapes or any other fruit that you can imagine.

It would be nice to create such a beautiful image. Additionally, if you were to use real fruits as references and repeat our last suggestion, that would be great.

We would also recommend using different art mediums for colors. In addition, we discussed in this guide how you can beautifully color your drawing with a lemon.

It can also be fun to try out art mediums that you’ve never tried before, as you never know what might come of it!

You can also blend different mediums together to create a genuinely lively and captivating appearance to the colors and textures.

The lemon could be hanging from a branch. For example, it would also be fun to draw it on the background of a tree. Finally,

We are sure that you can come up with more ideas, but these are just a few. It could be sitting in a big basket of lemons that have recently been plucked from a tree.

We are eagerly anticipating the selection for this beautiful picture. To add a more artistic touch to the overall composition, incorporating various designs and forms in the backdrop would be a great idea.

Your Lemon Drawing is Complete!

Hopefully, you had a fantastic time sketching a lemon with the assistance of this step-by-step drawing guide.

If you enjoyed drawing a lemon, then you might also be interested in drawing a watermelon. Check out our catalog to explore many more exciting tutorials on drawing other fruits.

All of our art tutorials are completely free for you to utilize during your drawing endeavors.

Familiarize yourself with us and allow us to establish a connection! What would you like to learn in the next drawing? To ensure that you keep revisiting our website, we regularly upload new content on our catalog. Additionally, we are constantly learning how to draw something new!

Make sure to showcase your masterpiece, after you finish coloring and drawing a lemon. Shortly after, share it on our Pinterest and Facebook page and take a photo of your colored drawing.

Don’t hesitate to share your artwork! You’ve put in so much effort, so we’re confident it looks remarkable!

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