Lana Del Rey Style 101: 5 Outfits Inspired by Her Album Eras

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Lana Del Rey style - photo of Lana for her Norman Fucking Rockwell album

Rey Del Lana has come a long way since ditching her real name (Lizzy Grant) and has always been the iconic queen of song, known for her sophistication, style, and costumes.

I know she’s had a huge impact on today’s generation of cool college girls. Not only am I aware of the one person who has been obsessed with her for years, but there are also others who have been equally infatuated with her.

This week, I took a stroll down memory lane as I admired some of her vintage attire and listened to a few tracks from her nostalgic music collection.

Below, I have delved deeply into Lana Del Rey’s fashion sense and gathered inspiration for outfits from each of her albums — as well as her overall aesthetic from each era. Presented here are five Lana Del Rey ensembles to assist you in obtaining her distinctive style, featuring a look suitable for every occasion!

Honeymoon (2015)

Honeymoon album cover

It’s like a long day in the sun at the beach, full of energy but also relaxed! “Honeymoon” is truly the perfect title for the album, and the song “Honeymoon” is the most calming.

Thanks to tracks such as “Music To Watch Boys To” and “High By The Beach,” I could spend an entire day lounging in a backyard hammock while enjoying this album.

However, although significant, this is a very specific and particular occasion. This outfit, inspired by Lana’s style on the album cover, is perfect for a day spent by the pool, turning a nice dinner into something special.

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These tan sandals are both elegant and convenient, making it easy to slip them on and off. The navy blue pleated dress is not only stylish and comfortable, but it also gives off a cool and breezy vibe that suits girls like you perfectly.

The accessories really enhance the outfit – take a cue from the floppy hat and cat-eye sunglasses and add a touch of mystique with star earrings. Finally, the super sophisticated look you desire will be achieved.

Ultraviolence (2014)

Ultraviolence album cover

“Ultraviolence” was arguably Lana’s most melancholic album, one filled with sluggish ballads and seductive

Classic Lana Del Rey, Brooklyn Baby, and Old Money are a few of my favorite songs from this particular artist. The overall atmosphere of her work in this era is both seductive and infused with a hint of Brooklyn hipster, which is effectively portrayed by the black-and-white album cover.

Timeless brutality. Additionally, a rugged atmosphere blends in a black denim skirt while a feminine, gentle feel imparts this ensemble a pale pink turtleneck underneath. This large checkered blazer exudes a cool and trendy Brooklyn vibe, setting the tone for this outfit.

These knee-high Black boots have a sexy yet unexpected appearance. They give a 2019 feel and add a casual touch to this outfit, which is down a notch with the addition of light pink scrunchies. Lana would definitely approve!

Born to Die (2012)

Born to Die Album Cover

“Born to Die” serves as the definitive nostalgic reflection on early Lana, presenting us with memorable tracks such as Blue Jeans, Summertime Sadness, and Video Games. Therefore, what could be more fitting than a contemporary ensemble for an album that held such significance in our formative years? Additionally, her appearance on the cover embodies a distinctively 2012 aesthetic.

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The ensemble collection influenced by Lana Del Rey’s fashion in “Born to Die” consists of a short top, flared trousers, ivory footwear, eye-catching earrings, and a hair accessory.

Of course, I had to start off with some blue jeans to reference the song with the same name as the album. Pairing them with a red striped t-shirt brings out the blue, white, and red of the National Anthem references on the album cover. This is the best outfit for the girl-next-door look, and Lana Del Rey’s casual costumes really get them.

Finally, give this outfit some ’60s vibes by accessorizing with a velvet headband, white heeled boots, and dangling circle earrings. This look both reflects the album’s feel and embodies Lana’s aesthetic.

Lust for Life (2017)

Lust for Life album cover

The versatility of her music is evident in the old songs that Rey Del Lana is still showcasing. She has some standout solo performances with Free Get and Cherry. In addition, she has expanded into the pop scene with collaborations on songs with Rocky A$AP and The Bummer Summer. We now know her as an artist who has truly evolved, and her album “Life for Lust” played a significant role in that growth.

We posted a full CF video in this era, and I particularly adore Lana’s style in the Love music video. Haven’t you checked it out already?

Just like a lot of songs on this album, Lana really does create a sultry and perfect outfit for Coachella with a flowy black pants paired with a cute and lacy burgundy bodysuit, creating a super cute silhouette.

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Finally, to complete this girl’s bad perfect outfit, the cherry earrings are super cute. Lana would love to add a touch of sophistication with a black velvet bow and some black strappy heels.

Norman F*cking Rockwell! (2019)

Norman Fucking Rockwell! album cover

Lana has come out on the other side and it has been through a lot — It has also matured a lot. This album is certainly influenced by her earlier work and carries a strong sense of nostalgia. Norman Rockwell is Lana’s newest creative masterpiece!

Mixing contrasting styles and timeless shades, combine olive green trousers with a ivory top adorned with a bow, all influenced by Lana Del Rey’s fashion in 2019, for a contemporary yet elegant appearance.

This outfit exudes a sophisticated vibe that perfectly complements the delightfully natural tone of a stunning red-brown lipstick. The upper part of the ensemble elevates the shimmer with a gilded circular necklace, while incorporating a glossy element to the attire are white and gold sneakers that give this ensemble a contemporary touch.

What is your favorite song by Lana Del Rey? Which performance do you enjoy the most? How do you think Lana’s music influences her style?

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