How To Draw A Comet – A Step by Step Guide

The vastness of the universe is out there, and we will never comprehend everything that exists. Additional wonders waiting to be unveiled encompass undiscovered planets, stars, and an array of extraordinary celestial events that occur every year. Countless diverse cosmic phenomena are filled with awe-inspiring marvels.

Comets are among the most awe-inspiring celestial entities, and they consist of diverse objects and debris rapidly moving through space.

Learning to sketch a comet could be the next favorable alternative, yet the majority of us won’t have the opportunity to witness an actual comet!

Have you ever wondered what it may be like to see a comet, and if you want to recreate this tutorial?

Our step-by-step guide on how to draw a comet in just 6 easy steps will show you how it can be done!how to draw a comet in 6 steps

First Step

To commence this guide on drawing a comet, you can trace a curved line to represent the foremost part of the celestial body. Initially, let’s establish the contour for it.

Sketch the initial portion of the comet’s side. Once that is sketched, proceed to draw it by hand. It is not necessary for it to be completely circular and sleek.

The sides of the comet will be drawn with some straight, pointy lines to suggest that it is hurtling through the air.

The next stage of the guide will be prepared for you once you have completed this section. To assist you, a device like a measuring instrument could be utilized if you desire these sharp triangular pieces to be perfectly aligned.

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Step 2 – Sketch the opposing side of the comet

Now, we will be sketching the opposite aspect of the comet illustration. This portion will additionally link to the circular segment located at the forefront of the comet, and this segment will extend towards the left side.

Replicating what you simply did to draw this part, make it appear as if it is extending outward from the right side, using some straight, pointy lines that point away from the center.

That’s all there is to it for this part, and now you can move on to step 3 to continue the drawing.

Step 3 – Now, sketch a longer tail for the comet

This is a step-by-step guide on how to draw a comet. When we start drawing, we need to know what trails behind the comet as it soars through the air – a tail that is present in every comet.

The edges of the comet, similar to the ones you sketched, will employ additional lines with pointed tips to accomplish this. Currently, we will solely sketch the tail on the right side of the comet.

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We will draw some more of this tail as we proceed to the next step, so when you’re ready let’s move on!

Step 4 – Then, sketch the rear of the comet’s tail

In this part, we will draw more of the tail. We will keep things simple in this step of drawing your comet!

Add additional lines with pointed ends to complete the outline towards the rear of the comet’s tail. As depicted in the provided picture, this section should be positioned right at the tail’s extremity.

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Once that is sketched, we will have only a few more particulars to include in the subsequent stage of the manual.

Step 5 – Incorporate the finishing touches into your comet illustration

In the final step of our guide on how to draw a comet, we will be finishing off the final elements and details, so that you can get ready.

Now, replicate what you have been doing for the rest of the tail of the comet to reach the final empty space.

The entity that constitutes the comet itself displays certain curved contours adjacent to the interior forefront of the comet. Consequently, we shall incorporate supplementary intricacies to the internal depiction of the comet’s silhouette.

After that, sketch additional uneven, sharp lines extending from this circular part and intruding into the interior of the comet.

Once you have added these details, you can also proceed to add some final details of your own before you go ahead!

In order to enhance this illustration, what entertaining elements can you come up with? Depict the immensity of space by illustrating a backdrop behind the comet. As a suggestion, you may consider.

Step 6 – Complete your comet illustration with color

Your drawing of the comet is nearly finished! To complete it, all it requires are some colors. We decided to use various shades of blue in our reference image to color it in.

This comet creates a really cool blue color, which could be seen in many schemes, but it is just one of the colors you can go for.

Unleash your creativity and let it flow freely, allowing you to envision the best colors that you can use when coloring in your own drawing.

How will you complete your incredible artwork? Select the hues you desire for the artistic materials you will employ and enjoy the process of choosing them too.

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Take your comet illustration to the next level by following these steps

Soar into the cosmos as we enhance this comet drawing even more impressive!

The only way to give this drawing of a comet a unique look is by using a light blue color scheme, but it is the way to go from far.

To enhance the appearance of the comet, you could incorporate various shades of brown. Including vibrant yellows and oranges would create a color palette that is more commonly associated with comets.

Could you also play around with different mediums and tools to get the effects you like in art? What sorts of colors would you like for this comet? You could use any colors you like, but a more typical color scheme would be preferred.

To enhance the vibrancy of this comet drawing, you may consider incorporating additional elements. All these fragments contribute to a larger entity that is gradually disintegrating, while frequently being accompanied by other comets in its vicinity.

You could have a shower of comets, where each one is unique in size and has a few different details. Simply follow the steps in the guide to make this happen.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and you may wish for more detailed explanations. Keeping the details of this comet sketch stylized and simplified will make it easier for us.

Adding a few small lines could make the surface of the comet more interesting already.

What are some other enjoyable particulars you could include?

Finally, you could finish off this drawing of a comet, using many different elements because the background of space is so wonderfully stunning.

We could also draw aliens or spaceships. Moreover, we could add planets, moons, and stars, not to mention suns. Additionally, we discussed adding more comets.

What additions and details would you like to add to finish off this scene? You should have fun and create a whole galaxy with the hare.

Your Comet Illustration is Finished!

You should be very proud of the result and the great job you did, working through all the steps to achieve this world-changing drawing! This is a guide on how to draw a comet that will conclude with that.

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