Johnny Depp: ‘Didn’t you know all my characters are gay?’

Being one of the most accomplished actors globally, Johnny Depp has the freedom to satisfy his own desires.

Just last Sunday night, Scott Cooper, the director of the American Film Institute’s Mass Black, participated in a conversation onstage alongside his colleague, Scott Cooper, at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, where the Oscars took place.

After sitting down for an hour-long conversation, Depp appeared to take out a hand-rolled cigarette and proceeded to light it, dragging on it for much of the evening (and more).

He indicated, gesturing towards the drapes above his head, “The sprinkler devices are located high up,” however, Depp grinned, causing some spectators to audibly inhale in surprise.

During the moderated talk, Riley Jenelle also revealed more highlights but discussed Johnny Depp’s performance as Whitey Bulger, the Irish-American crime lord in Cooper’s gangster drama.

“Why should I know what’s supposed to happen?,” He asked. He added matter-of-factly, “When it comes time to prepare for the role, Johnny Depp only reads the entire script once before taking on a project. He ignores everything else and only pays attention to the dialogue on the page, blacking out the rest of the directions on the screen.”

“That’s why he’s a prodigy,” Cooper exclaimed, causing the audience to erupt with applause.

Depp seldom views his own films.

Depp expressed his disdain for witnessing his own performances in movies, stating, “I detest observing myself on the big screen. I simply cannot endure it.” Nevertheless, he did confess that he made a special concession for Black Mass. “I tightly gripped onto my seat,” he recounted when describing the ordeal of enduring the film.

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Depp was certain he could portray Bulger

Depp expressed his confidence in successfully portraying the convicted killer, stating, “I was fairly certain that I could accomplish it given the appropriate conditions.” These conditions included a complete physical transformation, which encompassed the use of cosmetics and prosthetic enhancements.

“Three, five, seven minutes” of every particular show, in which he considers it his duty to captivate his spectators, stated Depp. “That’s truly significant to me.”

Depp experiences heightened stress when portraying an actual individual

Unsurprisingly, when playing the character of Willy Wonka in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Johnny Depp mentioned that there is added pressure that comes along with portraying a real-life figure, similar to real-life figures.

“When it comes down to what ingredients are necessary for this character, it’s just imagination, anything more. The responsibility of the filmmaker is to deliver the goods – the story’s intent, but playing a character like Willy Wonka or Jack Sparrow, for example, is said to be playing real people. ‘I’m able to bring the utmost degree of truth to the person I’m playing,’ he said. ‘It doesn’t matter to me who the person is, what matters is being able to play them with the utmost importance and truthfulness.'”

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Photograph: Peter Mountain/AP

‘All of my characters are homosexual’

The well-documented story recounted that Disney executives were worried and almost fired Jack Sparrow from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie because of his outlandish performance.

“Is it drunk, is it gay? What is that thing? ‘Goddammit, Johnny Depp’s ruining the film!’ Somehow me to back trickled it.”

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The person he recollected inquired, “‘What on earth are you up to?'” Depp reminisced about a particular encounter with an individual from “the higher levels of the studio”. “I exclaimed: ‘Were you not aware that all of my characters are homosexual?'” In response to their inquiry about its sexual orientation.

Depp despises auditioning.

Depp, the actor who became one of the highest-grossing in Hollywood, remembers that he was absolutely terrible during auditions. However, when it comes to working on projects, Depp is fortunate that his clout as an actor allows him to skip the audition process.

You must feel uncomfortable where it is placed. It’s always in my mind to think of putting it in a very nice way. I recognized that I was a young idiot, looking back, he said, I had to do less connecting and less performance in this auditioning process.

The encounter, which happened “years ago,” was said to have been read by Coen and Ethan Joel for a project that ultimately failed to reveal itself. Depp uncomfortably recalled one particularly embarrassing audition “rank” for the Coen brothers’ new film “Heights,” where I found myself.

Regarding the audition, he expressed, “however, what I vividly remember is the profound silence that followed my performance, leaving me to ponder the decisions I must have made.”

Depp originally had no desire to appear in 21 Jump Street.

He said he didn’t want to do a television series. In an attempt to encourage him, I mentioned that he had auditioned for the popular show “Broke,” but he pointed out that he had already starred in “Baby Cry” and “Platoon Street Elm Nightmare.” According to the actor, Tom Hanson’s role in “Jump Street 21” was almost a major breakout role for Depp.

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At the time, he had “one of the most severe flus I’ve ever encountered in my life”, and he mentioned that his audition for 21 Jump Street was “an impromptu occurrence”.

I went to the airport in Vancouver the next day and completed the screening test. I also signed a piece of paper there. I believe that was my best audition.

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Photograph: Warner Bros/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

His daughter considers him to be ‘eccentric’

Depp exclaimed, “At that particular instant, I believed I performed adequately.” Lily-Rose, Depp’s offspring, gazed directly at her father and uttered, “You’re truly peculiar.” Depp mentioned that his offspring went to witness Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a movie he has not yet viewed. Chuckling, he expressed, “They have witnessed much more distressing things.” Depp disclosed that his two offspring have not yet watched Black Mass, but he does not fear them witnessing it.

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