On Wednesday, Democrats in the Means and Ways Committee voted to jeopardize the confidential taxpayer information by targeting the political right of every American.

Here’s the truth about how their haphazard and unprecedented actions set a dangerous precedent that will allow political enemies to target Congress in majorities.

Democrats overlook the fact that President Trump was undergoing an audit.

FACT: The Democrats’ own documents reveal that President Trump’s tax returns were selected for routine IRS audits. As reported by the Wall Street Journal:.

  • Yes, there were audits conducted for a total of six individual tax returns selected for regular IRS examination. Out of these six returns, five belonged to Mr. Trump since 2015. The report by Mr. Neal acknowledges the accuracy of the fine print in his report, stating “The audits did indeed take place.”
  • Political meddling, characterized by holding back punches, did not occur at the IRS. “By the way, John Koskinen, an appointee from the previous administration of President Obama, served as the IRS Commissioner during Mr. Trump’s initial year in office. Commissioner Charles Rettig, who was nominated by Mr. Trump, assumed office during the period of the one “mandatory” audit selection.”
  • Democrats are justifying their actions by citing misleading statements regarding the Republicans’ impartial and transparent 2014 tax investigation into the IRS’s political discrimination.

    FACT: The Republicans’ investigation in 2014 was diligent and comprehensive, enabling a thorough examination and report.

  • The inquiry occurred over a span of 10 months, offering sufficient time for investigation, discussions with individuals who observed the incident, and the development of a detailed document.
  • In contrast, the Democrats’ hasty investigation was completed in just three weeks and resulted in a modest 39-page report.
  • Republicans granted equitable bipartisan access to investigative materials, while Democrats only afforded Republicans a limited number of days of access prior to unforeseen Committee action.
  • Democrats’ ongoing attempts to disclose confidential tax information were driven by political motives, while the alleged misconduct by IRS officials in 2014 was a catalyst for an investigation, with supporting evidence available.
  • Another inquiry in 2002 also demonstrates a contradiction to the absence of diligence Democrats have invested in their recent endeavors.
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    However, Democrats feign the necessity of disclosing President Trump’s confidential tax details to assess the IRS’s program for auditing presidents.

    The claim made by Democrats is that the presidential program audit is merely a cover for weaponizing the tax code against political rivals.

  • It is still important for Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee to remain true to their word and release one individual’s tax returns in the context of a thorough evaluation of the IRS’s presidential audit program, as Professor J. Daniel, a fake head at the Law School of New York University, stated to make the rationale for the article in Lawfare.
  • “It’s a risky precedent,” states an IRS commissioner appointed by Obama, and the New York Times states, “Publication of Trump Tax Returns Could Mark the Start of a Fresh Era for Taxpayer Confidentiality.”
  • According to The Times, an emeritus tax law professor at the University of Virginia, Mr. Yin, stated that the tax information of almost everyone is not truly safeguarded. As long as you come into conflict with someone in authority who holds certain interests, we are all at risk. Mr. Yin expressed that the loss of tax privacy is a significant concern.
  • Releasing any information that is censored, and even more concerning, without facing any consequences for such actions, there is no legal obligation to censor classified materials once a decision has been made to make them public, regardless of the Democrats’ assertion that they have the authority to do so.

    FACT: Democrats disregarded requests to safeguard the personal data of a minor mentioned in the documents.

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  • Democrats declined to move, yet Representative Jason Smith (R-MO), who is a member of the Ways and Means committee, advocated for an alteration to remove the private details of underage individuals prior to disclosure.
  • The blocking of this sensitive information from public release is just a mere promise from the Democrats in the Means and Ways committee, without any legal ramifications or reinforcement.

    Democrats initially pursued a politically motivated disclosure of Trump’s tax returns.

  • Prior to making a formal request to the court for President Trump’s tax returns, Ranking Member Neal (D-MA) of the Democrats Committee in the 115th Congress stated that it is imperative for the President to disclose his own tax returns in order to demonstrate his true intentions and remain steadfast in his pursuit as the President of the United States.
  • In 2020, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated, “When we win this election, we will have a new president of the United States in January, a new secretary of the Treasury, and the world will then see what the president has been hiding all this time.”
  • In 2019, Chairman Neal stated that “the broader population has developed an anticipation, in a rational manner, that individuals running for the role of president and those seeking the position reveal these records.”
  • In 2018, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) suggested that the best course of action would be to acquire the entirety of it, assess it, and subsequently unveil either all or a portion of it.
  • READ: The partisan public disclosure of Trump’s tax returns does not fulfill the legitimate legislative purpose that Democrats had promised.

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    Democrats then altered their stance to persuade the courts that their appeal was legal.

  • The purpose of the inquiry committee is solely and genuinely to expose the former President’s tax returns, and there have been claims that these returns are incorrect.
  • Democrats stated in the initial document request in 2019 that, unless the Committee explicitly authorizes it, only IRS personnel who require access for the purpose of offering information or assistance to the Committee will be allowed to access this document and any related documents. Democrats made a commitment to restrict access.
  • Comply with the demand, and in the event that he obtains the information, he will subsequently assess it privately alongside his committee personnel. Mr. Neal granted the agency until April 10 Democrats vowed private assessment: Democrats also informed the New York Times that the tax returns would be confidentially examined.
  • Democrats expressed their concern to the IRS in a letter, stating that their request was focused on politics rather than policy. They emphasized their dedication to policy matters and assured that they approached the request with great seriousness, care, and respect.
  • READ: Brady: Court Ruling Unveils Risky New Political Battlefield Where No Citizen Is Secure From Dominant Political Party in Congress.

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