4 Women Honestly Review Gel-X Manicures (+ 42 Nail Art Ideas We Actually Tried)

Let’s start with a high-level overview, shall we? Anyway, let’s find something out! Why are you here if you’re not even interested in a real-life picture of a horse? And, if you’re a person who enjoys creativity and has dexterity with painting your own nails, maybe we can spark some of your creativity – we’re also sharing 42 different shots of our actual manicures. We wanted to bring a few familiar faces to share their experiences and opinions as well. But, we also wanted to share a little bit more about Gel-X – how long it lasts, how much it costs, and what it’s all about. So, today I wanted to share a little bit more about Gel-X. Thank you for letting me tell you more about regular gel manicures, extensions, acrylics, and dips – I haven’t gone back since my first Gel-X manicure nine months ago.

For any typical gel manicure, the process of removal remains the same as it would be when you’re ultimately prepared to return in a few weeks to change things up – polish, artwork, lotion, oil, an occasional complete hand model photoshoot for their Instagram, and so on – and once everything has hardened, your technician will proceed as usual, your ~brand-new nails~ will be firmly secured for approximately a month after you insert your hand beneath one of those UV lights, and attach a nail of your desired shape/length using glue, and your technician will assess the size of your hands, Gel-X is a press-on nail that hardens like gel (which means your nail technician will).

i’ll pop in later with more of my nail art, but here’s a taste!

Gel-X nails are flexible, as they have a tendency to jam into your hand when half snapped, just like regular humans or objects such as your car, a counter, or a wall. Additionally, they are lightweight, especially when compared to acrylics, and they can give your nails a natural look, similar to the print of a neon cow or something like that.

Veronica, the reigning monarch of nail art, allow me to pass the baton to you initially… However, later on, I will also consult with you (and I will reveal the specifics of my typical expenditure!) As well. Three additional EHD ladies have joined the Gel-X bandwagon, so I desired to obtain their impartial viewpoints. Nevertheless, this is not solely concerning me – there’s a certain element of amusement and rawness in vigorously tapping on an object, don’t you think? Above all else, though, I’ve discovered that Gel-X nails simply evoke an overwhelming sense of euphoria within me.

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In June 2021, I had my first Gel-X manicure, which was special for my birthday. Due to the pandemic, it has become a nice self-care routine for me once a month.

Have you ever invested in nail art or nail extensions such as press-ons, acrylics, or gels before trying Gel-X? In my case, I had only tried regular nail polish and gel nails, but I recently experimented with Gel-X and it lasted for about two weeks.

Your nails do become thinner in the process, as they get sanded down, because Gel-X is actually better for your nails than acrylics. Was there a period of adjustment to Gel-X?

What is your preferred shape and length? I usually keep them short-medium because of my job. When I’m on set as a photographer, dealing with equipment, or when I’m working on her computer most days, I go back and forth between an almond shape and a stiletto shape.

What is the duration of your appointments? Appointments typically last between 1.5 to 2 hours.

How long do your nails stay on when you get Gel-X? I’ve never had a nail fall off when getting Gel-X, and my nails usually grow out pretty quickly between four and three weeks, so I usually get mine done anywhere.

How do your nails feel? I don’t feel like anything is ruining my nails, but I’m not sure if they are thinner. Ever since I started using Gel-X, my nails have always been thin on the sides.

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Is there an average cost? I know a salon where the starting price is around $65, but I have also heard that it can go up to $90-100 before tip. It is important to me to go somewhere where the nail technicians are able to take care of your nails in a healthy way, so I trust and love the nail tech I found. That’s why I go to the more expensive place. Is there an average cost?

Where do you get inspiration for nail art? I use both Pinterest and Instagram to find nail inspiration, and I have saved boards on both platforms. On Instagram, I follow two accounts: Nia Ho & Vivian W, and I also discover other saved posts on my explore page. 🙂

Gel-X is a great choice for touch-ups as it ensures you won’t have to worry about breaking or chipping. If you want something that lasts, this is what you’re looking for. However, please note that I can only share my personal opinion as I am not a professional. Are there any advantages and disadvantages?

It is important not to ruin your nails by trying to do them yourself, so make sure to get them taken off in a salon. Depending on how often you get them done, it can be expensive and add up.


When did you begin experimenting with Gel-X? October 5, 2021 (my birthday:)).

Did you ever invest in nail art or nails before? It seems like getting regular gel manicures was the only kind that lasted, especially when I worked in restaurants. It felt like I was throwing money directly into the trash when I was getting a regular manicure at the time. However, a few years ago, I got my first gel manicure with a design and I loved it, even though I couldn’t afford to get it regularly. Then, for the first time in a few years, I got a gel manicure with a design and I loved it, even though I couldn’t afford to get it regularly. It was the first time in a few years that I got a gel manicure with a design and I loved it, even though I couldn’t afford to get it regularly.

Gel-X is there to adjust periods? Yes, I felt like Edward Scissorhands for at least a week, but I’m not very proficient at it. “LIFESTYLE!” This nail thing is something I can’t dress myself in, I don’t think. “I remember trying to put leggings on my thinking morning next,” I recall. Apparently, this is a very normal experience for newbies, which mainly scared me from ripping them off. Now, my fingernails just feel like my normal ones, and when I got my second and third, I felt the same.

the 2nd set that felt too wide (they also were a little shorter to be fair)

What is your preferred shape and length? I love a medium length and almond shape. I don’t know the technical term for it, but I want them to look elegant and slightly long. I still want to be able to type with them though. Just to clarify, the shape I’m referring to is not the Stiletto shape, but rather the gel-x shape. It basically gives the nails a slender appearance. I got a set of green ones that felt a little too wide for me. If you’re thinking about trying something different or if it’s your first time, just let me know.

How long do your appointments take, depending on the design? They don’t remove your old set since the first time is the shortest, they take 1.5 to 2 hours.

How long do your nails grow out if you want to stretch out your manicure, that’s why it’s a good idea that the “background” where I have chosen designs is natural or clear, as the grow-out is less noticeable if I had a solid color.

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How do your nails feel? Okay, if you want to have perfectly healthy nails, beyond anything, you should do a regular manicure. I don’t know if it’s possible to have love for my nails now, having fun and getting them done six times at a time. Sacrifice is necessary, look. How do your nails feel when you ask for fake ones and they shave off the real ones? You can’t really see them, so you have a choice to keep your natural nails short or long. I have goals, but if I’m being honest, it’s not the prettiest. You said that you can see my real nails when I flip my hands over. If I’m not sure, I need to wait until one grows back, except for that stupid one that broke. I can just go back to gel manicures where I can grow my real nails long enough. So, what do your nails feel like?

They do a great job with painting, and I usually give them $30 because they are literal artists. (Is there an average cost? Tip + $105?)

left: really long nails | right: short (for me:)) nails

Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration for nail art. I have saved folders dedicated to nail art on both platforms. I often find inspiration from celebrity nails, and recently, Beyonce’s nails have caught my attention. Her nail designs are sweet, fun, and very inspiring. Veronica also loves following nail art accounts and shares her favorite designs. We even go to the same salon for our nail appointments.

Any advantages and disadvantages? Advantages: I adore my nails and they make me feel attractive, empowered, and composed.

Difficult are tasks such as bowling and wearing necklaces. People’s lives are not nails, I know that my life is not real and it is not cheap. Drawbacks:


When did you begin experimenting with Gel-X? I began in October 2021.

In the past, I used to opt for press-on nails but nowadays I occasionally get acrylic nails, although I dislike it. Have you ever tried investing in nail products or nail art such as gels, acrylics, or press-ons in the past?

(I appeared as such) Initially, typing was quite challenging. However, I quickly adapted to it, although I initially struggled to perform tasks with long nails. Moreover, there was a period of adaptation required for Gel-X.

What is your preferred shape and length? I prefer the medium length and almond shape.

How long does it usually take for a Gel-X removal plus a new set, typically an hour and a half? How long do your appointments usually last?

On they holding still were and weeks 4 is appointments between gone have I longest the nails your do long how stay?

How do your nails feel? I feel that my actual nails are stronger than when I used acrylics. I think Gel-X is much gentler on your actual nails.

Is there an average cost? With tip it’s between $100-150 (when you do designs versus a solid color it’s closer to $150).

Where do you find your inspiration for nail art? Instagram or my buddies!

Do I feel even more put together when I am wearing sweats and receive compliments all the time? Any pros and cons?

To trim your real nails, instruct your nail technician to refrain from doing so. This can be uncomfortable as my nails begin to protrude into my nail matrix, resulting in discomfort during the growth process. Nevertheless, a simple solution to this issue is to apply Gel X prior to trimming my actual nails excessively.


When did you begin experimenting with Gel-X? I acquired my initial one on May 19, 2021 and I never returned.

Did you ever invest in press-ons, acrylics, gels, or nail art before? I used to have a really bad habit of picking at my nails, which made my hands look gnarly and wasn’t great for my health. But I really loved splurging on one beauty treatment, which was standard gel manicures.

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Was there a period adjustment to Gel-X? No, it wasn’t for me. They were going to pop off, but they felt more constant fear than usual, unlike me. I was completely accustomed to having longer nails.

On a scale, my hands appear most attractive when they are longer. The set displayed above transitioned me into the category of long nails, although I initially began with medium oval-shaped nails. What shape and length do you prefer for your nails?

How long does it take to schedule your appointments? The removal process can take around 30-45 minutes, while a new manicure can take another 45 minutes. The total duration may vary depending on how much detail I am looking for.

If you haven’t had any problems since you started working, I highly recommend that you set your manual work or doing a lot of schlepping. This was remedied by bringing up my tech nail to fix it – I literally had to cut my regular nails like them by lifting some experience on the base of my first finger pointer. How long do my nails grow because they have grown out for 8 weeks for the holidays?

How do your nails feel when I suggest that they’re better in shape when I get gel manicures every two weeks and remove my Gel-X nail sets without thinning or breaking them too much – it’s not too normal for them to look pretty?

Typically, for a basic manicure, I usually give a tip ranging from $100 to $120, which is approximately 20-25% of the total cost. However, the amount may vary depending on the level of intricacy involved. Additionally, I am required to pay a $20 reservation fee to secure my appointment. Is there a standard price for this service?

Where can you find something inspiring there? Seriously, her IG page is filled with a staggering variety – she can do anything. I don’t know how many followers Nia has on Instagram, but you must check her out. It’s already hard to get an appointment with her – she’s LA’s best-kept secret (while I don’t want to share intel, kind of). Where do you get your nail art inspiration, NIA’s tech nail in LA?

as promised – this is doolittle, a big sweet dummy who loves to eat bananas, and these are my thanksgiving nails after a month of growth!

It brings me great joy to hear the sound of my nails clinking. If I am going to spend at least 8 hours a day typing, it cheers me up to see a little party going on at the tips of my fingers. Shampooing my scalp feels like a dream. I feel a sense of intimidation and empowerment when my nails are done. Are there any advantages and disadvantages?

Despite the fact that I am constantly catcalled on my way to Nia’s studio apartment, which is a creepy and long walk from my own apartment, it is worth it. The lobster clasps on jewelry are impossible to work with and picking up coins is a challenging task. If I ever went south, I would be aware that this would be the first item to be cut from my budget. Although it is not essential, it brings me joy at least $3 per day. However, there are some cons:

Gel-X Nail Extension Kit by Apres.

If you decide to indulge, ensure that you choose a competent individual who can provide enduring outcomes that will bring you joy. When it comes to spending extravagantly, refer to Yelp to locate a technician who has received excellent reviews in your vicinity. If you feel confident in your abilities (unlike me), you can conveniently purchase a Gel-X kit here and try it out at home.

Let’s talk about our plans. Do any of you need to schedule a point-off jumping appointment next week? Send me your nail art for inspiration! Show me your nail habits. Tell me what you know about nail care. But for now, I must know.

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