Guide to Find All “Tiny Doors ATL” in Georgia

🙂 I have created a cheat sheet guide to help you find all the tiny murals in Atlanta, making it the perfect “free” activity for a scavenger hunt. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but the mini murals in Atlanta represent the unique and often times hidden gems of Georgia. The ATL Doors Tiny is one of my favorite hidden gems in Atlanta, with its 6-inch doors always representing something special about Georgia.

Check out this MAP to locate all the spots and assist you in discovering all Tiny Doors ATL.

Entrance 1 – Krog Street Entrance

727 Wylie Street SE, Atlanta, Georgia.

The first TinyDoorATL, although it is my least preferred, truthfully, holds a special place in my heart. Showcasing local artists and undergoing regular transformations, it proudly stands as the inaugural Tiny Door ever constructed. Situated on the exterior wall of the Krog Street Tunnel, this door marks a significant milestone.

Entrance 2 – Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark on the BeltLine

337 Elizabeth Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia.

This entrance is one of my preferred choices because it is so vibrant and joyful! Who doesn’t adore a small rainbow?

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This address is technically located on the Eastside Beltline Trail near the O4W skatepark, which is about a 1-2 minute walk away. This address also allows you to see the 2nd door at the same time, from 9 to 2.

Entrance 3 – Inman Park Pet Works

914 Austin Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia.

Frequently alters the notice board adjacent to the entrance. Upon entering, a charming small dog can be seen, imitating the appearance of a pet shop within this entrance.


Entrance 4 – Small Store of Tales

133 E Court Square # A, Decatur, Georgia.

Another installation can be found in the store, situated on a white column. This particular spot showcases two Tiny Doors ATL installations.

Stage 7 – 7 Stages Theatre

1105 Euclid Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia.

How amazing is that?! The theater has a marquee with interchangeable shows going on at 7 different stages, and this little door is worth 5 points.

Note: The image below is adorned for the festive season… It will not perpetually appear like this.

Entrance 8 – Milltown Arms Tavern

180 Carroll Street SE, Atlanta, Georgia.

This door may appear simple from a picture, but it holds much meaning as even over the years, people who have donated to #tinydoorsatl have their names engraved on the tiny bricks around the door.

Entryway 9 – Monarch of Icy Treats

337 Elizabeth Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s especially hot out, so if you’re on a scavenger hunt, quickly enjoy a Popsicle and stop at the perfect place. This door is featured at Pops of King, a shop window near the Beltline! Well, is this door nearby the one that is said to be very close to another TinyDoorATL? (I remember saying that)

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King of Pops Tiny Door ATL

Entrance 10 (East) – Grant Park Tree Entrance

830 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, Georgia.

The first door of #TinyDoorsATL, which is currently open, can be found a few steps away from Park Grant’s address in the park. It is located inside a tree trunk and has a shape similar to the state of Georgia.

Entrance 10 (West) – Grant Park

600 Cherokee Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia (Grant Park).

This adorable small entrance is also showcased in Grant Park. It’s simple!

If you visit this market door between 9AM and 1PM on a Sunday from April to December, you’ll get the chance to experience nearby farmers’ market. It’s a fun fact!

Entrance 11 – Center for Puppetry Arts

1404 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

I absolutely love this colorful mini door that perfectly complements the miniature ramp. I couldn’t think of a better installation for the building made with special stucco. They didn’t realize until later that the initial design of the mini ramp was actually a part of the nearby life-size building’s ramp, which it imitates.

Center for Puppetry Tiny Doors ATL

Entrance 12 – Westside Path

1444 Lucile Avenue Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia (approximately one block away).

This door definitely worth a stop, even though it is further out than the rest! The amazing tunnel that this door has is painted with colors that coincide with the tiny door.

Entrance 13 – Enduring Pop Up

1016 Monroe Drive Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia (opposite the street).

The entrance is located at the beginning of the Beltline. It is the most iconic #TinyDoorsATL and one of the most vibrant!

Entrance 14 – EAV Farmers Market

572 Stokeswood Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia.

Can you locate all Tiny Doors ATL? You’re already more than halfway through the list!

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Entrance 15 – Fox Theatre

660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the iconic landmarks in Georgia, the Fox Theatre is located in the center and front of the Box Office. It is a fitting feature of a tiny installation door, and I absolutely love the attention to detail in this tiny door that makes the Fox Theatre come to life. This is by far my favorite #TinyDoorsATL.

Fox Theatre Tiny Doors ATL

Entrance 16 – State Farm Arena

1 State Farm Drive, Atlanta, Georgia.

Come and take a close look at this impressive Tiny Door located between L and T in architecture-rich ATL. You can also visit the fascinating Arena Farm State nearby.

State Farm Arena Tiny Doors ATL

Entrance 17 – Woodruff Park

113 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia.

This entrance is situated at the International Peace Fountain within Woodruff Park.

The street across from Atlanta’s own “Iron Flat” building looks like a mini version of the NYC building. It’s a fun fact!

Entrance 18 – Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

1280 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia.

Entrance 20 –

79 Anniston Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30317.

This brand new entrance can be found in Coan Park!

Entrance 658 – Massive Entrance

670 DeKalb Avenue Northeast Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia.

Walk up to this door and instantly feel like you’ve been transported into a dollhouse. This door is exactly 658 times smaller than the normal doors featured above.

Note: This SPACIOUS door is hidden behind the massive Gold Bull.

130 West Paces Ferry Road Northwest.

Visiting the Swan House is one of the top things to do in Atlanta! The Tiny Door makes it even better! You can find this Tiny Door in the Gardens near the woods. It is located behind the Swan House, where the tree canopy meets the open lawn.

*Please be aware – you need to buy a ticket to the Swan House in order to view this #TinyDoorsATL entrance.

Tiny Doors ATL located at the Swan House in Atlanta Georgia

Miniature Door for an Aquarium

225 Baker Street Northwest.

I’m awarding this door the prize for the most creatively decorated door – I mean, how adorable is this?!

*Please be aware – you need to buy a ticket to the Georgia Aquarium in order to view this #TinyDoorsATL entrance.

Talk about a scavenger hunt in Atlanta! I hope this guide helps you find all the Tiny Doors within the city. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@wanderlustwithlisa) when you find a door. I have also included the official map of ATL Doors Tiny below for your reference!

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