Colorado Springs Mayor Yemi Mobolade discusses historic win as first Black immigrant to lead city

Mobolade Yemi made history in May when he was elected as the first Black immigrant mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He ran as an independent candidate, with a platform that focused on improving the quality of life for the residents. Prior to his political career, he served as a pastor.

After being elected, Mobolade expressed to his supporters, “Tonight is dedicated to all of you, anyone present in this venue who finds it hard to believe that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can collaborate, find areas of agreement, and perhaps even develop a liking for one another.”

In Colorado Springs, Mobolade discussed his platform and vision on the 6-year anniversary of his naturalization with hosts Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan on “GMA3”. He obtained American citizenship in 2017 after moving to the United States from Nigeria nearly three decades ago.

EVA PILGRIM: You obtained citizenship six years ago. I’m curious, however, what motivated you to pursue the position of mayor?

Six years have passed and everything has changed. I wasn’t able to vote – there was one thing missing, but I have participated in democracy. I have loved my city for 21 years, and you know that. Six years ago, I rose my right hand and swore allegiance to this great country. Today is a special day for me. Yeah, it’s MOBOLADE YEMI.

Beyond politics, the quality of life in our city surpasses and goes beyond that of other cities. The pragmatic and sensible leadership that is being offered is exactly what I needed for my city. I felt compelled to run for office and take the next step because I believe in making a difference in all aspects of my city and in everything that I do.

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You have already accomplished it. How do you intend to shake up the political landscape? You express your desire to disrupt politics and the mayoral position, discussing an unprecedented victory. Colorado Springs is a predominantly conservative city, governed by Republicans, and you unequivocally emerged as the winner without any political affiliation. DEMARCO MORGAN.

I believe that my immigrant story, especially my profile, sometimes reminds Americans, of the best. They say that in desperate times, desperate measures are called for. You know, there is a tiredness with the political landscape. I believe that my city is hungry for a new kind of leadership, one that puts the quality of life ahead of special interests. And I believe that we, MOBOLADE, are already doing that.

Can we take any action? Is there anything we can undertake to halt this? I imply, following the 2022 mass shooting at Club Q, it’s a matter your city is well acquainted with. Numerous cities throughout the nation are grappling with firearm-related aggression. Let’s delve into a few of the concerns confronting our nation, PILGRIM.

That is the utmost priority. That is the information I received from my constituents. Furthermore, I campaigned on the issue of public safety, as it is one of the key focuses of my campaign. I am not simply advocating for leadership that emphasizes partisan rhetoric, as this situation clearly demonstrates the necessity for effective leadership – undoubtedly, without a doubt, MOBOLADE.

In order to ensure that we are able to recruit and retain law enforcement officers, we need to provide them with the necessary training to effectively do their job and keep our community safe. It is important for our city to prioritize the safety of our community. However, it is also crucial to acknowledge that many family members and survivors have been affected by the tragic event at the Q Club. The work of seeking justice and bringing healing to these individuals has only just begun, and it weighs heavily on the minds of myself, my wife, and the parents of the three young children involved.

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What is happening that you mind goes through? Including here in New York, migrants are being shipped to all cities across the country. It’s a top issue for voters. Let’s talk about the problems at the border, Mayor MORGAN.

We are ensuring the safety of our community and, at the same time, demonstrating compassion when discussing issues like homelessness. It is very similar to the work of being the mayor of this great city. We also engage in a dance of caring for people while ensuring the safety of our country. The story of immigration is now very complex and limited to many times, and I think about it right now.

Although the conversation about immigration is limited, I strongly believe in the immigrant story. We, as business owners and entrepreneurs, are aligned with the values of hard work, family, and a brighter future that are deeply rooted in the American way of life. We are actively contributing to the medical and tech sectors, providing jobs and bringing these values into our respective industries. Many immigrants, like myself, have chosen to come here to find family, work, and community.

I think that the assessment of my conversation challenges is one that I must say. It’s not just a fragment of the story – I believe that the entire story must be told.

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