Dead Space Remake All Weapon Upgrade Locations

The 2023 Dead Space Remake (PS5 / Xbox Series S/X / PC) has been enhanced for this guide. You can still acquire them in New Game Plus, but they all become unobtainable after reaching the Point of No Return. You can still retrace your steps to collect them before reaching the Point of No Return, which occurs at the end of Chapter 11 when they are initially accessible.

For Weapon Locations, please consult Dead Space Remake All Weapon Locations.

Dead Space Remake Collectible Guide covers all other types of collectibles.

To locate areas more conveniently, employ this feature to navigate through rooms and view their labels on the in-game map. The names of the rooms are mentioned in this manual. You can access the map and utilize the directional pad.

Chapter 5 – Lethal Devotion

Weapon Enhancement 8 – Ionized Capacitor (Line Gun).

Buy from Store for 11,500 Credits (after discovering Line Gun).

Chapter 10 – End of Days

Weapon Enhancement 13 – High-Explosive Grenades (Pulse Rifle).

The initial enhancement will be located within the primary locker. The initial Master Override door will be situated in this area. Utilize the elevator to reach Water Purification and return to the Atrium.

Weapon Enhancement 14 – Accurate Laser Beams (Line Gun).

Go to Hydroponics and unlock the Master Override chest in the corridor connecting Hydroponics Central Hub and the Mining Tram Station.

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Weapon Enhancement 15 – Diffraction Module (Contact Beam).

Located within the upgrade will be a Master Override chest. Within it, the subsequent Master Override door can be found in Tools Storage, a pathway formed by utilizing kinesis to shift the sliding crates in the initial room at Mining Deck. Proceed to the Mining Deck.

Weapon Enhancement 16 – Carbon-Fiber Blades (Ripper).

There is an additional Master Override chest located at the rear. Descend to the Machine Shop, proceed through the Preparation Room, and then continue through Engineering to reach the Tram Station.

Weapon Enhancement 17 – Portable Heliotron (Contact Beam).

The enhancement will be on the work surface. Access Bioprosthetics Locker Room (Security Level 3) and proceed to the rear corridor. Proceed to the Medical area and descend to the Primary Laboratory.

Weapon Upgrade 18 – Photon Energizer (Line Gun) enhances the firepower of the Line Gun.

The enhancement is contained within a container within the chamber. You will discover Lab Storage (Security Level 3) when you proceed to the corridor connecting Chemical Lab and Cryogenics.

Weapon Enhancement 19 – Gravitic Amplifier (Force Gun).

Locate this item on a table in the rear chamber following the discussion, proceed to the Guest Consultant’s Suites to eliminate the second appendage while situated in the Deluxe Quarters.

Weapon Enhancement 20 – High-Pressure Nozzle (Flamethrower).

The enhancement comprising a Master Override trunk will be located within the Deluxe Shift Quarters adjacent to the restrooms. Proceed to the Deluxe Shift Quarters next to the restrooms, then activate the entrances. Insert the battery into the electrical panel near the restrooms and retrieve it from the Deluxe Serene Quarters.

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Chapter 4 – Obliteration Imminent

Weapon Enhancement 6 – P.C.S.I Custom Magazine (Pulse Rifle).

To gain access to the room, shoot the fuse to unlock it, then use kinesis to move the boxes by the door and position yourself by the shattered window. The room can be accessed through a shelf located inside Electrical Systems Storage.

Weapon Enhancement 7 – Supersymmetry Tether (Contact Beam).

Buy from Store for 12,000 Credits (once you find Contact Beam).

Chapter 7 – Into the Void

Weapon Enhancement 11 – Macroliter Fuel Container (Flamethrower).

Access to Room Utility requires Level 3 Clearance Security. To locate it, enter the room on the designated floor. Afterwards, descend to the lower floor and change the circuit breaker to deactivate gravity.

Chapter 8 – Search and Rescue

Weapon Enhancement 12 – Weighted Edges (Plasma Cutter).

Sitting in a chair within the Maintenance Locker Room.

Chapter 6 – Environmental Hazard

Weapon Enhancement 9 – Inclined Launcher (Ripper).

On the desk within B. Andonov’s office, which is the initial office on the left in Flow Control.

Weapon Enhancement 10 – Subsonic Oscillator (Force Gun).

Buy from Store for 12,000 Credits (after discovering Force Gun).

Chapter 3 – Course Correction

Weapon Enhancement 2 – Heat Storage (Plasma Cutter).

Buy from Store for 11,000 Credits.

Weapon Upgrade 3 – Kinetic Autoloader (Pulse Rifle).

Buy from Store for 11,000 Credits (once you find Pulse Rifle).

Weapon Enhancement 4 – Bounce Tracer (Ripper).

Buy from Store for 11,000 Credits (after locating Ripper).

Weapon Enhancement 5 – Gellified Hydrazine (Flamethrower).

Buy from Store for 11,500 Credits (after discovering Flamethrower).

Chapter 2 – Intensive Care

Weapon Enhancement 1 – Cartridge Rack (Plasma Cutter).

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After demolishing the barrier, continue towards Ishimura Clinic. Sitting on a bench.

Chapter 11 – Alternate Solutions

Weapon Enhancement 21 – Suspension Module (Force Gun).

Within a Master Override chest combating a certain form of corruption.

That’s the trophy and accomplishment for successfully building and installing all of them on the workbench to bring them. It’s a remake of Space Dead with 21 weapon upgrades.

For any other collectibles, please consult the Dead Space Remake Collectible Guide.

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