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Tracking the Top 10 Aaron Judge Rookie Cards and Their Worth

What is the best Aaron Judge rookie card?

Baseball cards are more than just pieces of cardboard with printed photos on them; they are a true collector’s item, representing the spectacular feats and historical significance of the players they root for and admire.

Aaron Judge, the right-fielder for the New York Yankees, is a highly desirable investment and item collector’s card. His rookie card, which is #99, has inspired awe and admiration from very few modern MLB players.

The Aaron Judge Rookie Card Trend

Aaron Judge, since his debut in 2016 with the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball, has won the hearts of Yankees fans with his incredible power to hit home runs, notably his impressive arm strength, outstanding defensive skills, and towering 7-foot-6-inch physical stature.

Among professional athletes, one of the most coveted distinctions is having their rookie card produced. This is particularly true for Aaron Judge, who not only plays for the renowned New York Yankees but also possesses exceptional talent and charisma.

In fact, Aaron Judge, the rookie card of whom has been trending since his 2017 season when he won the Rookie of the Year award in the American League with 52 home runs and a .284 batting average, further rewarded investors when he broke the single-season home run record in the American League, earning him his first career MVP award in 2022. Additionally, his value as a rookie card has continued to climb over the years, with his OPS of 1.049 and 62 home runs blasted in the 2022 season.

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So, what are the most precious and desired Aaron Judge rookie cards? Here are our top ten:.

The Top 10 Aaron Judge Rookie Cards:

What is the best Aaron Judge rookie card and why?

The prices of cards can vary significantly based on these current market demand factors. When investing in sports cards, it is essential to consider the grading and condition of the card by purchasing from reputable sources. This post is meant to highlight and celebrate the most popular rookie cards of Judge. Please note that this is not investment or financial advice.

1.) 2013 Bowman Draft Picks Aaron Judge Rookie Card #BDPP19

In order to be a serious collector, any rookie card must have either the Chrome-version or the base Bowman. This Bowman 1st card displays a youthful Judge in a powerful and foreboding stance, eventually becoming a prolific power hitter.

The first-ever Bowman Draft Picks card of Aaron Judge, the rookie sensation for the New York Yankees, is a very valuable and highly sought-after card.

Base Version

Chrome Version

2.) 2017 Topps Chrome Aaron Judge Rookie Card #169

The Topps rookie card of Aaron Judge, which is the very first one, showcases him during his rookie season and is highly cherished by collectors who desire to possess his debut Topps baseball card.

Additionally, the 2017 Aaron Judge Topps rookie card featuring an image of him sprinting the bases is extremely sought after. Furthermore, there exists a limited edition alternative version of the card. Please take note of this.

Base version

Photo SP variant

3.) 2017 Topps Update Aaron Judge Rookie Card US166

Aaron Judge, the Rookie of the Year in the American League and second-place finisher in the Most Valuable Player voting, had an outstanding 2017 season where he hit an impressive 52 home runs. His remarkable performance led to the release of a mid-season Topps card featuring the rookie sensation.

The 2017 Topps Update also features a photo variant version that is printed in limited quantities

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Base version

Photo SP Variant

4.) 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition Aaron Judge Rookie Card #122

Despite the fact that it does not feature rookie Aaron Judge’s card in a uniform Yankees, it remains sought after due to its limited release and the inclusion of valuable additions such as an autographed and die-cut variant.

Green Variant

Red Autograph Variant

5.) 2017 Topps Heritage Aaron Judge Rookie Card #214

Two of the most popular cards of Judge are his early cards, namely the #25 Rookie Cup Card from 2018 and the #214 Rookie Heritage Tops Card from 2017. These cards are a great addition to any baseball card collection as they pay homage to Judge’s talent and rich history in the sport, with their throwback designs.

2017 Topps Heritage

2018 Topps Heritage

6.) 2017 Bowman Chrome Aaron Judge Rookie Card #56

Collectors of baseball cards consistently seek after Bowman Chrome rookie cards, and Judge’s rookie card from 2017 Bowman Chrome is no exception.

Base Chrome

Orange Refractor Variant

7.) 2013 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Aaron Judge Rookie Card #131

The set 2013 Panini Prizm Draft Picks includes a few of Judge’s initial cards. For fans who do not mind that he is not showcased in a Yankees uniform, the set provides base card #131 as well as a Prospects Signatures autograph insert #33, both of which are essential for any investor attempting to collect all of Judge’s rookie cards.

Base Card #131

Prospect Signatures #33

8.) 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Aaron Judge Rookie Card #172

The Allen & Ginter collection features a classic design that significantly distinguishes it from other baseball cards of 2017.

Base Card

Black Variant

9.) 2017 Topps Stadium Club Aaron Judge Rookie Card #64

Among the collection, the most visually impressive Aaron Judge rookie cards are the particularly pristine 2017 layout showcased throughout Judge’s initial season and the beloved Topps Stadium Club rookie cards renowned for their outstanding photography.

Base Card

Autograph Variant

10.) 2017 Donruss Optic Aaron Judge Rated Rookie Card #38

This card of Aaron Judge is a desirable addition to many collections, as it is a part of the “Rated Rookie” series from Donruss.

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Base Card

Holo Autograph Variant

What is the Best Aaron Judge Rookie Card?

SGC or PSA, as well as BGS, are reputable grading companies that typically have the highest value resale and worth. These cards are often graded in excellent condition, with a grade of 9 or higher, and are often autographed variants (short print). However, it is important to note that these sought-after cards are not the base cards, but rather rookie cards of players like Judge Aaron, which are highly sought after above all others.

The best card to remember often depends on your personal preferences and budget constraints for collecting. However, over the years, the value of MLB Judge’s rookie card has significantly increased, making it an appealing prospect for collectors due to Judge’s rise to stardom. This card debuted ahead of Judge’s career, and it is considered the best rookie card for Aaron Judge according to our limited opinion on the Bowman 2013 Draft Picks #BDPP19 SP versions.

Superfractor Auto

Orange Refractor Auto

Purple Refractor Auto

How Much is an Aaron Judge Rookie Card Worth?

The exact monetary worth of an Aaron Judge rookie card is determined by various factors, including market demand, the specific version of the card, the grading it has received from well-regarded professional grading companies (we only suggest PSA, BGS, and SGC), the condition of the card, and several other considerations at the time of sale.

The 2013 Bowman Draft Picks Aaron Judge card can have a value ranging from a few hundred to several tens of thousand dollars, depending on its condition and grading. In contrast, the 2017 Topps Chrome Aaron Judge card may be priced anywhere between thirty to eighty dollars.

Rookie cards can experience a significant change in value, especially if the player eventually retires or achieves a career milestone, such as making it to the playoffs or having an exceptional season, which can greatly increase their monetary worth.


Collecting rookie cards of the Yankees slugger, Judge Aaron, can be an exciting hobby and potentially lucrative investment. However, it is extremely important to be realistic and careful when purchasing baseball cards, ensuring that you consult reliable pricing guides to make informed decisions and always verify the condition and authenticity of the cards through thorough research. It’s crucial to continue increasing the value of your cards over time, while maintaining the belief that careful decision-making is crucial.

It is a true joy for a dedicated baseball fan to own a piece of history, knowing that the value of rookie cards can never be recovered and can also fall. However, it is important to remember that the value of these cards can rise as well.

This article is intended to showcase and honor Judge Aaron’s most sought-after rookie cards: a disclaimer should be interpreted that grading and condition of the card are crucial factors influenced by grading and demand market, state card’s like factors. Prices of the card can undergo substantial fluctuations, so it is important to evaluate the grading and condition when engaging in sports card investments. Trustworthy vendors should be sought to buy the card.

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